The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 39

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 39 Paglinauan captures Apple, Malia seeks LLU protection for Tristan

Tristan found it hard to digest the truth which Betty had kept under wrap from him all those years about vampires and also about his father, Tonio being a Luna Soldier. He was shuttered that his aunt had made him bore the burden of the existence of vampires making him seemed like he was crazy and was imagining things.

Betty wept and explained that she did all that to protect him but Tristan saw that as no excuse. At the Moonchasers headquarters, Samantha vented her anger on Prof T for failing to secure the life of Tristan while he knew the boy was on the list of Supremo.

Prof T saw no remorse in his action, saying Samantha could not change anyone’s destiny and was only moving with Tristan’s principles of life. He stressed that the only thing he liked about the consultancy with the guardian was Tristan dying, which meant that the boy would fight to death and he was not doing it for himself but for the greater good.

Betty revealed to Tristan that his mother Rica did not die as he was told but was bitten and turned into a vampire, the reason she was afraid that he would also suffer similar fate. Tristan brushed off the idea that he would turn into those monsters. However, his aunt said his fate said otherwise as the fortune teller, Madam Star saw his future as a vampire. Toni who was eavesdropping was shocked to hear that.

Prof T told Samantha that he would salute Tristan if he lived with his principles and die for the sake of the greater good. Samantha was shocked while listening to Prof T.

“I am not going to let a mere prediction dictates my life,” Tristan declared as he shun the idea of him becoming a vampire.

“I would rather die before becoming one.”

Betty insisted on Tristan to turn back from whatever he was fighting for the sake of his grandfather, grandmother and sister but Tristan had made up his mind to fight to the end. He fetched for Toni and introduced her to Betty as one of the Moonchasers who also lost a l0ved one due to the evil vampires.

He also said the rest of the guys outside the house were all his comrades and were determined to fight the evil vampires for no one to become their victim. Betty understood and accepted his course. Toni was happy that Tristan has finally patched things up with his aunt. Tristan also felt a heavy burden was lifted from him after he had told the truth to Betty. He felt half way relieved since his grandparents were unaware of his affiliation with the Moonchasers.

In the hotel room, Jacintha was examined by the doctor and she later woke up to discover from Mr Imperial that he had a heavy fall and fainted. She realised Mr Imperial was the one who sent her inside. She tried to rise to carry on her work with her client but her body was still aching. Gilbert told her to have a rest and should not bother if the rest of the night would go wasted, there was always tomorrow.

In Tristan’s house, Betty went for her parents from Berto’s place and Apple was glad to meet Toni. She hugged her, saying Toni was beautiful and was glad that she was her brother’s girlfriend. She teased Tristan for having a girlfriend.

Jacintha thanked Gilbert for carrying her and taking care of her. She said good night to him, making Gilbert still wondering whether she was real with that Jacintha identity. His silence to everything that Jacintha was saying said it all. He left and Jacintha smiled in her room. Mr Imperial got to his room and was still lost as he reflected on how he revealed his Sandrino nature to her.

After Omar stopped Duke from calling Supremo to give him update on Tristan with the fear of Supremo k!lling him, Omar enlisted the help of Paglinauan who was surprised that a vampire which has a power allowed a mere mortal to escape his hand. He told Omar that he should have k!lled Tristan but Omar said Supremo needed Tristan alive.

Paglinauan knew Supremo needed Tristan for something so he took it upon himself to capture Tristan for the vampire king. He started tracing the family of Tristan and together with his lackeys, they spotted Betty escorting Apple to school. One of his lackeys pointed them to Paglinauan.

Prof T divided the Moonchasers into two for a mission to watch over Zeny Mallari and to find an evidence in Paglinauan’s office that could lead to the senator’s downfall together with Supremo. Toni fell under Jake’s group, the Zeny Mallari’s team so Toni tried to convince Prof T to add her to Tristan’s group instead but Prof T refused.

Jacintha and Gilbert met and the presidential aspirant asked his strategist if she was okay and she said she was fine. Gilbert gave her files of Youtopia and Jacintha began smiling which made Gilbert queried why she was smiling. She said he looked serious and asked him to relax small as she was not about to d!e. She then told him to act like he was being interviewed and asked him if he was ready for the game.

Once Gilbert told her his readiness, she began asking about his childhood, a topic she was aware Gilbert did not want to touch but Gilbert mellowed and told her about the name of his mother, Maria Villalobo who wanted him dead.
Flash back: A servant saw the young Sandrino sucking the blood of a cock and told his mother. Maria was scared of such a monstrous son so she locked him up.

In school, Apple was talking to friends and she mistakenly hit someone who acted rude to her even after apple apologised to the girl. Unknown to Apple, her brother’s enemies were keeping tabs on her.

Jacintha wondered why his own mother wanted him dead, he said even the world he lived in people wanted him dead so Jacintha asked if he had encountered a death threat before. Malia told the LLU that she needed them to protect Tristan making Baristo wonder since she was on a mission with Jake to protect Zeny Mallari. Baristo was anxious to know the exact thing going on between Malia and Tristan.

Malia admitted that there was something going on between her and Tristan.

“Between you why?” Baristo became impatient.

“Tell me what’s going on?”

“Whatever it is Tristan better stand by you okay, he better take responsibility.”

“Baristo, Baristo please calm down okay,” Veruska interjected.

Malia told her father that it was not what he was thinking. She explained that Tristan and her felt electric shock that made them fall apart whenever they joined hands. Baristo wondered why she was telling them now. He explained to the rest of the LLU that Malia’s biological parents Domateo and Lia Rodriguez felt same shock as they were destined to be enemies but they fell in l0ve rather.

Malia then addressed them that Tristan had a role in her prophecy until they found his actual role they had to protect him. Baristo then assured her of the LLU protection for Tristan. Vergel gave a hidden camera to Malia for Tristan to secretly monitor him. Due to Tristan’s character, she planned not to reveal the truth to him for his own safety.

“Using that you will know the whereabouts of the guy that you say he is part of you,” Vergel uttered.

“Part of me?” Malia wondered.

“In the older tradition of the werewolves, a person who you feel unusual connection with is considered to be a part of you chosen one?”

“I think he is talking about soulmate Malia,” Jake retorted.

“I hope the two of you pave the way to ending Supremo’s evil reign,” Vergel said and offered his life in the course to see the prophecy fulfilled.

Elsewhere, Gilbert told Jacintha about a death trap laid for him four to five years ago when his car exploded after he went to the province for an outreach programme. He claimed that he was lucky that he was not in his car. However, a lady in red appeared to finish him off but he had a narrow escape since then he had not come into contact with that lady again.

Jacintha admitted he was lucky but said they could inform the police so that they increase their security during the campaign before some bad people appear to endanger their lives but Gilbert said there was no need for that since he had many lives like a cat.

After Jake’s group successfully executed their mission, Team Paglinauan were about to carry out theirs when Toni inserted the camera on Tristan’s shirt.

She told him that it was a pin that would remind him of his promise of informing her about any activity before taking any irrational decision. As the LLU were watching, Lemuel began to smile while watching Baristo so he wondered why Lemuel was laughing and the vampire said it was nothing.

Baristo now said Malia has changed a lot, she was no longer the kid that was at his back and was crying when he took her from her parents. Lemuel said she was now a young lady and could fall in l0ve. Baristo objected and said everything Malia was doing was part of her mission as the new chosen one even the protection of Tristan was part of it.

Elsewhere, Nisha managed to lure Apple into making her believe that she was working as a councilor and would make her learn her right to defend herself against the bullies. Only to get her into the hands of the enemies to torture her. As Betty was worried about Apple not returning home at the time her lessons were over, Apple was suffering from the hands of Paglinauan’s lackeys who were dipping her head into a trunk full of water.

Nisha informed Paglinauan that the target was in the hands of their allies. The office closed and Tristan together with his team in disguise infiltrated the office of Paglinauan as a maintenance and went to clean his office while obtaining information about the senator.

Paglinauan left his wallet in his office so he returned and Tristan who had retrieved some information from the senator’s laptop pretended he was cleaning and has finished his job. He took steps to leave the office but Paglinauan called him.


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