The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 21

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 21
Sen Mallari, Rambo and Khloe die, Tristan alters his real prophesy out of disobedience

In Tristan’s house, Gabriel and his wife told Miyo about Tristan’s childhood days. Betty told him about a time Tristan ran from home and returned with a corn for Tonio. Miyo now recalled that he was the one who gave Tristan a corn to be given to his father as a peace offering. Miyo asked them not to worry, Tristan will call them.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Senator Mallari promised to help Prof T with the resources to make more serums to treat the casualties. He asked of what they would say to parents of those who died and Prof T said each member of the Moonchasers has a sworn duty not to reveal his or her affiliation to the group or things that they were doing just like the Luna Soldiers.

The senator promised to give the deceased befitting burial and take care of their parents as well. He made ready to address the press. Rambo is sent to the lair of the vampires. Supremo asked him to reveal the leader of his organisation since they were the ones who saved Luningning Ramos. Rambo insisted on him to k!ll him but Supremo bit him.

Khloe began to react, since Prof had run out of syndrome he made ready to prepare a new one and set Leo in charge of her yet Klorea died. A news broke on the provincial visit of Senator Mallari which turned tragedy after about 20 people were smashed to death during his convoy.

Senator Mallari announced that his enemies were behind the attack and described the youth who lost their lives as braved. As the names of Lauren, Joey among others were mentioned, Lemuel who was watching the news together with the LLU members said he knew the youth.

Tristan blamed himself for the death of Joey and Lauren but Piolo told him it was not his fault. Tristan insisted that it was his fault that he couldn’t save Rambo. The poison spread in Rambo and he fought with Supremo since he was not ready to reveal anything to the vampire king. Supremo k!lled him. Tristan wanted to leave the headquarters, knowing his family would be worried but he was not in any position and fainted.

Lemuel said the youth was a vigilante group who wanted to k!ll him and if they were ordinary people they would have been scared of him as a vampire but they were skillful. Gael decided to side with them and Erin indicated that he had to search for those vigilante group since they were fighting for same thing.

Betty was worried and couldn’t sell corn due to Tristan. Miyo arrived home to find that Tristan has still not returned. The next day, Betty went to the café to search about the Moonchasers and wondered if indeed Tristan has joined that group to search for the existence of vampires. Prof T developed new serum that were made up of the blood of werewolf and vampires which could heal wound faster.

Senator Mallari saw that as a medical breakthrough. Tristan was the first person to have received the first jab. Betty enlisted the help of Doc to get to the Moonchasers. Watching over Tristan, Prof T recalled his promise to his daughter to keep her from harm’s way. Tristan woke up and he told him to sleep for the time being as his wounds were deep and he had to give him double serum.

Senator Mallari reached home and his wife and kids went to hug him. He said goodnight to them and went to his room, thinking about the youth who lost their lives while protecting him. He opened a door to his room and saw Supremo siting there. He quickly closed it and went to close the other door only to bump into Supremo again.

Supremo told him that he could not flee from him. He said he was there to talk to him to take sides with him but the senator refused. He was bent on winning the presidential seat to ensure he defeat Supremo and his evil while giving a decent and comfortable lives to the people. Supremo tried to hypnotise him but the Senator has a great will.

Senator Mallari cursed Supremo that he would not win the seat and even if he could not match up to Supremo’s powers, there would be someone to get rid of Supremo and his evil force as the good thrives over evil.
Supremo indicated whether he liked it or not he would become one of them. He made ready to bite the senator but the senator reached out to his drawer for a gun.

Supremo made it clear that he would not be able to get rid of him with that and the senator shot himself. Erin and Miyo arrived at Joey’s funeral and Miyo overheard a conversation of senator’s guards concerning the actual cause of death of the youth. Leo an Piolo wanted to attend the funeral of Joey but was stopped. Prof T told them they could hold a mass for their lost comrades but they could not set foot there since there could be vampires around.

The news of the Senator’s death went viral, Prof T told the mysterious lady that he had wanted to help people who are victims of vampires and those he shared such ideologies with ended up being victims of the vampires. He said that hindered him to pursue his course yet same thing has fuelled him to do everything in his might to ensure he rid the world of vampires.

The LLU while watching the suicide news, Malia revealed to them that the youth were not shot. There was an actual fight between the vampires and the youth. Malia indicated that the vigilante group was well organised and believed there was a vampire who was leaking Supremo’s targets to them. She also believed the group had weapons which k!lled vampires and Baristo said they had to search for that group. Omar indicated that Supremo might have k!lled the Senator since he failed to side with him.

Doc and Betty visited Neri to find out where Tristan was. Neri said it has been long since she heard from Tristan and he did not join the Moonchasers. Betty now heaved a sigh of relief.

Jake made a silver chain and Catleya came to see him. After carrying out his mischievous deeds, Supremo returned to the lair to confront his minions of one being a traitor. He charged Therine to find the culprit. Prof T administered the last dosage of the serum and realised Tristan was not there he ordered Piolo to search for Tristan after he denied knowing where Tristan was. Piolo was the one who helped Tristan out of the camp to go home and check on his family.

Miyo stumbled on him and told him his family were worried so he shouldn’t leave. Tristan said he had to stay from his family for the time being.


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