The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 47

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 47 Una Republika Rally turns bloody as Senator Paglinauan shoots Supremo, Jacintha reveals herself as the orchestrator of Supremo’s critical condition

Senator Paglinauan introduces Gilbert Imperal at the Una Republika Campaign to unveil the young vibrant and powerful candidate standing in on the flag of the party. However, the Moonchasers looked defeated as plans to leak the video at the event did not work.

Gael went for Malia to keep her safe but she was not happy with events. The new werewolves were making their way out when Omar and his team unleashed fire to burn them into ashes. The vampires were happy that Supremo would be happy with their work.

Elsewhere, Gilbert was Corning Jacintha since she was not inside with her but Jacintha said she was working while she was touching on her pad.

“Your face should be the first one to greet me and the last one I go out of the stage.”

Gilbert got close to Jacintha looking through her eyes getting his face much closer to her and pulling her close to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

“What are you doing?” Jacintha gently pushed the presidential candidate out of her.

“You said you’re not nervous but that is not what I see.”

“Yes I am,” Gilbert swallowed hard.

Jacintha softly touched his chest making Gilbert took two steps backwards.

“If you’re that worried about your speech everything will be alright, like I said if you follow your heart everything will easily fall into place.”

Paglinauan with his magic speech kept introducing the man whose reputation preceded him and had proven himself as the most deserving candidate who would give the people of the Philippines a perfect world.

“It is no other than President Gilbert Imperial.”

The crowd who were clad in their turquoise blue party paraphernalia jeered and clapped as the ambitious vampire made his grand entry to the stage to promise the public of quality and inclusive life which no one would be left behind in the perfect world he would build for all the Filipinos.

As he was still making his promises, the hypnotised senator in a robotic way approach to shoot, Jacintha who was clapping for her client ran to the stage in order to save him but Gilbert got shot at the back and sustained another gun wound on his chest as the Senator was about to shoot him more, Gilbert was forced to do his magic and the Senator got shot.

The Senator fell on his toes, Jacintha cried for help. Gilbert and Paglinauan were attended to.

Everyone at the auditorium fled for his or her life. Tristan ran to meet Prof T since things did not go as planned.

“Abort it! Prof T ordered “Mission failed it is done.”

“Prof may be there’s something we can do,” Tristan was not willing to back down but Prof T stopped him.

Toni arrived to tell them that she actually saw Supremo with Paglinauan and he pulled the strings to spoil their plans.

“Aw Supremo outsmarted us,” Prof T smiled.

As the action was over, television signals began working and Betty who watched the news report called Tristan to ask if their mission did not go as planned. Tristan promised to give her update later.

Supremo and Paglinauan were rushed to the hospital and Omar and his team were there to ensure Paglinauan did not wake up. Things did not turn out as Supremo was actually bleeding for real and his wound was not healing. His allies were scared to remove the bullet and they saw the bullet locked inside the heart.

Unknown to them, Malia had been listening on to the vampires conversation to realise Supremo was deeply wounded and his heart was beating again. Elsewhere, Jacintha in a car looked cheerful and ordered her driver to go. At the hospital, Supremo asked for Jacintha but stopped his minions from searching for her as he did not want her to see him in that state. Paglinauan did not survive the operation and d!ed.

Meanwhile, the LLU were grieving for Vergel’s team who were brutally k!lled at the rally. The Moonchasers who were securing Paglinauan told Prof T on phone that the Senator passed away. Tristan was sad about the death of the senator especially at the moment he became their ally but Toni said all hope was not lost, Supremo was also weak. Tristan wondered what ordinary bullet could do to such a powerful vampire.

In her condo, Jacintha after watching the news about the rally which was rocked with violence revealed that she had to ensure Supremo ends up in critical condition. A flashback showed that she squeezed the plans of Supremo out of Paglinauan. Learning that Paglinauan had to shoot Supremo she loaded the gun which Paglinauan would use with wolf’s fangs and she internationally ensured Supremo get the shot to where it would be fatal to him.

Learning that Supremo was down, the LLU suspected Samantha being the reason that was why she wanted them not to meddle in the plans of the Moonchasers. Baristo was so happy that despite Sandrino being Samantha’s brother she outsmarted Sandrino in his own game.

Tristan went home to inform Betty about the failed mission. Betty advised him that once there was life there were many missions that he could embark on. While the vampires were spreading rumours that Supremo was now weak which meant that he was no longer powerful, Malia planned with the LLU on a mission to attack the lair in honour of their fallen comrades.

They held a vigil for the werewolves who d!ed at the rally and Malia promised that their death would not be in vain. Since everything was ready, Malia led the LLU to the revenge mission. Elsewhere, Prof T suggested to Tristan that they withhold the video since Supremo was trending as the victim and all the evil were shifted on Paglinauan.

As they were planning, Prof T obtained an update from the Moonchasers who were putting Supremo under surveillance.

At the hospital, Dr Vilasco wondered how possible for a vampire to have his heart beat since it was only Mateo which had that experience and thought Supremo was like Mateo.

“No way!” Supremo yelled “Mateo and I are different.”

Jake told Prof T the time that Supremo takes his medicines and told Tristan to lead his team to the hospital. He reminded him that almost everyone at the hospital was a vampire so he should be in disguise. Jacintha after watching various news about her client paying the victim role went to the hospital but Boris did not want to allow her in.

Dr Vilasco also denied her the opportunity. She told Jacintha that Gilbert was in critical condition but Jacintha insisted on knowing his actual medical condition. The doctor who was also a vampire failed to reveal it since Jacintha was only his strategist not a family member. Later , Supremo told Vilasco to allow Jacintha in.

She went in and realised that he was recovering pretty quick. She seemed not to be happy so Gilbert queried her on that and she said it was because of what the doctor earlier said. Gilbert indicated that he worked on Jacintha’s advice and he owned the situation and what has happened has rather made their job easier since he has won the public’s sympathy. Jacintha then said she would prepare the press release and left.

“No matter what it takes will ensure my heart stop beating again,” Supremo cried.


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