The Blood Moon “La Luna Sangre” Episode 2

The Blood Moon “La Luna Sangre” Episode 2 Malia and Tristan destined to end Supremo’s reign

All the werewolves and vampires transformed as the eclipse of the moon or super moon occured but Lia and Mateo did not transform. Mateo and Lia were so happy that their lives have permanently changed and were mortals. They searched for their daughter, Malia. When Malia was found, suddenly, Lia fainted.

She was quickened and when finally awoke, she asked Mateo what happened and she was told she fainted. She emphasised on the fainting and felt so happy, much to the surprise of the people. That meant that she was now a mortal and they would die.

Fast forward, the counsel appointed Frederick as the chief of the counsel of werewolves and vampires. About seven years ago, the counsel made an agreement that if Mateo and Lia did not transform into their immortal state after the super moon, they would appoint a new leader. The new position of her husband, made Veruska so happy and told her son he had to prepare for such position.

After Malia overheard her parent’s conversation, she ran from home and met her best friends. She told them that her mother was so sick and the kids concluded that it was the reason she fainted. However, the boy told Malia that his father knew a doctor. Malia now was happy that she could talk to her mother to see the doctor for her not to lose her just like she lost heart, her dog.

She wiped off her tears. Meanwhile, Tonio decided to search for Tristan, knowing his son cared for him. Lia and Mateo came out of their house to see Baristo, who told them that he saw Malia in the woods. Since Baristo arrived as a wolf, he was not wearing anything when he was transformed to human.

Lia confronted him for stealing her corns, she gave him a shirt to wear. Baristo then broke the good news to them that the counsel has appointed Frederick as their leader and now Mateo and Lia were free to lead their lives. In the woods, Tristan came across Malia and the two engaged in a chitchat.

Tonio who was searching for his son bumped into a vampire and he managed to make it disappear. He then called his colleague to ask him why there was still vampires around and asked whether the agreement was broken. A flashback indicated that Tonio was a Luna Soldier. He earned an award with a batch at the counsel recognition awards.

His wife, Rica was pregnant at that time and a seer congratulated the couple. As he touched the stomach of Tonio’s wife, he saw a prophesy that linked the child they would give birth to, to the supremo.

Least did Tonio knew that Supremo had been informed about the powerless Mateo and Lia and he has now made it a point to ruin the mortals as there was no formidable force to counterattack him.

Since Malia stated that Tristan would not cross the fence to enter her territory to steal her parent’s corn, she kept eye on him. Tristan revealed to Malia that he ran away from home. The two kids bonded, knowing Tristan’s problem, Malia gave him a corn to be delivered to his father as a token of Tristan’s l0ve to the father. They shook hands under the full moon, leading the powers within those two kids merged. And it came to pass as the prophesy Jethro gave some years ago to Tonio.

Malia’s parents arrived for her and Tristan ran back home to find his father looking for him. Fast forward, his father trained him as he revealed a bitter truth to him. Tonio told his son not to allow his heart to get in the way and always he should fight back even if it had to be the person he l0ved the most for the better of all.

Jethro, the seer was searching for Tonio to reveal the prophesy about his son, to give him more insight about the meaning of the prophesy but his aim was quashed after a vampire forcefully sent Jethro away to see the Supremo. The supremo wanted to know whether he was the doom vampire.

On the land of the living, the counsel realised the disappearance of Jethro. They believed his missing had something to do with the prophesy so Baristo decided to go and warn Lia and Mateo since their lives were in danger. Baristo went and as Lia and Mateo spotted the werewolf heading towards their house, they left the plantation and ran home since Malia was the only one there.

Malia was reading about a wolf and coincidentally she spotted the wolf and she played with it. Lia and Mateo reached home to find Malia playing with the wolf. Malia told her parent that she wanted to replace her dead dog with the wolf. Lia managed to get her to sleep to enable Baristo to transform. Baristo revealed to them that there would be many death and Malia was the solution. He proposed that they protect Malia.

After finding out about the prophesy, Mateo wanted to run from home only to be stopped by his wife. Lia told him that Malia destiny had to be fulfilled and running away would not solve the problem. She said they were in a better position to support their daughter if it was for greater good.

The counsel received a threat from the Supremo and Veruska was not ready to make her husband relinquish his position for Lia and Mateo. She did not support the counsel for its mandate to support Malia. Elsewhere, supremo issued orders for humans to be k!lled since Jethro was not giving in.


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