The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 25

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 25 Toni seduces Tristan, Supremo smites Diana and other vampires

While embarking on the journey, Toni slept and woke up to find herself alone seated in the car. She got down to find that she was in San Isidro Cemetery. Tristan was weeping at his father’s grave asking him to help him to overcome the challenges in dealing with the vampires since the vampires did not play fair.

He said before he would be able to defeat them, he had to be a monster like them to face them. He cried that his strength was failing and felt like giving up. Toni appeared and Tristan told her that he came to see his father’s grave and was sorry that he did not inform her before he came since she was asleep and did not want to bother her.

Toni knew Tristan was passing through some sort of problems that was why he came to his father’s grave. Tristan told her they should leave. At the lair, Chino showed a video obtained from the CCTV footage and Supremo couldn’t clearly see the face of the gentleman they were looking for.

Chino believed they tempered with it. The footage only captured them at the basement when he went inside the car. They also discovered that the car the gentleman was using was heading to San Isidro. Supremo wondered who the guy was, he was so upset and Chino said an old man with equal fighting skills helped him.

Tristan went to a local eatery with Toni. The guys there were wooed by Toni’s sultry look and they started to discuss her. Due to their action, Tristan gave money to Toni to get to the nearest boutique to buy something decent to wear while he stayed behind to take his change.

After Jake did not find Malia at the event, he decided to find a way to search for Malia. He picked scrubs at Dory’s place just to listen to their conversation. He realised that Dory was worried about Miyo since he was not home and hardly comes home lately.

Meanwhile, in San Isidro the guys followed Toni and started to harass her. One of the guys said he was the mayor’s son and would pay for everything that she would buy. Toni tried to break loose from them yet they kept harassing her. One was hit buy a shoe, Tristan kicked and beat all of them till they gave up.

He sent Toni away and they went to a market. There Toni met Ms Cherie and her husband, her parent’s old friends. She realised the couple had a misunderstanding and she told Ms Cherie that everything would be alright. She bought a dress from Cherie and she had a discount of 25per cent.

Jake went to the camp and revealed the truth since he was scared that something bad had happened to Malia. Baristo got upset that he helped Malia to put herself in danger and was scared that Supremo had him and went out. Erin told Jake to wait and be there with Catleya so that when Malia returns there would be someone there.

Nognog sent the prisoners their food and told them that he could not help them. He said there were vampires at the dudgeon and Veruska’s scent would put the mission at risk, hence he would not be able to help them. However he could sacrifice to escape there and be with the group.

Baristo went to Dory’s house to ask of Miyo and said he was his friend. Dory said Miyo was not home but Greta interjected that Miyo sent a text the previous night to assure that he was fine and was busy. Dory still seemed worry since Miyo had not talked to them on that day.

At the lair of the vampires, Supremo met his minions and still wondered why the traitor kept on with the act when they had seen what he was capable of. Nognog came to serve the vampire king with his drink. As the vampires left, Omar arrived and told Supremo that he has no news on Malia since after the Luna approached him, no one else had come again.

Supremo indicated that he has many plans and one would work for him to catch Malia. Omar then realised Malia was not there. Supremo confide in Omar concerning the traitor among the vampires and asked Omar what he would do when he was in his situation.

Omar said he would k!ll all since one tomato when rotten in a basket would affect all. He told Supremo that there was no need for him to be searching for the traitor among all of them. Baristo who has taken a seat in Dory’s house waiting for Miyo, received a call from Omar, informing him that Malia was not with Supremo so they should look for her elsewhere.

Having assurance that Malia could be safe, Baristo asked Dory and Berto of his leave. However, Greta asked him about what he wanted to take from Miyo and he said he would come some other time as Miyo has called his companion to inform him that he was stuck with a business he was doing for Senator Paglinauan. Berto found him acting strange. In San Isidro, Toni apologised to Tristan for involving him in her trouble.

Tristan said troubles followed her. Toni understood what he meant since Tristan first saw her beaten blue and black and the second time they bumped into each other, it seemed she was running from someone. However, Tristan said he understood her due to the nature of her job and he was not there to condemn her.

Toni said sometimes one act in a certain manner since that was what they needed to do not that they wanted to do it. They went to a certain mall and they saw Senator Mallari’s wife in the news warning that she would not allow her husband’s death to slide as there was a foul play. Malia wondered what the woman knew about her husband’s death.

Tristan after taking a trip down the memory lane on the deceased Senator told Toni that he would be waiting for her in the car. Toni who was charging his phone called Jake and she was unhappy that Jake had informed Baristo about what she did. Catleya snatched the phone and told her not to get upset with Jake since she got everyone worried after she left Oasis lounge without a word to Jake.

After the call, Toni wanted to use the opportunity to get to know Tristan better so she stayed inside the mall pretending to be looking for something she had to buy. Tristan received a call from Piolo and the latter told Tristan about the training Prof T had told them it would happen. He told Piolo that he would head back soon but Piolo said Prof T wanted him to lay low for a while.

Since Toni was keeping long, Tristan went inside the shop to inform Toni that they had to leave but she said she was searching for something she needed to buy. Tristan was leaving and she pulled him and tried to seduce him to make them stay in San Isidro for him to take her around the corn farm.

Tristan said her charms would not work on him. Toni apologised and said she did not want to go to Manila for the time being. Tristan knew what she was trying to do, she wanted to lay low since she was being pursued. He advised her to face the challenge head on and if she also felt that her job was putting her in harm’s way she should quit it.

He told her they were leaving, Toni bumped into a man and his box of bottles hit the ground. Toni apologised and Tristan gave the guy his ATM. The guy watched the name and realised it was his friend Tristan Torralba and he exclaimed. Tristan realised the guy was his childhood friend Umang.

Umang told Toni that he did not just know Tristan, they were best friends during childhood. Toni introduced herself and Umang thought she was his friend’s l0ver but he realised he was wrong. He believed they would eventually fall for eachother during their stay in San Isidro.

Elsewhere, Supremo told Diana about a blood farm initiation of his which he would implement once he becomes the President of Philippines. He said every citizen would be registered to a national ID system and Youtopia would trace them.

That, he said would enable him to turn the prominent once into vampires and the poor ones Diana said would be their source of meal. After Diana knew his plans, Supremo chanted for the debris of his palace to fall on Diana. She denigrate into ashes. Chino and his accompany drove to San Isidro, promising that his target wouldn’t be able to escape now.

In the mall, Tristan told Umang that he was leaving and used Toni as an excuse to go to Manila but Toni said she wanted to stay there and it wasn’t true that she wanted to leave. Tristan now was in a tight corner and Umang was able to convince him to stay.

After staying all night to catch the rest of the target’s companions, the two minions of Supremo arrived at the lair with a bad news that the companions did not show up at the Oasis Lounge. Supremo felt that they were doing that on purpose so he chanted for the walls to crash them.

Meanwhile, one female vampire saw the whole thing and she ran for her life while Supremo wondered the next person to be smitten by his anguish.


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