The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 48

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 48 Malia k!lls Omar during a massacre in the lair, Jacintha k!lls Boris as Supremo bites Veruska

Malia led the LLU to the SMV Corporation. She told Baristo to ensure no passerby gets hurts. They made their way to the heat bar and Lemuel hypnotised the security for Malia to open the elevator to k!ll the vampire to pave the way for her group to come in.

Omar and the rest of the vampires were watching the fight from the screens. One of the vampires said they should send the fight to them but Omar had a contrary view. He told them to remain there and wait for them so that they could attack them since they stood the chance of winning the fight.

At the hospital, Jacintha was leaving when Barang saw her. She went to the ward to question Supremo about his political strategist.

“You have never mentioned to me that your political strategist looks like someone we all knew.”

“I have proven that long time ago that she is not Lia,” Supremo retorted.

Barang asked him whether he believed her since she was being nice, acting like she had no revenge plan and being so sweet to him. Barang added that all those were strategies.

“OMG it is that woman, she is the one making you weak.”

“We have to do something about that girl, that Lia, Jacintha, whoever she is.”

“Don’t you dare touch her understood?” Sandrino got upset.

Sandrino said he has tested Jacintha for times without number and he has realised she was not Lia.

In the lair, a Vampire called Supremo to make him aware of what his enemies were doing at his back.

“Supremo they took advantage of the fact that you’re not here.”

The vampire king got upset and woke up but he felt heart pains. Barang stopped him from heading out to the lair and assured him that she would do something about the situation.

“Be prepared we are not going to show them any mercy. They are all going to d!e” Omar hooted.

Malia and the werewolves were inside the lair, she sensed the omen and alerted her group for them to take cover. Suddenly a bomb exploded and Malia was burnt, leading Baristo to cry out her name. Malia walked through the fire unhurt and Baristo was so happy.

The vampires launched the attack and Malia singlehandedly k!lled them. As Malia saw Omar and was about to attack him, the other vampires glided, like a whirlwind, they fought with Malia and she defeated them. She then proceeded to fight Omar.

“You have taken enough of my werewolves brethren I will make you pay for it Omar.”

Omar took the lady warrior on they fought till Malia thrusted the dagger through his chest. The remaining vampires ran through the tower and the werewolves went after them.

“Malia forgive me, Malia please forgive me,” Omar begged for mercy before his death.

“Malia stood on the vampire king’s altar to declare war with them.”

“We have just started to put an end to Supremo.”

“We are going todo whatever needed to be done to put an end to their evil plans,” Baristo chipped in.

“We can’t afford to waste anymore time,” Malia added.

“To all the members of the La Liga Unida!”

“Allow me to introduce to you our saviour and new Lord Sentinel the one in charge of the LLU, Malia,” Baristo officially declared Malia as their new leader.

As all the members bowed down their heads to show honour to her, Veruska found it hard to bow her head. She was hurt that Malia was finally introduced as their leader.

“Long live the lord Sentinel!” Baristo screamed in joy.

“Long live!” All hailed their lady warrior.

Meanwhile, the Moonchasers were at the health facility to alter the medication of Sandrino but the plans were foiled. Tristan called Prof T to inform him that the vampires were all gone and Prof T told Tristan to abort the mission.

In order to confirm his suspicion, the Moonchasers attacked the nurse of Sandrino. Tristan then disguised himself as the nurse to go into Sandrino’s ward but realised he was not there. He told Prof T and Prof T got there for his members. Tristan said he heard the lair of the vampires was under attack and Pro T knew it was the hand work of the LLU and went with them to help the LLU.

Elsewhere, the vampires who survived met Barang to question her on the reason Supremo abandoned them. Barang shut them up and made them join her car. Samantha has also stopped Sandrino from going to the lair. They fought and Sandrino began to bleed. Samantha was surprised and realised her brother’s heart was beating. Sandrino accused her of being the master brain of his omen. He said she changed the bullets to werewolf’s fangs.

Samantha told him he was becoming mortal again and advised him to use that chance to live a peaceful life.

“Don’t be absurd, I will never lower myself to be a mere mortal.”

A woman arrived at the packing lot to ride her car. Samantha knew what Supremo was about to do and pleaded with him not to do that but Sandrino attacked the woman to suck her blood. The Moonchasers arrived at the lair. Tristan was shocked to see Toni as part of the LLU and Toni said sorry to him as she did not want him to find out the truth about the Werewolves and vampires group in that manner.

She told Tristan that she withheld the truth as she knew how much he despised vampires. Tristan pointed out Lemuel as an evil vampire but Toni said he chose the right path now and he was now a good vampire. He then asked the real identity of Toni and e said she as neither of them.

Veruska strolled around the lair weeping on how her dreams for her son was crushed with Malia being the new Lord Sentinel. She recalled how her dream partially came through when Frederick became the Lord Sentinel building her hopes high that Jake would lead the counsel some day.

She came across Jake who was sitting in solitude to incite him to fight for Malia. She said he should not give Malia up to Tristan without a fight. Jake said he was happy when Malia was happy, however, Veruska asked him to think about himself sometimes as she knew he would be happy with him. She made him believe that the Werewolves did not give things up so easily.

Toni showed Tristan around the lair and he told her that Baristo knew Miyo and Toni admitted. Tristan climbed the altar of Supremo after recalling the voice which told him they would be together soon, he destroyed the seat of Supremo and promised not to allow Supremo to return.

Toni asked Tristan to leave as Supremo would not leave the lair without a fight. Prof T suggested they destroy the lair but Tristan saw that as necessary. He wanted them to stay behind and fight Supremo if he returned. Prof T told Tristan that they had to leave since Baristo knew what to do with the lair. Malia told the LLU that it was not necessary to destroy the foundation of the lair but could render it useless.

Vergel brought some equipment so Veruska volunteered to stay behind to do that job since she was familiar with that place. Malia asked some few members to stay with Veruska to use silver, grenade on other vampire unfriendly equipment to render the place useless. Elsewhere, Boris and the survivors queried Barang whether Supremo has lost his powers and was a mortal.

Barang said what Supremo needed was their support. They needed to find the root cause of Supremo’s problem and help. Supremo found out from Barang that his right hand man, Omar was k!lled and rushed to his lair to find the Werewolves who were working in the lair to render it useless and k!lled them. He told Veruska that she was wrong to assume that he was weak and bit her. Unknown to him, an eye was watching from a window.

He sent her to his kingdom to find his throne trashed to the ground and in fury he threw Veruska to the ground for trashing his kingdom. Elsewhere, Jacintha was talking to Bill to make arrangements for a project that would help the campaign of Gilbert. She got to her car and found Supremo’s minions after her. She took them on the ride and the vampires couldn’t find her in the car. They lead a search for her which they got lured into a certain building.

They got into a room where the lady in red appeared to them to take them on. Boris was surprised to find out that the lady in red was no other than Jacintha Magsaysay. She flashback all the works of lady in red in the previous scenes and how she squeezed the truth of Supremo’s plan from Senator Paglinauan which was to make him appear as hero during his campaign and she foiled it.

With her mighty power, she did not spare the lives of all the vampires Barang sent after her. In the lair, Barang led the rest of the vampires there and Supremo addressed the camp about how ruthless he would go with all the “insects” who tried to trash his kingdom. He promised to make them feel his wrath.

Malia went to the hospital to check on Greta and promised the unconscious Greta that she and her companions were working to give justice to her and Dory. She returned to the lair to find the Vampire member of the LLU who witnessed the death of the other werewolves and Veruska. Jake was crying and was in denial. Malia was surprised and got close to Jake.

“Supremo got back to the lair Malia,” Jake cried.

“He k!lled everyone who stayed behind.

That bastard killed my mother,” Jake kept weeping and was inconsolable.

“He did not spare anyone who were left behind.”

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