The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 19

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 19 Malia beat Omar to his game, Supremo’s minions plan a surprise attack on the Moonchasers

In Supremo’s lair, his minions informed him about the good news that Senator Mallari after his charity project would go to his residence in Malolos.

Soon, Omar arrived to inform Supremo that there was one Luna Soldier who survived the massacre. That Luna Soldier came to him to plead with him to side with him. He told Supremo that he was only a poker player and could end the life of that Luna if he gave him the orders.

Supremo told him not to k!ll him as that Luna Soldier could be a key to link them to Malia. He charged Omar to find Malia and bring her to him, failure to carry out the task would come with a price and consequences. Prof T lauded the mysterious lady for the kind of team she recruited as Moonchasers.

He believed the young, smart, passionate, agile and aggressive youth she recruited could be a good weapon for the task. Tristan wondered how Tonio was able to fight vampires as Luna and took care of his family without anyone knowing his real mission. He was in dilemma and asked what to do. He recalled his father telling him to pursue what was right and also the war was not the one they battle out there but the one battled within.

In seeking for the right path, he deemed it right to fight for the world to save them from the vampires as he promised his father to give him justice when he was k!lled by a vampire. Miyo arrived and told him that he was in deep thoughts. Since he wanted to ease the burden of Tristan, he asked him to play poker with him.

Through the play, he advised him not to allow his opponent to know the weakness from his feelings. He should always fight to find a way to reach what he had been fighting for. He thanked Miyo for the advice and said it would go a long way to help him. He told Miyo to take care of his family as he would go and some job in a province. Miyo assured to take care of them.

The next day, Tristan said goodbye to his family to go for his trip to the province. He told his family to seek help from Dory or Miyo if they needed something and asked them to take good care of themselves. He told Apple to call him immediately if they wanted something. The family said he was travelling so he needed to take care of himself.

Miyo alighted from the car of Erin, he showed the security his money and went inside the gambling den. Omar seeing him as small boy wanted to drive him out from his seat but Miyo did not do any long talk and called for the game. Miyo realised what Gael said was true as Omar was reading the moves, sighs, heartbeats and gestures of the players.

However, Omar couldn’t see anything at all from Miyo and wondered his kind. Miyo won from all the series of game and the people began to make fun of Omar for the first time of losing big. Omar could not believe that the small kid had better hand than him. The people saw Miyo as impressive for winning big to teach Omar something. In fury, Omar left.

Meanwhile, Tristan arrived on time and pleaded with Prof T to allow him go with him to the province. Prof T now realising the conviction of Tristan told him to enter the bus. Leo and the members were happy that Tristan made the decision to join them. Prof T oriented the team on their mission of the journey, that was to save Senator Mallari from the evil vampires.

After the 12 hours drive, they finally arrived at Senator Mallari’s place in the province. Prof told the team to leave all their devices, explaining that the vampires were sharp in hearing and could temper with their mission. He also told them to be casual and act like peasant farmers to take away attention from there.

The group on Senator’s gate and was told the senator was not there so they could wait outside the gate. As they were waiting at the back of the gate for the senator, some of the members searched online to find some of the projects the senator has embarked for the benefit of the people, including scholarships. They also discovered that the senator embezzled some funds to use it for a housing project.

Later, they received a message that the convoy of the senator was approaching. Some group of people also arrived. Prof T received a call from the mysterious woman, prompting him about the presence of the evil vampires.

Senator Mallari arrived and Tristan spoke to him about their needs. The senator said he would send somebody to come and help them and left to his house. Elsewhere, Omar tailed Miyo to attack him for winning him while no one had won him before. He strangled Miyo and asked who he was. She said she was the granddaughter of Noah, and a daughter of Mateo and Lia. She was Malia and the chosen one.

She then told him that she wanted him to be part of them to bring an end to Supremo’s wickedness. Omar said since she was Mateo and Lia’s daughter she had power and did not need him. Malia said having power did not mean she would not need him. Omar said they should not talk there, so Malia followed him.

Laurene was tensed inside the car and told Adee and Joey that she was scared that she would be bitten and her blood would be poisoned and turned into a vampire just like Nognog. Adee asked her to tone down and told her that they succeeded in their past missions and they would with the current one to. Unknown to them, the vampires were listening to their conversation.

Chino who had already been suspecting them said the group were the ones they encountered during the Armageddon championship, he charged the rest to deal with the senator while he take down the group. Tristan spoke to Prof T to make him see the need they had to be inside the house but Prof T said that would jeopardise their mission.

As Malia left in Omar’s car, Erin and Gael followed them. Omar was surprised that sending Malia to Supremo has become easy. Tristan was impatient and told the gateman that he needed to talk to the senator as his life was in danger. The security allowed him in, Prof T wondered what Tristan was doing as they already talked about it.

Tristan met with the Senator and told him that his life was in danger. Senator Mallari indicated that since he was Senator he knew that but Tristan said it was not those dangers that he was talking about but a vampire. That caught the Senator’s attention and he asked his guards to excuse them. He then pointed a gun at Tristan and asked him what if he was one. Tristan said he was working for an organisation and their work was to keep the world safe from the attacks of the vampires.

He revealed to him that he was not the only person there. The Moonchasers were there with their boss. Elsewhere, Erin said they should not have allowed Malia to leave alone with Omar. Malia asked Omar questions about Noah but he failed to answer her. Malia grew suspicious of Omar for swerving all her questions. She sensed that he did not trust her and had an evil plan against her. She suddenly took of the seatbelt and opened the door to jump off from the moving vehicle.

Omar went after her, Malia kicked him and they fought. Malia then stabbed him, Erin and Gael arrived. Omar took off the knife and threw it away. Tristan introduced Prof T to senator Mallari and told him that they were the Moonchasers. Prof T said they were there to keep him safe. He carried on with his duty and told Leo and his group to survey the surroundings to ensure there was no vampire while Tristan and his group would stay inside.

Omar asked Malia whether she wanted to k!ll him and she said she would have done that if she wanted since she had a wolf’s fang on her but did not use against him. She told Omar that he should join them, adding that the fact that he was a vampire did not mean he had to be evil. Omar told her that if she wanted him to be by her side then she should follow him to know the kind of creature she was against.

Erin did not want Malia to go, however she told Erin and Gael that she would go with him as she wanted him to gain her complete trust.


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