The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 35

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 35 Toni partially k!lls Samantha, Paglinauan is released for being a hero

As Tristan and Toni were scheduling a time to meet, the Moonchasers arrived at Dory’s funeral. Toni said bye and left, she signaled Jake to take care of Tristan. Samantha wondered how a mere mortal would have a great role in such a prophecy. She now began to question the real identity of Tristan .

Since Jethro indicated that only Veruska knew Malia would carry out the task with another person, they decided to keep it as secret and continue to protect Tristan till they figure out his actual role in the prophecy.

At the lair, Catleya who transformed into a wolf attacked Omar and Omar said it might be better if she k!lled him but she couldn’t do that. The evil vampires attacked her from behind. They grabbed her by the neck with chain and pulled the chain, making it difficult for her.

At La Liga Unida, Baristo asked where Catleya was and Jethro said she went with Omar the previous night and wondered why she had still not returned. Omar went to see Supremo and before Supremo could lecture him on his time being up and the threats of knowing what he could do with his power, the vampire brought forth Catleya who was unconscious.

In front of a camera, Catleya was tortured, beaten black and blue. Zeny Mallari visited Paglinauan in prison to inform him that nothing would make him get out of there since she knew who he was and who he had been dealing with. Paglinauan told him that she should be afraid then but the woman was hellbent on destroying him for his hand in her husband’s death.

Later, Supremo met with the central intelligence boss, and politely asked him to free Paglinauan but the man refused so Supremo hypnotised and commanded him to carry out his orders. Jacintha arrived and a guy who Gilbert was talking to ask of his leave.

Berto ordered for Dory’s casket to be closed. They carried her into the hearse to finally lay her to rest. Tristan used that opportunity to escape. In an attempt to get her exposed, Gilbert received the video of Catleya and showed it to Jacintha. He said if the lady was alive, they had to save her.

Jacintha was unable to stand it so Supremo made her watch till the end, believing Catleya was one of her own so the torturing would trigger a response from Jacintha. However, after finish watching the video, Jacintha asked if he would include in his manifesto a fight against violence. She said if he could end the act of violence, it would also help only if he would stand by his word. Supremo was surprised.

Prof T received a message that Tristan escaped his comrades. Prof ordered them to find Tristan wherever he was before they returned to the headquarters since his life was in danger. Tristan met with Toni at the scheduled meeting place, Toni showed him the pictures of Supremo and Tristan said he was going to show it to Prof T and Toni said she would go with him.

Elsewhere, Jacintha told Gilbert that his aim of providing a perfect world was too broad so she broke it down to areas that he could look at employment, a state devoid of drugs, among others. As she was doing the presentation, Gilbert was charmed by her beauty and she realised that Gilbert was not listening to her.

She mentioned his name and asked if she was attracted to him. She warned him not to fall for her otherwise he would lose since she did not mix pleasure with her work but she understood him since he was single. Gilbert arranged a dinner date with her. At the LLU, Baristo was very worried about Catleya and after several attempts of calling, Omar finally picked up to inform Baristo that Catleya would never returned.

Omar explained that Supremo captured his wife and was told he had to bring one of them before he would set his wife free that was why he sent Catleya. As Baristo called him a traitor while they trusted him, he said they should now consider him as enemy since it did not matter to him anymore.

Tristan and Toni arrived at the Moonchasers Headquarters. Prof T was upset that Tristan was bringing in strangers. Tristan explained that Toni knew about Vampires and was there to give him vital information on Supremo’s identity. Prof T already knew about the identity of Supremo.

As Tristan was advocating for Toni to join the group, Samantha mounted a surprised attack on Toni. Tristan wanted to interfere but Prof T stopped him, asking him to allow Samantha to test Toni. As they were fighting, Toni snatched Tristan’s weapon so Samantha urged Toni to k!ll her otherwise she would do that. She grabbed the neck of Toni and told her she was weakling.

Toni then defended herself and did what Samantha asked her to do, Samantha disintegrated into ashes. Prof T asked her why she did that, Toni then indicated that she acted upon Samantha’s order.

Toni rushed out and Tristan chased her. He wondered why Prof T would not accept her even though he knew she would be a great help to the group. They stumbled on Samantha and Samantha said apparently Toni was not the one destined to k!ll her. Meanwhile, Jacintha and Gilbert went to a restaurant. Gilbert after ushering Jacintha to her seat, he made the waiter served Jacintha with a meal meant for mortal.

“I am not convinced that you are mere mortal,
can you eat the food that humans can eat?”
As Jacintha was in a car getting home, she recalled the video of Catleya and she looked disturbed.

Baristo was ready to lay his life to save Catleya. Veruska said they would now consider Omar as an enemy, they then changed their location for safety sake.

Supremo returned to the lair and recalled Jacintha warning him not to fall in l0ve with her. His lady approached with his drink and they got intimate. Tristan thanked Toni for helping him. Elsewhere, the Intelligence boss went to release Paglinauan and told the media that Paglinauan was only helping the Intelligence group to end the trade of illegal firearms but was caught in his service to the group. Paglinauan was then described as hero.

Berto after watching the news got upset that his wife Dory and son Miyo did not get the justice they deserved. Toni escorted Tristan home to find the man destroying things. He told Tristan that Senator Paglinauan was set free and wept. To their dismay, Paglinauan arrived there to extend his condolences.

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