The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 24

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 24 Supremo’s plan backfires, Tristan embarks on a journey with Toni

At the Oasis Lounge, Malia queried Tristan for what he was doing by wrapping his arm around her waist. Tristan pleaded for her help to get into the venue. Malia wanted to turn him down and even denied being the lady he helped but Tristan insisted. She ushered him in but at the gate the security asked for his name since the event was strictly by invitation.

Tristan said his name was Alcantara, the security went through his list and saw Mr Kelvin Alcantara. Malia ushered him in. Jake arrived at the camp and was asked why he was all dressed up. Baristo asked whether he was at a party and he said he thought Miyo how to dress like a man should he get an event to go with Senator Paglinauan.

Baristo also asked where Miyo was and he said Miyo had left since Berto might be searching for him. Lemuel was about to leave the camp and Gael asked where he was off to and he said he was going to look for the guy with a red highlights in his hair. Jake asked whether the guy was a bit tall and he said yes.

Baristo now built his hopes high, believing the guy might live nearby. Jake knew it was Tristan but wondered what Malia was keeping from them. Due to that he failed to voice out the truth and told Baristo that he might have seen him while gathering scrubs.

At the coven of the vampires, Nognog was willing to join the LLU and asked Veruska what he could do. Veruska told Nognog that that he could start by setting them free. Nognog said he could not possibly do that. He took the utensils and left. Jethro’s hopes were dashed once Nognog turned them down. He said they did a mistake for trusting Nognog. For Veruska, she was positive that Nognog would change his mind.

Tristan told Malia that he would leave her so that she could do her job. Malia wondered what Tristan was doing there. Although Tristan earlier told her that he wanted to speak with someone who was inside the venue. Malia realised Paglinauan was cracking joke just to wait for Supremo.

Speaking of the vampire king, he just arrived and Malia was puzzled for his change of looks. Since he could not find his friends at the place, Tristan decided to go and check whether they would act like waiter again. Unknown to Tristan, Chino has also told his allies that the last time the group were in waiter costume so they should go in search for them.

Tristan went there and mistook a waiter for Adee. Realising the group was not there, he tried to call Piolo but it did not go through. He checked his messages and saw that the mission was aborted. Catleya came to meet Baristo and Lemuel. Baristo asked him where she was going and she said she was going to see Jake. Baristo said Jake might be asleep but Lemuel said Jake has gone out.

Baristo became suspicious of Catleya and asked what had been going on between her and Jake. He asked whether they were dating and she said they were not, actually she was helping Jake to search for vampires. Malia realised Supremo was introduced to David, a business tycoon as Gilbert Imperial. She now knew that Supremo conceals his identity while dealing with humans.

Gilbert Imperial also met Serafin and told him not to worry about what he heard, they would talk about it later. As they sealed their business they then unwind. A lady approached Gilbert to ask for a picture. As they were taking selfie, she accidentally knocked Gilbert’s blood drink and it stained his dress so he excused himself and headed to the washroom.

Jake found himself in trouble while hunting for vampires. A bad gang saw him spying on their dubious transaction and mistook him for a police. Although Jake denied seeing anything and said he was lost. The gang shot but they missed. Jake now had to defend himself to fight all of them. He was about to be shot and Baristo kicked the person with the gun. Lemuel also helped in the fight.

When they defeated the gang they ran off before the companions of the gang arrive to their defence. Jake was punished once they reached the camp. Baristo asked if it was death that Jake wanted then he could have told him to finish him off. Jake explained that he was only doing that to find his mother as he could not sit and do nothing.

Baristo said they were all seeking for something and now they did not have any power to fight the vampires and they were small group now. He told Jake that he should wait, they did not have much they could do for the time being. He advised him to be of good conduct since he would be the next Lord Sentinel if Malia decides to lead a normal life. Jake shed tears as he looked frustrated.

Serafin joined Malia and told her how beautiful she was, a reason he l0ved events like that just to meet refined ladies like Malia. The boss of the ladies came around and told Serafin that Toni had always been shy and told Toni to take care of Serafin as he was an important client. Tristan wanted to make a call but he was scared that someone might hear his conversation.

He stumbled on a washroom and he headed there. He spoke on phone with Piolo and Piolo told him that the mission was aborted. Tristan believed they just did that to drive him away but Piolo insisted that the mission was a trap. Tristan repeated whether the vampires were not coming, meanwhile, Supremo arrived there to clean his stained shirt.

Realising someone was in the washroom, Tristan ended the call and came to meet Gilbert. He asked Gilbert if he needed any help and said his dress was stained with blood. Gilbert said he was okay and the blood was not his but a friend he helped who was injured.

Tristan left and went to the venue to find Toni in the company of Serafin and left. Serafin had given Toni a drink since she was feeling shy. Elsewhere, a vampire spotted Tristan heading to the basement and he rushed him. He fought with Tristan and Tristan fled to the parking lot.

The vampire attacked him there too and Prof T who had been in the building carrying out a mission to wipe out the presence of Tristan there appeared and gave Tristan a dagger to k!ll the vampire. Prof T also k!lled another one and warned Tristan of his action. He told Tristan to value his life since he would not be able to avenge the death of his father and comrades if he was dead.

Many vampires arrived and Prof T told Tristan to leave. Tristan did not want to leave him alone in the fight but prof insisted so he went straight into the car and sped off.

Nisha came to call Serafin to join Gilbert and Paglinauan. Serafin told Toni to join him but she said he should take the lead and she would join later. Serafin did not accept and forced himself on her so she kicked him and ran. Toni bumped into the car of Tristan and she ran inside much to the surprise of Tristan.

She told Tristan to drive but Tristan was shocked that she mentioned his name. She said the the people who hired his Jeep mentioned his name as Tristan. The security reached there and he stepped on it, Chino also arrived and said Tristan could not ran forever. Chino broke the sad news to Supremo about their inability to capture Tristan.

Tristan asked Toni why she was running and she said she was harassed. Tristan asked where she would alight and she tried to seduce him in order to stay with him. Her action pissed Tristan off and he decided to alight him and gave her money to take a cab. She refused saying the man after her was very influential and did not know the length he could go in searching for her.

Chino said two of their men d!ed and promised Supremo that he would find the CCTV footage to get a lead about the guy. Supremo was perplexed that his minions could not see anything while keeping eye on Serafin. Chino said he only saw the guy and a certain old man who equally fought well. Supremo now believed he k!lled the wrong vampire since he was positive that the group receives a tip off that they were trapped.

Since Tristan said he was going far off, Toni said she would go with him wherever he was going and Tristan accepted since he wanted to secure her. He made it clear that nothing else would happen. Toni told him not to worry about her.


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