The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 18

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 18 Prof T to embark on a journey with Moonchasers to save Supremo’s target, Malia prepares to face Omar

Jake escorted Malia from their new camp. Malia thanked him for always lighting a glimpse of hope in her life and prayed that he found his mother as soon as possible. As Miyo was going home, he bumped into Tristan and they decided to hang around at Mrs Dalia’s store, where they drank.

Tristan told Miyo that he was looking good and asked whether he had a date. Miyo said he went to look for a job but it did not go well. Mrs Dalia said she was locking her store so Miyo made an attempt to pay for the drink but Tristan stopped him from doing so, saying the treat was on him and thanked him for hanging out with him.

Miyo got home to meet Greta awoke with kisses her daughter. She gave the child to Miyo and told her the reason she changed the baby’s name to meet the demands of Dory and Berto.

Meanwhile, Dory was in Tristan’s house introducing Madam Star to her tenants. Dory told Betty that Madam Star was a fortune teller. Madam Star indicated that just like her house, one had to pay for her to read his or her fortune. Dory asked of Tristan and Betty said he was at work.

Later, Madam Star saw Tristan at Dalia’s place. Tristan took his bag and Madam Star ran away. She wondered what he was doing there. At Supremo’s lair, he watched the news of his political opponent, Senator Rodolfo Mallari who was in the province helping the marginalised by bringing hope to the war-torn Punta Verde. Diana exclaimed that Mallari had already began his campaign inciting Supremo to fall on desperate measures to gain attention from the public.

Madam Star had a nightmare concerning a person who would have to die to live. Her daughter asked her about her dream but she failed to talk about it. The next day, Tristan woke up but discovered that none of his family members was in the house. Scared that Lemuel has bitten his family, he rushed out to ask and was told Dory came around and went with them.

In Berto’s house, Mr Gabriel told Dory and her family that Apple and Tristan were raised singlehandedly by Betty since Tristan and Apple’s parents died early. After the death of Tonio, summer then came for Tristan in San Isidro and sent him to Manila, leaving Apple in the care of Betty.

Elsewhere, Lemuel woke Erin up to inform him that their target was coming. Erin was surprised that Sir Andrew played poker the entire night. He asked Gael and Lemuel to wait for him to go and talk to him. Sir Andrew was ambushed by the players he defeated, referring to him as cheat. They fought Sir Andrew and even shot him, unaware that the man was a vampire.

Erin went to his rescue and the attackers fled. Erin helped him up and said it was him, Erin and asked Sir Andrew if he recognised him. Sir Andrew said he was no longer the Luna that he used to know and warned him not to call him by that Sir Andrew, his name was Omar. He attacked Erin and strangled him.

Erin tried shooting him but he pounced on him to press on his neck while Erin begged him that he wanted to talk to him. Omar insisted that he was a different person. Realising the presence of the other two LLU vampires, Omar escaped.

Tristan got to Dory’s house and was relieved to find his family safe. Betty told him that he was sleeping when they left the house and did not want to wake him up. Tristan said next time they should inform him even when he was asleep. Miyo told him that his grandfather told them about how he lost both parents at tender age.

Miyo said he understood his worry, Tristan also said Kuto last time revealed that Miyo was adopted and since they were men they had to fight for their families. Soon, a fight broke in the neighbourhood so Tristan and Miyo pushed the family inside while they went into the scene. A muscular man who got pissed off by his friends for calling him an adulterer while playing, tried stabbing his friends.

No one could defeat him since he attempted to chop the head of anyone who tried to get close, including the local town’s officials. Tristan went to stop him but he vented his anger on Tristan trying to slash him. Miyo got hold of some plates, he threw them at the man while he was trying to stab Tristan. Tristan fought him trying to take the knife but couldn’t.

The man then turned to Miyo to try his disgusting act on him but Miyo defeated him and took the knife from his hand. He tied both hands of the man with his bag while laying him on the floor till the Barangay officials came to nab him. Impressed by how Miyo defeated the man, Tristan watched Miyo in astonishment. The area guys hailed Tristan and Miyo for putting an end to the m@dness of the man.

The Barangay officials arrested and sent him away. Tristan asked Miyo where he learnt his moves. Miyo denied being a trained fighter, he told Tristan he was not bad either. Tristan said his case was different as he trained every Sundays. He asked Miyo to follow him to training. Tristan said with his moves he would need him and since he was owing him he wouldn’t have to pay the debt anymore if, before he could complete his statement, Miyo gave him his money.

Tristan saw that as pretty fast and told him his family would need it so he should keep it. However, Miyo said he took a loan to settle it and he wanted to pay to take Berto’s mind from it. He then asked Tristan to continue with what he needed him for.

Tristan had a second thought and changed his mind about his initial plans. He then said he would need him to take care of his family when he was not home. Miyo indicated that he might not be at home all the time but he would do it and told Tristan that he wouldn’t need any pay for that.

Soon, Greta’s boyfriend arrived but was thrown out of the house by Dory since he was irresponsible and cheated on Greta. At Royal Trust Bank, Gilbert Imperial arrived and received a warm reception from the people. Later, some armed men broke in to rob them. Gilbert became the hero as he even took bullet for some of the people there. As the incidence was ongoing, some of the clients in there took video while hiding. The video was posted on social media and it went viral.

An ambulance arrived to send Gilbert Imperial away but all the people in the ambulance were vampires. In the ambulance, he laughed and said the people should believe his act. Greta’s husband was caught and after seeing the news, Greta cried blaming herself for her boyfriend’s act. Luningning rushed to watch the online video about Gilbert Imperial saving others lives. She and her colleagues referred to Supremo as hero and l0ved his kindness and compassion towards mankind.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, the members watched the profile of Senator Rodolfo Mallari and prepared to go to the province to save him from the vampires. Tristan learning that the journey they would embark on would take 12 hours, he chose his family and left. His family were surprised to see him home early.

They prepared his favourite food but it seemed the dish was Gabriel’s favourite instead since the old man tricked his wife. Betty asked Tristan the kind of work he does and he said he work at where they make pest formula. She advised Tristan to take care of himself and Tristan said he always played safe.

Dory heard of the fight which Miyo risked his Life to keep it at bay, she asked him not to do that again. Dory was scared that something bad might happen to him. Baristo came around in disguise so Miyo asked Dory of his leave to talk to Baristo. Baristo told him that Omar did not accept to help. Malia insisted on talking to him herself. She believed vampires could also make their own decision.

Baristo asked of Erin’s opinion and the Luna Soldier said Omar might help Malia if he learnt that she was the chosen one but doubted that he would join the LLU. Baristo now told Gael to accompany Malia. They started to monitor Omar and since he was addicted to gambling, Gael thought Malia how to play poker to face Omar. He told Malia about Omar’s secret.

He said Omar determined the cards of his opponent by their sigh, heartbeats, gestures among others and thought how Malia could control her mind to win Omar. Malia now became good in the playing of poker and ready to face Omar.


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