The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 33

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 33 Jacintha suffers an accident, Malia ‘resurrects’ with a new epic power    

Tristan arrived at Dory’s funeral and Kuto asked if he had seen his brother, Miyo. Tristan now prayed to Dory to watch over Miyo wherever he was till he found him.

“Is this the beginning of everything,” Madam Star wondered as she spied on Tristan while Samantha also peeped at her.

At the lair, a vampire who had been spying on Jacintha Magsaysay told Supremo about her findings on Ms Magsaysay. She said she only has one helper, she has not spoken to anyone or gotten involved with anyone neither has she seen anything strange.

When Madam Star went went inside her room, Samantha knocked at her door. Once she came in, she gave Madam Star the stone to contact a guardian. At the LLU office, after watching the video Miyo shot on Paglinauan, Jethro said they should report the illegal activities of the senator for the police to arrest him. He then had an episode as Madam Star contacted him and scheduled a meeting with him.

Baristo even thought Jethro was having a vision but he said a guardian contacted him and it had been long since that happened. He asked of his leave to meet the guardian. Baristo and Veruska were worried about him since they were scared that it was part of Supremo’s schemes to nab Jethro. Since Jethro was bent on leaving, Baristo gave him a phone to call should anything happened.

Baristo then had an idea to make Tristan release the video on their behalf since it was dangerous for the LLU to do it as it might be traced back to them.

At Youtopia, Jacintha arrived to have a meeting with Gilbert Imperial. She asked lots of question including his hidden secret but he failed to answer. Since Gilbert said he had not committed murder, womanising, not engaged in illegal business and not into drugs, Jacintha then said she would study the information he has relayed to start with his campaign planning.

Once she left his office, Gilbert had her followed. Madam Star told Samantha that whenever she was with her strange things happened. Samantha was surprised since Madam Star had already told her that she did not see things. Madam Star replied that she did not see anything the previous time but she now had a vision about a certain young man who she only used to dream about before seeing him.

She said the young man was in her neighbourhood. Samantha was anxious to know what the young man did in her vision and she recalled how the young man’s eyes turned red while he was walking. Jacintha was told there was no driver available and she said she would drive on her own, she took the keys and had phone conversation with Bill concerning how the meeting Mr Imperial went.

At the parking lot, there was a woman and her daughter who were about to be hit by a moving vehicle. Jacintha ran to push the two aside, unfortunately, she was hit by the car. Tristan and Piolo went to the accident scene in search of Miyo. After Prof T refused to help him, he wanted to rely on Toni and her group but could not reach her.

At the accident scene, Tristan saw the dog and he recalled seeing it the other day. He decided to follow the dog since dogs have strong sense of smell. Piolo got tired and Tristan told him to go home. Tristan continued chasing the dog. The dog showed him Miyo’s ID. Soon, the power of the full moon transformed Miyo.

Her hair grew and all the bullets wounds were healed. She was pulled up by the supernatural force and the security attire got torn into pieces as he transformed in the thin air into the refined woman she was.

Tristan saw blood and called the police to inform them that he had a lead. Tristan began screaming the name of Miyo and Malia overheard it. The dog sent Tristan to where Miyo used to lie, only for Tristan to see his torn security attire. Tristan knelt and wept while Malia hid in the bush to stare at Tristan and cried.

“Thank you very much Tristan!”

“You didn’t give up on me.”

“I am sorry but I can’t face you right now,” Malia said as she wept.

Elsewhere, Jacintha struggled to get up, as the vampire saw her, she drove back to call Supremo that Jacintha did not get hurt. The woman and her child cried out for help, the vampire drove passed them and saw that Jacintha had collapsed and was bleeding. She then told Supremo again that Jacintha got hurt. Supremo now believed Jacintha did not have supernatural powers as he thought.

The police arrived and per the scene, they told Tristan not to build his hopes up. Considering the blood Miyo had lost and the number of bullets there he was dead but they would search for his body. Samantha told Madam Star that it could be a coincidence that she dreamt about the young man and she saw him. madam Star doubted and reminded Samantha that she used to dream about her and saw her.

Jethro arrived at Madam Star’s location to find out that it was Samantha who needed him to see into the future to counter Supremo’s mission. Knowing Samantha was behind the Moonchasers, Jethro asked her the reason she has failed to join forces with the LLU since they were fighting for one course. Samantha indicated that Moonchasers were finding it difficult to accept her as their founder since she was a vampire.

Tristan returned to the funeral to inform Berto that Miyo was no longer with them. Berto couldn’t take it that his wife and son were both dead. Prof T introduced Jake to the rest of the Moonchasers as the only applicant who was recruited from his batch, he also told them how good Jake was. Tristan met with Baristo to inform him about Miyo’s death and said the body of Miyo was still being searched for.

He told Tristan that he was also a good person and just like Miyo, his life was also in danger since there were people after him. He charged Tristan to release the video of Senator Paglinauan to bring justice to Miyo and all the victims of Paglinauan. Samantha gave the stone to Jethro and he saw a young man with a wrist band of a symbol of a wolf and a fang who d!ed during a battle. He concluded that there would be blood shed.

Elsewhere, Tristan showed the video which Miyo shot of the senator during his illegal firearm shipment. Betty was in support of Tristan releasing the video and referred to Paglinauan as shameless who needed to be brought to book. On a second thought, Tristan was scared for the lives of his family and Gabriel advised him to do the right thing.

“We can’t keep silence, listen the truth goes hand in hand with righteousness and no matter what know that good will always triumph over evil,” Gabriel preached.

Samantha asked him if he would be able to identify the young man when he saw him and he said yes. Samantha showed him the Moonchasers and he pinpointed on Tristan as the person. After visiting his wife, Rosario at the clinic, Omar rushed to the lair to join a meeting which Supremo instructed them to find the werewolves and the La Liga Unida members within 24hours. He went on to threaten them if they failed to find them within the stipulated time.

Omar rushed back to the clinic and found out that Rosario was not there. He begged Supremo not to do anything to his wife and promised to obey all his orders. Samantha told Jethro that Tristan went to ask a help from his friends to find his missing friend who was involved in an issue with Senator Paglinauan and Jethro said Malia was the one and she has long been posing off as a boy.

“It wasn’t just a simple problem that Tristan asked the Moonchasers to help out with.”

“Tristan got himself involved in a serious mess.”

“He absolutely has no idea that his friend is actually the new chosen one.”

As the LLU members were thinking and moaning, Malia appeared. Baristo hugged her.


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