The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 22

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 22 Prophecy on Supremo changed, Sandrino lays a trap for traitor 

Prof T advised his members that no one should leave the Moonchasers headquarters as their lives were in danger. He said the senator who they had been counting on his help had been k!lled reason Tristan made a wrong decision to leave the camp.

He asked Piolo to go and search for Tristan. Tristan told Miyo to understand him that he couldn’t see his family. As Miyo was leaving, he accidentally knocked the wound of Tristan and he began bleeding. Tristan said it hurts and he fell.

Miyo lend him a helping hand. Tristan said he should take him out of there so Miyo sent him to the LLU new camp. He kept him in a secret place and wondered how he got the deep wounds. As Miyo was treating him, Jake witnessed it and Malia pleaded with Jake not to inform anyone.

Piolo arrived in Tristan’s house, he thought no one was there. Once he was about to leave, Betty approached and he asked of Tristan. Betty said Tristan was not there and wanted to make Piolo admit that he knew where Tristan was. Piolo then had to act up to cover the truth. He then introduced himself as eye. Gabriel who now came confirmed that Piolo was the one who used to beat Tristan for claiming Tristan stole his spider.

Madam Star went to Dory’s house to ask about how Betty was doing after her vision of darkness she revealed the other time. Dory confronted her for what she said the other time. Star said she saw a bad vibe that time and confirmed to Dory that she sees visions. Star then indicated that Betty did not have to worry since she had not seen her nephew. She left and that night, she stared at the moon and recalled 21 years ago a palm of a lad she read had a cursed ink.

As the blood of his wound mixed up with the serum, Tristan had a convulsion that night. Miyo tried to calm him and held his hand, he felt a spark and he hit the ground. This made him wonder what they had to do with eachother that they kept feeling spark.

At the prison of Supremo, Jethro had a vision and Diana alerted Supremo. Supremo asked Jethro whether the prophecy has changed and he said it hasn’t and he saw that Malia had k!lled Supremo under the blood moon. Later, Tristan stopped acting up. Malia slept and woke up and did not see Tristan on the bed so she stepped out in search of him.

Betty was bothering Piolo about Tristan. Since Piolo had claimed to have seen a vampire before, Betty asked him whether Tristan had informed him that he has lost his father. Tristan’s grandma stopped Betty for making Piolo unease with her questions.

Betty had a phone call from Tristan. Tristan said sorry for his inability to call, making excuse that he left his phone. He said he would come within two days time although he was not certain. He told his aunt not to worry about him. Piolo was now relieved. Miyo was standing at the back of Tristan as he was also relieved that Tristan was around and has not left.

At the lair of the vampires, Supremo made his minions feast on a human they had captured. He now made up plans to fish out the traitor and lamented that the prophecy still remained the same but he would not stop till he changed that prophecy.

Veruska was glad that the vampires were being defeated and told Jethro that the prophecy was coming to pass. However, Jethro said the prophecy was changing as the one with the cursed ink survived. Veruska now said they had to flee from them to make Malia know about it. Jethro wondered how they would be able to escape.

Nognog arrived with their food. Seeing him as a new person, she admitted to Nognog that the scent he was smelling was her and she was a werewolf. Nognog was surprised since he saw a werewolf during childhood and now believed in the existence of the werewolf. Jake set up his trap and it caught Catleya.

Miyo asked Tristan about what happened to him and he failed to reveal it. He wanted to leave but Miyo stopped him that his fever might worsen so he should sleep over. Miyo wanted to leave but Tristan asked him not to since he also stopped him from going.

Catleya asked Jake why he wanted to use himself as bait. Jake voiced out that he was trapping vampires in order to search for his mother. He said he could not sit and do nothing to find his mother, already his father was dead. Supremo confined in each of his minions and told each about different people he was targeting, hoping to find the traitor with the snare.

As Tristan slept, Miyo sat on the floor to sleep there but Tristan told him to sleep next to him on the bed as they were all guys. They slept, Miyo tried to get hold on Tristan’s bag to find out the reason he was beaten so that he could fully help him. Tristan turned and got his bag closer to him, which made it difficult for Miyo to find out the truth about Tristan.

The next day, Gael accompanied Lemuel to the funeral of the youth in hopes of seeing a guy with red highlight in his hair. Tristan thanked Miyo and left but he was followed by Miyo. He caught Miyo and asked him to stop following him. He went to Joey’s funeral. Lemuel spotted him and told Gael. They rushed there but the guy with red highlight in his hair has already gone.

Miyo research on spark, Catleya and Baristo came in. Baristo asked Catleya where she had been going with Jake. Malia interjected to ask what spark was. She asked Baristo if her parents told him anything on spark. Catleya was quick to say that it meant that the person was destined for her. Baristo said when one hold once hand and there was a spark it meant that they l0ved eachother.

He added that Mateo had stated that as he felt that with Lia since werewolves were sensitive. He asked Malia of there was that special someone in her life, she should say it as he would understand since she was now an adult.

Prof T was training his team ahead to save the vampire king’s next target. He spelt out his orders that the new one would be tougher the earlier one and they would not have to lose. Tristan who was consumed with fury arrived. He promised himself that he would smite all the vampires for what they did not only to his father but his comrades as well.


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