The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 27

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 27 A Lady in white saves Moonchasers from a possible massacre, Betty discovers Tristan’s girlfriend

On the way to Manila, Toni woke up and Tristan asked her to go back to sleep since they had not reach anywhere yet. She said Tristan might need someone to talk to.

At the lair, Nognog told Supremo that he was ready to go on a mission. Supremo gave him an oil to apply on himself. Chino saw Tristan’s car and went to stand infront of it at the main road. Tristan was forced to pull over and went to fight Chino even when Toni tried stopping him.

Doc packed out from Samantha’s place to live close to Betty. He made Betty helped him set up the autoshop at the new place. He showed the picture of Tristan and the other mechanics. Betty said Tristan was always happy as mere jeepney rider and mechanic untill he got his new job. Doc said he was okay with any job that Tristan would do. They hanged the picture frame and it fell from the wall. Betty suddenly became worried for Tristan.

The vampires ambushed the target and Tristan fought Chino, while Toni took on the lady vampire and the rest. Tristan was shocked to see the dagger made from wolf’s fang which Toni was using. Tristan k!lled Chino and together with Toni, they k!lled all the minions sent after them only two vampires survived and fled for their lives.

Supremo took Nognog on a ride and surprised Nognog when he revealed to him that his mission was to help him deliver Veruska and Jethro’s message. He asked Nognog what he did against him for him to betray him. Nognog said he would k!ll him just like he did with the others.

Nognog confronted him for taking him from his world, from the people he cherished and turned him into a monster. Supremo said he only made him an immortal and was also fighting for the vampires’ course. Nognog made it clear that he did not have right to take him from his world and it would be better if Supremo k!lled him.

Supremo now cast his power to tame Nognog just to take the letter Jethro wrote from Nognog’s pocket to read it. He was glad to discover that the prophecy has changed, hence would live. He now chanted for Nognog to regain consciousness and asked him to get down from the car. Nognog searched for the Moonchasers office, unknown to him, Supremo sent two of his minions to follow him.

After the minions saw the hidden place, one called supremo to inform him and he said he would send backups and instructed them to ensure that none survive. Adee couldn’t find his wrist band and Prof T queried where he lost it. Prof T sensed the presence of a strange person so the group remained alert. Nognog arrived and he was about to be attacked but he showed the letter Jethro gave and he assured that he came in peace.

He said he was helping two prisoners Supremo had kept them at the lair and those two said they were La Liga Unida members and the man, Jethro sent him to deliver the letter to the LLU. Prof T took the letter and asked if he was coming from the lair, Nognog said yes. Prof T told all the members to leave the premise as the headquarters was compromised but Nognog assured no one followed him.

Prof T held Nognog and stepped out with him together with all the Moonchasers and set the headquarters ablaze. Supremo went to see Jethro and Veruska to inform them that the Prophecy has changed, Supremo would live and began to laugh. Jethro asked what he did to Nognog and he said for now Nognog was alive.

Supremo told them to side with him in his eternal reign as he was losing patience. Jethro said nothing guaranteed that he would live so he should not get so happy. Supremo cast his powers to choke Jethro for saying the contrary. He warned Veruska to change her mind and left.

Tristan arrived home pretending to be buying from his family’s store but they realised it was him. The family was happy to see him home. Tristan was beaming with smiles and told Betty that in San Isidro, he had a chance to meet with old friends and made new ones as well. He also said he visited Tonio’s grave.

Betty told him that Doc was now living within their neighbourhood so he stepped out to greet him. He received a text from Piolo that he should not go to the headquarters as it was not safe anymore. He then called Piolo who told him that Nognog escaped from the lair and was with them. Tristan was confused and asked if Nognog did not attack them and he said no.

The Moonchasers in their car realised they were being followed by Supremo’s minions and Piolo told Tristan that they were in trouble as their car was being chased by vampires. Piolo told Tristan their last place they were. Tristan seek permission to go and help Piolo since he was in trouble but Betty refused. Tristan said he was sorry and fled.

Betty then ran after him and asked Doc to go with him. Miyo called Tristan and he said he was busy and hang up. Malia took Jake’s phone to call Tristan and she told him that she was Toni. Tristan opened up to her and she asked where Tristan was going and she followed.

The vampires’ fought with the Moonchasers and when the Moonchasers were about to be defeated, a lady in white magestically walked in to shoot all the vampires, but one vampire was smart. He beat Nognog till he fainted and carried him back to the lair. After the lady in white saved them, the Moonchasers got on their feet and they were about to attack the lady but Prof T stopped them.

They were perplexed since the lady in white was also a vampire but Prof T said she was on their side. Later, Toni arrived at the location of Tristan. Doc told Betty that no wonder she could not stop Tristan from meeting the girl. Betty after watching them for a while told her driver to leave.

Tristan said he could not reach his friends and Toni said there was no vampires around. Tristan asked how she was able to know that and she said they would have attacked them by now. Tristan managed to reach Piolo and he said they were fine a lady vampire came to save them.

Tristan was puzzled, Toni said not all vampires were bad but Tristan indicated that they were all evil sent by their monster boss. Toni decided to leave and told him to inform her should he get to know the name of the lady vampire. Tristan held her back and asked her to give him her right name as he doubted Toni was her name but she insisted on Toni being her name.

Meanwhile at the lair, Supremo received bad news about the failure of his minions in their two missions. The ones who were dispersed to go after the Moonchasers, only two returned with Nognog. She told Supremo that they could not k!ll the mortals since a lady vampire, who was beautiful, possessed power, she has ability to fly and singlehandedly she k!lled all the clan members. Supremo concluded that the lady was a member of the LLU.

The other who went to San Isidro also said the target guy was with another skillful mortal lady who exhibited no power but was a fighter, together they k!lled all of them. Supremo now said the lady was Malia. He got upset that his minions could not defeat the mortals.

Elsewhere, Prof T assured Samantha that they left nothing at their headquarters that could be traced to them. He said he set everything ablaze. He then gave her the letter Nognog delivered from Jethro and Veruska. Samantha read it and said it was not good at all. She explained to Prof T that Jethro was a seer and since the letter was from him the content was something that would happen in the future.

She told Prof T that the LLU was an association of vampires, werewolves and mortals who have joined forces. That night, Malia and Tristan on their respective beds took a trip down the memory lane to think about the moment they met eachother and the days they spent in San Isidro, they shared smiles in their respective homes.

Supremo later told Omar that there were new faces at the lair as he has k!lled most of his earlier vampires for being a traitor and incompetent. He said for his eternal reign, he would need someone who was trustworthy and capable to be his right hand man and since Omar has proven his loyalty, he deserved that post. Omar accepted.

The next day at the breakfast table, everyone looked quiet while eating so Tristan thought Betty was upset with him. He apologised for going out even when she tried to stop him. He was stunned to hear his aunt saying she was no longer mad at him. Apple said he could inform the family if he was seeing a girl since Aunt Betty was quite understanding.

Tristan was surprised and asked how they knew. Betty confessed that she and Doc followed him since she was worried about his safety. Apple kept teasing Tristan so he left. Apple said they were not traffic so Tristan shouldn’t avoid them.

Miyo stepped out to work and he received some fans from neighbours. He bumped into Tristan and the latter apologised for not returning his call the other day. Miyo said it was okay. Tristan asked about his uniform and he said he was a security aid for Senator Paglinauan and Tristan was glad. Miyo said he was not looking bad either and asked how things were with him.

“Well I’m lucky too I met someone.”

“Is it a girl?” Miyo queried.

“Yeah who else?”

“Do you like her?” Miyo asks anxiously.

Tristan watched him with all smily face.



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