The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 38

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 38 Toni saves Tristan from Omar’s clasp, Gilbert reveals his vampire side to Jacintha in a new test

Gilbert Imperial and Jacintha Magsaysay danced and Jacintha used that moment to fish out information about Gilbert’s l0ve life. Gilbert turned the table to query Jacintha about her relationship life and she said she was not in l0ve but she had been in l0ve before, terming it as “forbidden l0ve”.

That rang the bell in Gilbert’s mind. Jacintha lamented that the relationship was a hurtful one, something she preferred not to talk about. She then shifted the conversation back to Gilbert. Gilbert said he was no gay but his heart has never felt a beat for anyone before. Jacintha smirked, only heartless people’s hearts did not beat, adding that there would be someone who might make his heart beat.

Gilbert asked if she was the person to make his heart beat and she answered no. At Mallari’s mansion, Tristan told Samantha that he did not know the voice which told him they would soon meet. Samantha wondered who had reached out to him. When Samantha was leaving, she called Theodore to be by Tristan’s side as he could not carry out the mission all by himself.

Theodore made up excuses and Samantha reminded him that Tristan’s life needed to be preserved so Theodore agreed to be there. Jake asked Tristan who the woman was and he said she was Samantha and Jake mumbled that her presence meant that the vampires were already there.

Gilbert in a phone conversation told Paglinauan about how Jacintha was late but her words were in agreements with that of her drive. Paglinauan now suspected that Gilbert was falling for Jacintha instead of making her fall into her own pit. He suggested that Gilbert turns Jacintha into a vampire if she was not Lia. This made Supremo entered the room of Jacintha while she was asleep and made an attempt to bite her but couldn’t.

Once he left, Jacintha woke up. As Luningning was thinking whether she would ever see Nognog again, Gilbert called her to find out more about Jacintha. Ningning went through the graduation pictures of Jacintha and the face seemed familiar to her but could not recall. Malia was made to have training to find her power limitations. Baristo made her ran and Vergel ran after her to bite her in his wolf state. They realised the wolf’s injury healed and did not possess the speed of a vampire.

Gael also bit her and it was healed so they concluded that she had equal wolf and vampire blood in her but with time her full powers would manifest. Jacintha joined Gilbert on the table and ate breakfast. Gilbert sang a lullaby for her and received standing ovation from Jacintha’s helpers. Jacintha also clapped for him since that could make him appeal more to the public as a strategy of relating to them.

Meanwhile, Omar came to Zeny Mallari’s residence to pull a fast one on Tristan using Miyo. As he was taking away the unconscious Tristan, Jake spotted him and he quickly sped off. Jake called Malia and she knew where they would take him. Gilbert stumbled on a woman who was maltreating her son. Quickly, he went to the boy’s rescue and pushed the woman away but Jacintha stepped in and the woman fell on her while her son rushed to her.

Omar was surprised to meet Malia at the SMV who engaged him in a fight to get Tristan. He had already informed Supremo that he has captured Tristan so he was not ready to back down and fought Malia who referred to him as traitor.

Omar said he had a life on his own, although he gave respect to Noah, he also had a right to choose his part. Tristan who regained consciousness fought the vampires along with Malia till Jake arrived with a vehicle to send them away. On their way, Jake returned Tristan’s wolf fang and Tristan was grateful that they came to his rescue. He wondered how Toni knew where he would be sent and she said the SMV was one of Gilbert’s corporation.

Samantha was upset with Theodore for not going to protect Tristan. Theodore made it clear that he was busy and no one could change anyone’s destiny. As the seer said Tristan would die and turn into a vampire which was possible that he would be resurrected as a vampire and since Samantha herself declared that the seer had always been right with his predictions there was nothing they could do.

Madam Star went to talk to Betty about Tristan to fish out his hobbies, interest and how he grew up. Betty wondered why she asked her those questions. Madam Star confessed to her that before setting eyes on Tristan she had been dreaming about him. Betty was scared since the time that Madam Star predicted a bad vibe it took days before Tristan got home. Star told her that Tristan would turn into a vampire.

This compelled Betty to open up to Star that Tristan’s mother was bitten by a vampire in her line of work as Luna Soldier together with Tonio, Tristan’s father. However, she took care of Tristan to ensure he was taken from harm’s way despite Tristan claiming his father was k!lled by a vampire. Betty shed tears knowing Tristan’s fate. Madam Star comforted her, asking her not to worry since it was mere vision and the fate of humans depended on their own hands.

Samantha insisted that she would not allow Tristan to d!e and there was a reason he was constantly becoming the companion of the chosen one. Tristan was sent to the Moonchasers headquarters and Jake told him that nothing happened to Zeny Mallari since all along he was the target. Tristan wanted to use himself as a bait, although his proposal was described by Prof T as a dangerous plan but Prof said they would go by it to the surprise of Toni, Jake and his other friends.

Jacintha told Gilbert that she had taken care of the situation with the woman and proceeded to ask if he had a horrible childhood since studies had shown that violent people were abused in their childhood. She tried to make Gilbert talk about it.

This infuriated Gilbert to mention her name as Lia, ordering her to end her pretentious act. Jacintha was lost but now had an answer to why Gilbert had always been listening attentively to her speech, waiting for her to slip since he mistook her for another person.

Toni escorted Tristan home and Betty asked her nephew where he was coming from since since doubted he worked as Pests control officer. She opened Tristan’s bag to find his weapon. Knowing he could not tell lies again, Tristan opened up, saying the weapon was a wolf fang, something he was using to k!ll a vampire and told his aunt that vampires were real.

Toni was at the back of the house listening to their conversation. Tristan told Betty that his comrades found that in his father’s things and was told his father was a Luna and since his father wanted him to fight as well that was the reason his father trained him.

Betty objected, confessing that his father stopped his work as a Luna after the birth of him and Apple to ensure their safety. Tristan now realised his aunt has been keeping things from him.

Back to Gilbert and Jacintha, Jacintha called Gilbert’s name and asked him whether Lia was his ex or an enemy.

“Gilbert? Why don’t you call me by my real name instead huh!”

“Say my name, Go ahead say my real name,” Gilbert screeched as he was forming into a vampire.

“You know that name Sandrino.”

His appearance scared Jacintha so she Bagan to ran only for Sandrino to be ahead of her and asked Lia to use her powers. He grabbed her neck and shoved her, making her to fall. Jacintha was so scared and was struggling to be on her feet. She closed her eyes in fear as Sandrino was invoking her to unleash her powers. Jacintha still closed her eyes while Sandrino screeched, ready to bite her but pulled back seeing her defenceless.

He now cast a spell to erase her memories of seeing his vampire side.

“You’re Jacintha Magsaysay, my campaign strategist.”

“You will not remember seeing my vampire form because you’re Jacintha Magsaysay.”

Jacintha opened her eyes but fainted and Gilbert caught her in his arms.


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