The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 41

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 41 Tristan, Toni confess their feelings for eachother, Jacintha fishes out Gilbert’s hidden life

Toni hugged Tristan and was not ready to break from his embrace. Tears dribbled down her eyes much to the surprise of the family of Tristan. She tried to figure how possible it was for him to make it alive, showing all sorts of happy emotions to see him alive.

At Youtopia, Billy made a presentation to Gilbert of the possible places like market, school and other places he could start his campaign since he had already started his charitable act but Gilbert was not enthused about the idea so he sacked Billy from his office.

He went to see Jacintha to query her on the reason she did not leave her notes behind and referred to her as unprofessional. Jacintha made it clear that he was the one who terminated their contract unethically and unprofessionally thus had no right to refer to her as unprofessional.

Tristan revealed to Toni that everything that happened was planned to trap Paglinauan. Toni indicated that after what she saw through the device she went to Paglinauan’s Office to save him and that was when she saw he was k!lled.

Tristan indicated that if he knew it was a pin with camera, he would not have dropped it. He asked her who else knew the video aside her and she said Jake but a security at Paglinauan’s place also saw the video. Tristan expressed the need for them to talk to the security to keep his silence before he complicates their mission. Toni advised Tristan to stay behind for Jake and her to salvage the situation.

Meanwhile, Gilbert told Jacintha that the lady in red has returned, the one who attempted to k!ll him. Jacintha retorted, perhaps that was what he deserved for being ungrateful. Gilbert held her back when she was leaving. Jacintha told him if he wanted her back to lead his campaign, he should not have come to meet her, he had her number and could call her but Gilbert said he was not there for that and they parted ways.

Malia called Baristo to inform him that everything they saw happening to Tristan was a set up to trap Paglinauan. Baristo then told the LLU about it and he said if they had revealed the video, they would have spoilt the plans of the Moonchasers. Gael did not take it likely and seek for means to cooperate with the Moonchasers since they might be obstacle to eachother’s plan.

Jake after learning from other Moonchasers who gave Tristan a helping hand when he used himself as bait to catch the Senator arrived at the Moonchasers office and received a call from Gael who enlisted his help to talk with Samantha for them to form an alliance. Unknown to Jake, Prof T heard the conversation and planned to verify his suspicions.

Paglinauan fetched for his guard who was on duty the previous night when he was committing his atrocious crime to ask Aguiles what he saw but the man claimed not to have seen anything. Paglinauan now realised the security was trustworthy so he told Aguiles to inform him about whatever he and his family needed.

The LLU schemed to develop a strategy that would foil the candidacy outdoor of Gilbert Imperial. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T’s suspicions grew when he learnt from Tristan that Toni implanted a pin with camera on him to find everything he was doing. However, Tristan assured Prof T that Toni would deliver the job of talking to the security man for him not to compromise their mission.

At Paglinauan’s office, the security closed from work, Malia who was in the company of Jake told the security that he should not talk to anyone about the video. The security queried if the video was real and Malia nodded. Unknown to the security, Paglinauan has jotted his name in the death lists so his henchmen were after him. Malia told the man to be in the car.

They drove Aguiles away and offered that he stayed with them for his own protection but the security refused due to his family. Elsewhere, Jacintha arrived at the mansion of the Villalobos. The Villalobos knew her as a strategist and thought she was there to do a documentary on them since many agencies had done some for them before.

However, Jacintha was there to know more about Maria Villalobo and her son. The topic got them upset and denied having a grandchild. They said they only had a daughter who was Maria and she died decades ago. Jacintha insisted on knowing their grandson who was the heir so they threw her out.

The maid who was eavesdropping called Jacintha to tell her to ask her anything about Maria’s son as she was the only one who knew about him since the Villalobos sent Maria away to their old house to deliver there when she was pregnant.

When she gave birth to Sandrino, she did not like him and the boy started to feed on live fowls. Due to that her mother locked him up. She added that no one had asked for Sandrino for decades and was surprised to hear her talked about him.

Toni told Tristan that the the security needed protection since she believed he would not accept the offer she and Jake gave him. Toni and Tristan hang around the security man’s house as he went to see his family. The two used the moment to talk about their next plan. As Tristan said after their mission to end Supremo’s evil reign, he would now pursue for a happy family.

Toni said she also wanted a man who would l0ve her for who she was, l0ved her past and fight for her. Tristan smiled and said he really valued what Toni was saying. They saw a van approached and some men came out. Tristan quickly called the police, he was in a rush to help Aguiles but Toni did not want him to be recognised.

Since the Police was keeping long, Tristan used handkerchief to cover his face and he and Toni took Paglinauan’s men on. They tried to make the men talk but they failed to reveal the identity of the person. The Police arrived and Tristan fled. Paglinauan’s men were arrested.

Jacintha was not conversant with the Sandrino name. She said she was with him and did not know much about him that was why she wanted to know. The maid pleaded with her to l0ve him since all that he needed was l0ve something he never had. She narrated that after Maria’s death she ran away with Sandrino into the woods since she knew he would be blamed for the death of Maria.

In the woods, she said a woman with much power by name Barang forcefully snatched Sandrino from her hand and asked her to trust her since she would be the one to take care of him. Decades passed and she went to the woods in search of Sandrino, fortunately she met him.

Sandrino went to the far woods with her to show her where they stayed. She added that Sandrino was better off there, however, when she visited again the place was spoilt and no one was there.

Bill talked with Gilbert Imperial about the outdoor of the upcoming Presidential candidates, any idea Bill brought was not embraced by him as he kept thinking about Jacintha and her strategy.

Meanwhile, when one of the trusted allies of Paglinauan came to inform him that the rest of his henchmen were arrested since Aguiles received help from some people, Paglinauan told the man to ensure that the henchmen did not drag his name in to their mess otherwise they would d!e before they were jailed.

Toni escorted Tristan home and Tristan lamented on all the tragic things that had happened and if there was one thing that he would wish for, that was for him not to be taken away from his family. He explained that his family would be devastated without him. It was something that Toni also did not want to happen as Tristan meant a lot to her than he could ever imagined.

Tristan revealed to Toni how much he liked her and l0ved her company. The feeling was mutual as Toni viewed Tristan as the best partner she would ever had but before Tristan could get further ideas in his head Toni said they needed to go home. Tristan was happy all night.

In Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T pulled a fast one on Jake to know his actual identity as a werewolf. After cutting his hands to view his yellowish eyes, he sacked him but Gael appeared to ask if he was ready to lose Toni too since she was also a member of the LLU. Prof T now understood why she was an excellent fighter.

Gael revealed his purpose of wanting to work with the Moonchasers since Prof T denied him the ability to speak with Samantha. Prof T said if that was the reason he was there then he should forget.

Gael explained that the LLU was planning to release Paglinauan’s video since the group did not want each to be an hindrance in eachother’s plan they had to form an alliance since they were not ready to make Gilbert Imperial win the elections.

In the lair, as Supremo kept thinking about Jacintha, Boris approached to give an update on the lady in red. He said she was a powerful vampire who even revealed herself in red attire to talk to Tristan in Zeny Mallari’s house.
Omar revealed that she was no other than Samantha Imperial.

Supremo was relieved as Jacintha was not the one opposing him after all. Prof T addressed Moonchasers on their next dangerous but important mission which the Una Republika Party unveil their candidate to the country. He said the mission would ensure Supremo’s downfall.


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