The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 37

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 37 Catleya is rushed to abroad after being saved, Malia learns that Tristan is her enemy

At the rendezvous point, Gilbert seeing the half naked lady called her Jacintha. As the lady turned, he was disappointed to find out that she was a dancer. The rest of the dancers appeared and flirted around Gilbert. While the beat was played, they swayed their waists in their Hindi costume to turn Gilbert on but the vampire king was unenthused.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Samantha was not happy that Theodore has allowed Tristan to partake in the mission to protect Zeny Mallari. However, Prof T insisted that Tristan had a blood of a warrior, hence he rather faced the challenge thrown at him than to hide in fear.

The Moonchasers were camped in Zeny Mallari’s residence. As the woman assured the anti-vampire team that her late husband had long prepared her for the current challenge, Tristan ordered his group members to position themselves inside and outside the mansion. He distributed ammunitions among the securities of the house for them to use it in case they saw immortal.

The LLU arrived at the trapped house, Baristo sniffed around to locate the exact room in the building where Catleya was kept. They divided themselves into different groups with each taking different route in the building. The LLU were able to k!ll much of the vampires.

Malia who has other two werewolves with her fell into a trap as a wood hit the other two werewolves for them to be trapped in a mystical glass with fire that burnt them till they became ashes for the glass to break into pieces much to the dismay of Malia who could only stare but had no power to do anything.

Little by little, they got to where the vampires had layed the bigger trap to wipe the entire members. The rebel vampires surrounded Catleya while the LLU were at the other side with the werewolves and the vampires eyes glowed in yellow and red. Baristo was so furious while Malia positioned herself with her dagger criss-crossed her face.

Catleya cried that Malia had risked herself to come there. She wanted Malia to remain in the safe house so that Supremo would not catch her. As Catleya was shaking her head in disagreement with Malia’s decision, the new chosen one was also determined to set her senior sister free from the clutches of Supremo.

The minions set forth the attack by using tricks only for the LLU to match forward to be waxed to the ground while the vampires mounted an attack on their defenceless rivals. However, the rebel vampires hopes were soon quashed when the lady in red intervened to neutralise their powers.

As most of their members were disintegrated into ashes, the leader among them ordered the rest to flee for their lives since they would not be able to defeat the LLU. The LLU members now were able to stand to unchain Catleya. Malia and Veruska tried to see the lady in red but could not see her face, due to her cloak.

Catleya was sent to the LLU’s new office and Malia was presented medicines to apply on Catleya’s wounds. Veruska asked who the woman in red was and Gael believed it could be Samantha since he sensed that she was hiding her identity from the rebel vampires.

Elsewhere, Samantha appeared in Madam Star’s house. She asked her for a favour to delve into the life of a young guy who was within her neighbourhood. Madam Star wanted to know why, and Samantha revealed to her that the guy was part of an important prophecy and wanted to know more about Tristan Toralba.

Madam Star said Tristan was the young man she had been dreaming about. Samantha enquired from her what Tristan was doing in the dream and was told his eyes turned into red which meant that he would become a vampire. Now Samantha had an option to keep Tristan alive should the unfortunate happened.

Gilbert was phoned and gained an update on the failed mission of his minions. He was upset as he was told that a female vampire with a might attacked all the companions of Boris to help the LLU who even came in their numbers other than the small numbers they knew of. Gilbert realised the LLU had gained forces and was thinking Lia was behind the failed mission. He was consumed with fury and queried the whereabouts of Jacintha when the servers came to serve.

Samantha offered Star money as a motivation for the new job she has given her. Catleya was still not healing and Gael realised her wounds were deep as the poison was spreading in her system. Vergel suggested they flew her to China, where a werewolf ally who had long been experimenting with wolf and vampire blood to have a healing property in providing lasting solution to such poison.

They wanted the healer to be there rather but the scientist was not ready to have anything to do with the war between the vampires and the werewolves. Elsewhere, Gilbert’s anguish has kindled, finally Jacintha arrived and said sorry since her car broke down.

“The thing I hate the most is when I am made to look like a f00l,” Gilbert fumed.

“Sorry I didn’t mean it,” Jacintha took steps and fetched for the champagne and a glass.

“At least now I know you’re impatient and quick tempered,” she poured the champagne.

“We need to do something about that!” she took a sip.

Gilbert was still upset and was not ready to accept the excuse: “Wait that is it?”

He pulled Jacintha’s arm and she flaunted a chit, believed to be a toll paper as a prove to her excuse. Gilbert queried her on the reason she failed to inform him. Jacintha indicated that she did that since she did not want to bother him, besides she planned a surprise for him to get him entertained.

The LLU accepted Vergel’s offer of sending Catleya to abroad in order to save her life from the severe wounds. Malia and her senior sister, Catleya shed tears as Malia told Catleya that she wished she could go with her to China and proceeded to say that she wished she had been able to save her from the vampires sooner.

Catleya asked her not to get upset over every life she couldn’t save, caressing Malia’s hand in a soothing manner even though she was the one gravely injured.

Catleya reminded Malia that her duty was to k!ll Supremo and that was all she needed to do until that time comes, they were all willing to give their lives for her. Malia then made a promise that she would not let them down, looking straight in the eyes of Catleya she said she would not let her down and hugged her. She called Jake for him to bid his final goodbye to Catleya and she was transported through an ambulance as her journey to abroad began.

As Omar and his group were about to strike the Moonchasers, they spotted Samantha so Omar was made to withhold the attack since Samantha had a reputation of being a powerful vampire whose strength matched up with that of Supremo.

Gilbert admitted that Jacintha did not know him well so before doing anything she had to know him first.

“Make an effort to know what I don’t like because the thing I hate the most is when I am being deceived.”

He walked out to ask Jacintha’s driver using his controlling power and the driver’s words met what Jacintha said. The time the car broke down was the same time which Catleya was saved, making him doubts Jacintha but the driver was quick to add that Jacintha did not go anywhere but remained in the car.

Elsewhere, Jethro came to sit by Malia who was sitting in solitary. He told her about his observation when he returned to the LLU and asked if she had seen anything strange while being with Tristan. Malia said she felt a spark and had happened twice already when they were kids in San Isidro and now.

Jethro explained that they were destined to be enemies just like Lia and Mateo. Malia interjected that her parents altered that prophecy due to their l0ve for eachother and as long as she was breathing, she would ensure Tristan stayed alive.

Realising their date was ruined, Jacintha told Gilbert that she was quitting since he did not trust her. While joining her driver in the car, Gilbert asked her not to quit on him and pleaded her to stay since she was the one who was late.

“What about I am sorry, Please let’s make an alliance the world doesn’t revolve around me after all,” Jacintha taught him the proper way to plead.

“I will not say more than please so if I can’t stop you suit yourself, go on and leave.”

Gilbert walked back inside, contemplating on who needed the other the most. He believed if Lia wanted her revenge she would turn back to him, Jacintha approached to ask him if he was planning to get back at her for what had happened. She admitted the night started on a wrong foot but the night was still young. She poured a champagne and asked Gilbert whether he drinks champagne or preferred something else.

“Only if it is not poisoned,” Gilbert hissed as he took the glass and sipped.

Meanwhile, Samantha asked Tristan numerous questions about his past and all that Tristan could remember was before living in Manila he was in San Isidro where his father was murdered by Samantha’s kind. Tristan was anxious to know why Samantha was asking him those questions. Samantha made it clear that she wanted to know the reason he was the vampires target, adding that there was a way to make him live again if he dies.

Tristan knew what Samantha meant by that but he would rather die before becoming a vampire. Samantha made him watch through her eyes and he recalled a voice saying they would be together soon while he was forming in his mother’s womb. Tristan wondered where that voice came from.


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