The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 34

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 34 Tristan gets Paglinauan behind bars, Omar captures Catleya for Supremo

At La Liga Unida, Malia narrated her horrible experience in the arms of the police who were under the hypnotic control of a vampire. According to her, at the verge of death, she told herself that it was not yet time to die and all of a sudden everything went black but later regained consciousness while lying helplessly at the field of the gorge.

She proceeded to snatch a knife to cut her hair and body to illustrate the new power she has gained which is the ability to heal herself just like the vampires. She broke down in tears, wondering why she was the only person who got out of messy situation while the people she had to save get unlucky.

Malia wanted to attend the funeral of her foster mother but Baristo stopped her. He informed her that everyone thought she was dead so she had to keep that and rest for them to figure out a perfect plan that would help her solve the situation. Gael added that they had to find out the extent to which her ability to heal herself could work.

At Youtopia, Gilbert Imperial had a confrontation with Senator Paglinauan when he told him that one of his minions said they encountered the LLU while fishing out information about Miyo and who he was working for. He believed Miyo was a pon sent to investigate about the illegal business they were doing to drag him along with Paglinauan to sabotage his presidential bid.

“Supremo we are not sure of that alright!” Paglinauan said.

“And that is why you’re still alive right…. because the moment I find out you’re the reason for my downfall Senator then I’m afraid you just have to forgive me….”

“But then again I supposed you will understand if I k!ll you off for good.”

As Baristo was forming ideas with the LLU members, Malia came from the room, saying she was attending her foster mother’s funeral. Baristo reminded her that they already talked about it. Malia wanted to release the video of the senator and Baristo opened up to her that he had already given the video to Tristan to do. Malia objected, she knew that would land Tristan in trouble.

In the midst of their conversation, Jethro arrived and was introduced to Malia as the Seer. Jethro realised she was the chosen one and bowed his head to show respect to her. Jethro revealed that he saw Tristan d£ad in his vision. Gael asked if he was sure and he said Samantha was the one who showed his picture to him and he was not wrong. He now explained to Gael that Samantha was alive and she was the founder of the Moonchasers.

Elsewhere, Samantha revealed the revelation of Jethro to Prof T, adding that the seer’s prophecy had never been wrong and spelt out the need for them to protect Tristan. At the hospital, Supremo arrived with a flower and he overheard the doctor telling Jacintha that she was okay and there was no broken fracture just a swollen since she hit herself.

When the doctor left, Bill excused Gilbert for him to talk with Jacintha. Gilbert said sorry for the accident and told her that he would find the culprit. Jacintha queried what he intended to do with the culprit when found and he also asked Jacintha what she wanted him to do to the culprit.

“Kill him,” Jacintha muttered.

“You want me to commit murder?” Gilbert queried.

Jacintha said those who wanted others death had a far corrupted soul and deserved to d!e. She narrated how she had escaped death before, raising Gilbert’s suspicion of her being Lia but she added that she encountered a life threatening moment during President Saudara’s campaign so she was no longer scared. Gilbert in fury, interjected that he was the one who was behind the accident.

“In that case you need to be careful!” Jacintha warned.

“I’m a strategist Mr Imperial without you knowing I could have already plant against you and before you even know it I’ve already k!lled you.”

Gilbert looked impressed he liked the guts of Jacintha when she acted like she was about to attack him just to take her phone from the table, flaunting to him that every conversation was recorded. Gilbert liked the way she was not scared of death.

“Now why will I be afraid of something I already gone through.”

“Are you trying to say that you’ve already d!ed before?” Gilbert stunned.

“That’s right!” Jacintha hissed.

At the LLU camp, Malia was not ready to make any mortal suffer a fatal fate. She took Lemuel’s phone to make a call. However, Tristan was planning with his comrades to use the right channel in circulating the video of Senator Paglinauan to seek for justice for his lost friend. He and his allies at the same time receive calls from Prof T, Harvin and Eunice but they failed to pick it up.

“There you go again Tristan, this is what will put you in danger,” Prof T smirked.

Jacintha told Supremo that based on what she had passed through it was like she had passed through death before so if he was the one behind her accident then he should know that she had died and lived again and nothing would bring her down.

She then laughed it off and told Gilbert that for a moment she believed in what he said and asked him to keep that up when he appeared in public. Gilbert was impressed and said they would get along well as he wanted someone who was ready to d!e for his sake.

Malia called Tristan to inform him that his life was in danger. Tristan said he would talk to her later. He explained to Senator Mallari’s wife that his friend Miyo and his mother were all k!lled by Paglinauan due to the video evidence. He handed it to the woman and she said she would take care of it.

Toni went to Tristan’s house and Betty called Doc to remind her where they knew her. She recognised her as the lady Tristan met the other time. Betty said Tristan was mourning his friend’s death and made Toni meet Berto. Supremo called Omar to remind him that time was running out for him.

Omar was compelled to storm the LLU office to go for a member. He tricked them that he needed an escort to see a family member who did not recognise him since he did not grow with time. Catleya volunteered to go but Jethro said he would go with him.

“I’m sorry Jethro but your freedom will be short lived. I am running out of time,” Omar thought.

As they were going, Jethro had a change of plans since he recalled Torralba’s prophecy and left Omar, saying he had an errand to run so he should go for Catleya. Tristan went to the Moonchasers office to explain things to Prof T why he failed to pick his calls only to be greeted with a bizarre news that he was now the target of Supremo. Tristan received the news in good fate, believing that at least he would die for a good course.

She woke up in an elevator, as the elevator was going down, her eyes glowed immediately, angry at what Omar had done. She attacked Omar and held him up against a wall. Omar apologised for what he did, but said he needed to give her up to Supremo.
Catleya demanded to know if he was completely on Supremo’s side now, feeling betrayed after all his talk of sacrifice and doing the right thing earlier.

Omar admitted that she was his sacrifice in order to save his wife. Catleya fought Omar for betraying the LLU for his selfish reason. They fought again and Omar got the upper hand, with an arm around Catleya’s neck. Catleya, still fought against his hold, she told him that many of them have sacrificed their l0ved ones, but instead of choosing to do the same, he chose to abandon his mission and betrayed his allies. Her eyes shade were darker than before as she got upset. Willing to do anything for her freedom.

Omar told her that he would rather lose the world than his most beloved. The elevator doors opened and Catleya transformed into a wolf while Omar fled to the lair. As Paglinauan was making merry from escaping his crimes, Nisha ran to show him the news about Mallari’s wife who had exposed his dirty secret.

He rushed to Supremo for help but Supremo said he could not order him around but Paglinauan reminded him that if his illegal business got exposed, Gilbert Imperial name would be dragged along with him. He came out to order Nisha to get in touch with Attorney Sarrogona but was nabbed by the police who had a warrant for his arrest.

Omar sent Catleya and as he was driving, he indirectly begged Catleya to forgive him as sometimes they sacrificed something that they did not want to sacrifice just to save a l0ved one. He took a quick turn and Catleya wondered why Omar has sent her to SMV Corporation. She tried to fight back but Omar suffocated her with handkerchief which got her fainted.

Tristan got to the house to find Toni waiting for him. He told Toni about the video he gave to Zeny Mallari to release. Toni asked if he was sure Mrs Mallari would give him the protection he needed. Shortly after, some men arrived to guard Tristan since Mrs Mallari cared about his safety.

As she was working on her laptop, Jacintha saw the news on Paglinauan’s leaked video and she smiled while she made a mysterious call saying she was there in Philippines just to do her work.

Tristan asked Toni how she got to know that he was in trouble while he had never told her anything about Miyo and she said due to her group affiliation that was where she knew what was about to happen to him. Tristan wanted to join her group but she said she did not want to endanger him more. Since Tristan was  insisting, she asked him to follow her.


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