The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 23

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 23 Supremo k!lls the traitor Terrine, Tristan meets Toni

Prof T told Moonchasers they were embarking on a new mission to save Serafin Detorro and the new mission would be tougher than the earlier one. They might lose some of the members and asked them to be prepared. He told them that Piolo would address them on the mission.

Tristan availed his face and joined them but Prof T told him that he did not finish taking the recovery serum, hence he would not join the mission.

Tristan indicated that the vampires have not stopped so he would not relent his efforts till he avenged his fallen comrades. Prof T insisted that Tristan might compromise the safety of his friends so he would not join the mission and asked him to rest.

At the coven of the vampires, Terrine checked the quality of the blood they had received from the blood bank while Supremo thought about the snare he has entrapped the traitor with knowing very well he would ensnare the person.

Nognog came to serve the prisoners their food. Veruska told Nognog that he should think about what she told him earlier. She said there were vampires like Nognog who were willing to fight the wickedness of Supremo. She confessed that she used to be wrong as a werewolf outside but now she had realised her bad ways.

Omar appeared in the LLU to inform Malia that he couldn’t get her a job at the heat bar. This made Baristo so excited before he could utter a word, Omar interjected that he managed to get a job for her as a body guard for Senator Paglinauan. He explained that being with Senator Paglinauan could lead her to Supremo and she could carry on from there.

Miyo started his work as body guard for Senator Paglinauan. However, the senator didn’t like him since he was lightly built. Miyo assured that he would be able to secure him irrespective of his thin body. At the office, one of the security personnel told Miyo not to worry. Senator Paglinauan would eventually like him, adding that the Senator was a good person and once he got to like him his family would even enjoy Paglinauan’s gesture.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Prof T reminded his team how dangerous the mission they were embarking on was. Tristan was so upset and Piolo said Prof T was right so Tristan shouldn’t allow his emotions to take the best out of him. Joshua informed Supremo that Veruska and Jethro had been speaking with Nognog.

Supremo queried Nognog on what he was told by Veruska and Jethro. Nognog said they told him not to side with Supremo and his evil plot. Supremo then asked if he viewed him as evil. He gave him a glass with blood and said since Nognog was not used to human blood the glass he gave him was animal blood.

Joshua tried to incite Terrine against Supremo by saying Supremo liked Nognog more but his scheme did not work on Terrine. Since the trap had not caught anyone, Jake went out to attract a vampire with his werewolf scent and brought him to his trap. When the vampire was ready to devour him, Catleya set the trap rolling and ensnared the vampire with the silver chain.

Jake asked of his mother, Veruska and the vampire said she was k!lled by Supremo but Jake refused to believe. The vampire denigrate and turned into ashes. Tristan got home and was warmly welcomed by his family. Betty asked him not to get them worried again. He later went to sit outside thinking. Miyo saw him and hid to watch him. He later went home to iron his security wear.

Berto was proud of Miyo for stepping up within a blink of an eye. He was just a corn seller and now a body guard for a senator and termed him as small but terrible. Greta waited for Miyo outside to inform him that he should talk to the Senator to use his political contact to set Kisses’ father free. Miyo objected so Greta understood.

The next day, Senator Paglinauan tested the loyalty of Miyo. He told him to k!ll his business rival but Miyo refused. He laid down his weapon and asked the senator to k!ll him first as his job was only to protect him not to k!ll others. Paglinauan then told Miyo not to take what he said serious as it was only a loyalty test.

After obtaining the information on where they would carry out their mission, Tristan left to rent a car. Piolo told Prof T that Tristan already knew that they would go to Oasis Lounge and Tristan left. He believed Tristan had gone ahead of them.

Tristan followed Serafin to a restaurant to reveal to Serafin that he was the next target of the vampires and was ready to protect him with members of his group but the man refused and walked out.

He called Senator Paglinauan to ask him why he was the person Supremo wanted to turn him into a vampire. Senator Paglinauan denied and told him that the meeting at the Oasis would push through and should also forget what the person might have told him.

Paglinauan now called Supremo to ask him and Supremo said it wasn’t true. As part of the evening event, Senator Paglinauan ordered for a different bodyguard, stressing that he did not trust Miyo. Miyo overheard the conversation but he tried in order for the senior security to post him with the senator. It did not work, he was instructed to go home.

Miyo went to inform Jake about it and asked for his help to buy new female clothes since she overheard Nisha telling someone that they would need men escort for the big guys. At the lair of the vampires, Supremo had an emergency meeting with his minions and told them that he has caught the traitor among them. He pulled the traitor out, Terrine couldn’t defend herself and Supremo k!lled her.

Jake entered and was surprised to see Malia. He was so stunned how refined and beautiful Malia looked. Since Chino was well acquainted with the group that was hindering their operations, Supremo ordered for the youth vigilante group to be k!lled.

Nognog served the prisoners with their food and asked Veruska about the group that had vampires like him as a member. The mysterious lady received a call to abort the mission. While Prof T was preparing to attend the event, he received a call from the mysterious lady asking him to abort the mission since it was a trap by Supremo to know the traitor and also to launch a suprise attack on the group.

At the event venue, Tristan arrived. A moment later, Jake arrived with Malia. Malia told Jake not to step out as the vampires might detect his scent. Jake also showed concern that appearing as a woman might also risk Malia’s life, the reason she changed her identity to Miyo since that would take Supremo’s eyes from her. Malia said anything at all she would call Jake and asked him not to worry.

Malia arrived and spotted Tristan, she wondered what Tristan was doing there. Tristan also saw her and recognised her as the lady he saved when he discovered her in his jeepney. Tristan was drawing closer to her when a lady came to ask Malia whether she was Toni and was sent there as a man’s escort. She admitted being the one just to get her way through.

At Moonchasers headquarters, Prof T aborted the mission and Piolo was scared for Tristan. Prof T said he wouldn’t feel guilty for what would happen to Tristan since he defied his orders. Piolo was still worried, Prof T dismissed the group and told them they could go home and be with their family. He told Piolo not to worry about Tristan.

Senator Paglinauan together with Gilbert Imperial arrived and Malia hid herself. She got close to the ladies receiving instructions from their madam on what they would do to keep the gentlemen happy. Tristan who was listening realised Toni’s work was a prostitute. The madam went on to say that the gentlemen were rich and they could get more from them.

Tristan then approached and wrapped his hand around Malia’s waist, making Malia stared his face with l0ve.


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