The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 44

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 44 Tristan threatens Paglinauan to ruin Gilbert Imperial’s candidacy, Supremo gives Samantha final warning

Samantha glided in the lair in search of Supremo. Barang told the minions to leave her with Samantha. Since Supremo was not around, Samantha was ready to wait for his return. Barang gave Samantha a seat and served her with their favourite blood juice.

The former evil guardian thought Samantha had changed her mind and was there to work with Supremo so she convinced her how the plans of Supremo and Magnus would help all vampires to gain supremacy since the world less regarded the existence of their species.

At the construction firm, Boris did a presentation on the blood farm system he was constructing. Per his presentation, they had a chip and a code that would extract blood from humans till the humans were useless to them. He said with the plan, vampires would no longer have to k!ll humans recklessly since the system would even detect the quality of the blood.

Supremo was much happier with the plan. At the camp of the LLU, Baristo questioned Malia about Samantha to know if her attitude or the Moonchasers plans have changed. Malia told him that Samantha hardly partook in the decision process of the Moonchasers and she hardly sees her.

In the lair, Barang could not believe that Samantha would not even have a sip of the blood following the steps of Lia and Mateo while Magnus had the best of plans for all vampires and with Supremo even better. She made it clear that the humans that Samantha was fighting for they did not even care about her existence but Samantha remained quiet.

Malia wondered why Baristo asked that question and Baristo said Samantha went to the lair and the worse part was that after she returned she failed to disclose what she and Supremo talked about. Baristo was scared due to how Omar betrayed them when he stepped in the lair and wanted to have a backup plan especially now that the group was embarking on a mission with the Moonchasers against Paglinauan.

Malia assured that the Moonchasers activities was led solely by Prof T and it was even hard for a member to know the other members plans when they carry out missions. Jethro believed Samantha had not changed otherwise she would have betrayed the Moonchasers. He was sure Samantha would not become an evil vampire again after her conviction.

Malia agreed that if she was on Supremo’s side all the Moonchasers would have turned into a vampire. Baristo said he only wanted them to stay alert in case of anything. Gilbert and Boris came to where they left Jacintha but couldn’t find her. She appeared and Gilbert said he thought she was bored of waiting and had left. Jacintha said she used the chance to do all that she had to do.

Boris called it a pleasure but Jacintha failed to shake hands with him and left with Gilbert. They went to a restaurant to wait for Paglinauan. Jacintha gave him the speech and asked of his opinion. After reading, Gilbert did not like it, stressing that the speech did not speak to him. Jacintha ensured that Gilbert believed in the speech.

Elsewhere, the Moonchasers arrived at Senator Paglinauan’s office and they hit his security together with his driver. In disguise as the Senator’s driver and bodyguard, they drove the Senator to a place where he saw Tristan’s body lying on the floor. He wondered, thinking his men failed to dispose the boy’s body. However, Tristan woke up and Paglinauan couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt that he was dreaming but Tristan said he was not.

Since Paglinauan was not showing up, Jacintha wondered where he could be but Gilbert believed he was busy with something. He was still keeping long so Jacintha was not happy that Gilbert did not care. He advised Gilbert to care as it was an integral part in his rally for the people he wanted to win over to be convinced that he cared about them and their situation.

That made Gilbert had belief in the speech which Jacintha wrote about the l0ve for the people. He wondered what he would have done without her. He then sent her to a place after his heart.

Prof T also appeared and Paglinauan realised everything that happened was a set up. Tristan ordered Paglinauan to expose the evil deeds of Gilbert Imperial. While knowing Tristan needed his help, Paglinauan failed to comply. Tristan showed him the video of his confession of k!lling Miyo. He threatened to release the video but the Senator seemed unbothered.

He said releasing the video would destroy his candidacy as vice President but that would not stop Gilbert Imperial from winning. Tristan knew that was how the Senator would react so he revealed that he knew Gilbert was Supremo and if he failed to expose the evil deeds of Gilbert, he would release the video.

“Save the people of Philippines from the vampire that you worship,” Tristan added.

“You’re manipulating me using the video,” Paglinauan hissed.

“I want you to know that I am on the good side of Supremo.”

Paglinauan said Supremo had lots of connections and he was unstoppable so even if he lost his position as a vice President he would still remain powerful and the vampire king would destroy Tristan and his family.

At he LLU, Malia asked Jethro the reason Samantha used to be an evil vampire. Jethro explained that, Samantha was the daughter of an evil vampire, Magnus and together with her father they k!lled both humans and werewolves. However, Mateo and Lia changed her and she stopped following Magnus’ evil ways.

Elsewhere, Jacintha asked Gilbert the reason the place was special to him. Gilbert said the place reminded him of his childhood where he got lost and was alone. Jacintha asked him if he had a l0ved one or someone he cherished with all his heart.

“You really don’t know right?

“Because you don’t know how to l0ve….

You feel it!”

“May be I will never know what is l0ve

I k!ll my heart very long time ago and I don’t want to revive it.”

“You don’t?” Jacintha quizzed.

“I wouldn’t know what to do if my heart starts to beat again,” Gilbert cried.

“Just like how I told you before, only the heartless will never feel l0ve.”

“If your heart d!ed may be you need a good reason to make it beat again.”

Citing his presidential candidacy;

“Now you have a reason to make your heart beat again.”

Jacintha made Gilbert rehearsed his speech with his heart wide opened, she made him picture the person he was delivering the speech of l0ve to, to make him provide the perfect world for that person. Gilbert in conclusion, he wholeheartedly turned towards Jacintha while Jacintha was writing everything that Mr Imperial was reciting from his heart.

“I will be with you in that one perfect world.”

Tristan arrived home with his team members. Betty asked Tristan how he was doing and he said he was okay so his aunt should not worry about him. As his aunt left, he told his comrades to act normal. He then called Zeny Mallari to inform her about their readiness to execute their plans and the woman also assured him that she was prepared for that. Tristan thanked her for her help. Soon, Toni appeared to ask to talk to Tristan.

Meanwhile, Jacintha told Gilbert that she would forward the speech he delivered once they reached home. It seemed Gilbert was not ready to call it a day. He could not pathways with her but had to accept for Jacintha not see his vulnerability. In the house, Jacintha reflected on the outing with Gilbert and crumpled the speech she wrote while Gilbert was pouring his heart out.

Supremo glided in the lair and Barang wondered where he had been all those while. Samantha had a private chat with him, saying if he considered her as his sister then he should turn from the wrong path. She said it was not important to tail the path of their father’s wicked ways and they could make both werewolves and humans coexist with the vampires in the world.

Supremo believed all species could coexist but peace could not be guaranteed, reason Samantha had to work with him in the perfect world he was building for their kind.

“Look at the werewolves, they have someone who they call lord Sentinel, the most powerful werewolf of them all while humans they have someone they call the president, who they believe he is the best person to lead them all.

While vampires like ourselves we have someone who we call Supremo. What I am trying to say to you my sister is that it wasn’t wrong for our father to rule over them because all the species in this world we the vampires are the most capable in doing that because we are the most powerful race and we have the power to live for eternity.”

“You are not capable of ruling all the races,” Samantha retorted.

“Because you k!ll recklessly.”

Samantha proceeded to say that Supremo had been eliminating all those who he considered as hindrance and that was not the quality of a good leader since a good leader factored the well being of the people.

“Someone competent values the lives of the people and Supremo can’t achieve that goal.”

In fury, Supremo gave him one last chance to think about siding with him. Elsewhere, Toni warned Tristan about Samantha and told him that someone had seen Samantha entered the lair of Supremo and returned but had not told anyone what happened there. Tristan was agitated and said that was the reason he did not want to trust her but Toni calmed him.

Tristan then asked how she got to know Samantha’s visit to the lair and began to doubt the identity of Toni.


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