The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 31

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 31 The Lumakads hold a funeral for Dory, Gilbert Imperial scared after meeting Jacintha Magsaysay in Jakarta

Gael arrived at where the LLU parked the car to ask if Baristo had returned. Catleya answered that he has not. Lemuel wondered if the senator had found out Miyo’s affiliation with them and Catleya said the only way was to find out from Omar. At the hospital, Baristo told Berto to relax for him and Tristan to search for Miyo.

Tristan asked Baristo how he knew Miyo and he said they were friends for sometime now. At the lair, Omar told the vampires that he would need most of them with him to carry out an errand for Supremo. This was to enable Nognog to escape with the captives.

Nognog came to inform the prisoners that he would free them but he had to go out and do something before. When he was going out, a vampire asked him where he was off to and he said he was going to Youtopia. At the abandoned warehouse, as the police were torturing Miyo, Senator Paglinauan arrived to ask Miyo who sent him to gather evidence against him. Miyo accused Paglinauan of the death of Dory and also queried him why he had to drag his family into the mess.

Miyo threatened Paglinauan that he would pay for everything that he has done. The senator warned him that he would not be able to bring him down since he was the law. He left Miyo in the care of the police and since Miyo failed to sign the affirmative document to the crime against Manuel, they electrocuted him for acting tough and carried him into the car trunk.

The vampire smelt the werewolves and began haunting them. Gael and Lemuel saw the presence of the vampires so Lemuel rushed to get Baristo. Baristo received a call from Omar informing him about their presence and asked him not to go to the police station.

Baristo said he was there earlier but Malia was not there. Omar confirmed to him that Malia was not with Supremo and was sure that Paglinauan had him. Later, the car of the werewolves encountered trouble as the vampires found them. The vampires carried the car up and Omar jumped on it to help the LLU.

This enabled the car to settle on the ground. Acting like he was fighting with Gael, Omar asked Gael why he came out since he had spoken with Baristo. Gael said he thought Omar was leading the vampires away but Omar said he did not have total control over the vampires. He assured that Malia was not with Supremo and told him to tell Baristo that the prophecy has changed, Malia would not be able to k!ll Supremo so they should search for her and keep her safe.

Elsewhere, Samantha told Prof T to advice Tristan as the anger which was being his strength to fight was now becoming his weakness. She said Tristan was allowing his emotions to get the best out of him.

The LLU members were able to k!ll most vampires and Omar asked Gael to douse him. Gael did it and Omar told the vampires that they would not be able to succeed so they should flee. In the car trunk, Malia prayed to ask her parents to help her stay alive. She was sent to a gorge. Realising, the officers were under the hypnotic control of a vampire she pleaded with them not to do it since they were good people.

One of them was able to control his senses and he untied Miyo. Believing the war was over, the other officers shot the one who came to his senses. In the house, preparation was ongoing to lay Dory to rest. Doc told Betty that Miyo was arrested and Betty prayed that the issue would be settled for Miyo to be set free.

Tristan went to Prof T to ask for his help. Since the issue of Miyo had nothing to do with a vampire, Prof T told Tristan that the Moonchasers was not established for such purpose and refused to help him.

Supremo was already in Jakarta Indonesia waiting for Jacintha Magsaysay. The secretary of Jacintha Magsaysay told him to wait for a while, the flight of Jacintha would soon arrive.

Elsewhere, Baristo walked all day in search of his daughter. Since he could not find her, he broke down into tears while watching the full moon, praying to the moon in the horizon to grant his wish of keeping Malia.

At the gorge, the police men still were pointing their guns on Miyo.

“We were ordered to do one thing, we must k!ll you,” one of the officers said.

Miyo started to run but was shot multiple times and he fell off the gorge. He recalled his mother’s words that death was a natural process of life. Miyo indicated that he was not ready to die and prayed to his parent to give him the will to live. Under the full moon, he prayed to the moon in the horizon not the stars in heaven to grant his wish as he basked in its presence. The police men placed their officer who they shot inside the car and they sped off but had an accident.

Jacintha’s flight finally arrived and Gilbert Imperial was stunned to see the famous Jacintha.

“Is that you Lia? Gilbert wondered.

“But this is impossible you’re already dead!”

“Her heart is beating, she is not a vampire and her scent is not a werewolf.”

He ran to ask her whether she was playing with him and Jacintha queried whether he has given her the reason to play with him. They scheduled a meeting in a hotel that evening. Gilbert Imperial was so upset and he called Ningning to scold her for not delivering her job well since he did not get everything he wanted. He ordered Ningning to call his secretary to arrange a meeting with Bill Mejia before he arrives.

Nognog appeared at Youtopia to warn Ningning to quit working with Gilbert Imperial. Nognog was shocked how Ningning still did not remember why he has to go away. The slaps Ningning gave him did not deter him from confessing his actual feelings for her. He bid emotional goodbye to her and left while Ningning was crying.

Samantha asked Prof T what Tristan discussed with him and Prof said he wanted him to help him with his friend issue with a Senator but he made it clear that Moonchasers mandate was not to meddle in the affairs of politicians and Police, they only fight vampires.

Tristan arrived at the funeral and Kuto ran to him, pleading with him that they really needed his help now that Dory was gone. Madam Star arrived at the funeral and the mere eye contact with Tristan got her scared.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, Gilbert Imperial met Jacintha at the hotel. Jacintha gave him free consultation to make up for the time he spent in coming and waiting. She asked him the reason he wanted to become a president and Gilbert said he wanted to give a perfect world to everyone. He said he would start off by giving young blood quality education. That he said, would help them gain better employment opportunity to end poverty.

“You will not win!” Jacintha hissed.

“Why?” Gilbert looked tensed.

“Because you don’t have a heart!”

“I don’t have a heart?”

Jacintha meant that he did not look sincere so Gilbert also asked her what her heart desire and she said she wanted justice. Gilbert was stunned and he asked for who.

“I want justice for all the victims.”

“And who are these victims Ms Magsaysay?”

“Those who have died.”

Gilbert now had another reason to think she was Lia.


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