The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 30

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 30 Dory dies, Miyo arrested by hypnotised officers

Miyo went to the pier to hide behind a huge pile of junk to record the illegal shipments. Tristan on the other hand had to alight from the car when Piolo lost the signal to Toni’s location at the point when the taxi was almost close to the pier. Tristan came across a vampire and the lady vampire lured him inside a certain building to show him how powerful she was.

Tristan realised the vampire was Samantha. After defeating Tristan, she told him that he needed a vampire like her since Supremo was much more powerful and was not a person Tristan could defeat. Tristan termed her as manipulative, saying she wanted to reign after Supremo and was using mankind to achieve her dreams so that she could used humans as source of meal.

Samantha told him that he was wrong as Mankind, Vampires and the Werewolves have coexisted till Supremo’s reign started. Tristan said, that would not change the fact that her kind had k!lled people’s loved ones and had ruined families.

Meanwhile, Miyo kept recording Manuel and those he was making the illegal transaction with. Senator Paglinauan arrived and the shipment was finally revealed to be weapons that were gifts for an important and special someone.

The senator left, and while his car has hit the road, Miyo took that opportunity to run but Manuel saw him. He later told the senator about it and he charged him to fix the problem. At the LLU, Miyo showed the video of Paglinauan’s illegal business to the members but it did not have voice so Gael said it would have been very strong evidence if there was an audio.

Erin promised to seek help from the army to help in making Miyo’s work strong to put Paglinauan in a difficult situation to also destroy Gilbert Imperial. The next day, Dory ran out of gas so Berto called for the fillers to replace it. Dory had already prepared breakfast before the gas finished. She served her family and she was still upset with Greta.

The filler came to replace the cylinder. Some men who had been staying there to monitor the family came to temper with it. Kuto was leaving the house with Miyo and he saw the men close to the cylinder. Kuto referred to them as thieves and the guys ran off. Miyo ran after them and saw their faces as Paglinauan’s men.

The commotion made the neighbours came out. Berto sent the cylinder inside and told Dory to cook. Dory told him to follow Miyo and Kuto so that they did not land in trouble. Dory after taking care of K!sses lighted the stove and the place got exploded. Unfortunately, Miyo and Berto ran to the place late. Dory was rushed to the hospital and she suffered first degree burns while Greta suffered second degree burns. However, the baby and Lisa were doing fine.

Miyo received a call from Baristo and he told Miyo to get to the LLU since he was the target but Miyo failed to act like a coward. As Miyo was crying in a quiet place at the hospital, Tristan stared at him, feeling so bad for him. Elsewhere, a woman threw her rubbish in the dump when she saw a dead body inside the refuse. She screamed, calling the attention of people to the body she had seen. Miyo later went to see Dory and apologised to her for being dragged into his mess.

Dory touched him and her gestures indicated that she was telling him not to worry. She died and Miyo got upset so she stormed the office in search of Manuel but was told he was not there so did the Senator. Supremo obtained a hacked account documents of Ms Magsaysay from Ningning and decided to leave the country to Indonesia. He told Omar to watch his back and he did not want to return to meet anyone.

Omar asked what he should do with the She Wolf and he ordered him to eliminate her. Unknown to them, Nognog overheard the conversation and told Veruska and Jethro. While Veruska was desperate to seek for solution to be reunited with her son as she was not ready to d!e, Nognog offered to help her. He told them that he would help them escape the place.

Supremo while driving to the airport received a phone call from Senator Paglinauan to help him since Miyo turned out to be a spy. Supremo did not want anything to hinder his trip, fortunately, he saw some police officers in their car patrolling and he hypnotised them.

Feeling the weight of his adoptive mother’s death on his shoulders, Miyo confessed to Berto and Tristan everything about Senator Paglinauan’s illegal dealings stressing that he has obtained evidence to prove it. At the lair, Veruska asked Nognog how he would be able to get them out. Nognog said Supremo was travelling, least did they know that Omar has heard their conversation. Omar later received a call from Supremo enlisting his help on Paglinauan’s issue.

At the hospital, Tristan told Miyo that they should report the senator to the police. The police walked into the hospital like robot. With no warrant of arrest, the three police officers arrested Miyo. Miyo gave his phone to Tristan and told him to call the last person he spoke to, Baristo and tell him what had happened to him and he would help him. Berto kept saying his son was innocent, the police sent him into the car and Tristan called Baristo to inform him. Tristan took the available cab and left with it to the precinct.

He discovered that Miyo was not brought there. Baristo also arrived while the officer said there was no warrant of arrest issued for Miyo Alcantara. Tristan recalled the names of two of the officers Manalo and Manalian. The officer indicated that those two officers were professional and could not commit such a crime. He called other precincts but Miyo was not sent there either. Baristo went to the car to inform the rest of the members that Miyo was not sent there and they had to search for him.

Elsewhere, the police gave Miyo documents to sign to affirm to his crime of murder but he refused to sign. He was electrocuted and he woke up to find himself in a warehouse being tortured, maltreated and was told to sign yet he did not.

He queried the officers about the person who was behind the act against him. The police got pissed off that he was still proving tough. They threw water on him and electrocuted him while his hands were hanged to a pole.


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