The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 50

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 50 Malia and Ningning work together to bring Gilbert down, Barang pulls strings to expose Jacintha

Tristan and Toni arrived with relatives of the other Moonchasers for them to stay with Tristan’s family in their mission of evacuating all the family of the Moonchasers to more populated areas. Tristan found out from Apple that Betty had gone out with Doc.

While eating in a restaurant with Betty, Doc told her that life was so short and as each day passed by he missed his son and wanted to be with him. The vampires arrived at the venue. Meanwhile, Jacintha asked Samantha about Prof T’s serum which she ordered for him to prepare. Samantha said Prof T had carried it out but it was on a testing phase.

Jacintha believed it was the only way to secure the lives of Supremo’s target. Samantha indicated that she had to keep on causing distraction to Supremo as Prof T also worked on the scientific potion. At the lab, Prof T after so many times of experimenting, the Serum still lacked a scientific substance that would make it appropriate for use. He received a call from Samantha and he told her that his scientific formula was almost done.

Meanwhile, Greta woke up at the hospital and was scared to see her face in the mirror. She recalled Miyo indicating that he was the one who deserved to be in that situation and was quite upset. Tristan called his aunt to know where she was and alerted her that she should always be close to people and she and Doc should not be left alone.

Samantha glided in the lair and tried to confuse Sandrino about his political strategist, claiming she was Lia and would win her to herself. She indicated that she visited Jacintha and her eyes and gestures suggested to her as Lia. She made it clear to Sandrino that Lia was her friend and knew her quite well than him.

Sandrino could not be mistaken that he already k!lled the couple, hence Jacintha could not be Lia. Supremo told Samantha to give her followers to him and Samantha said her followers would give a fight to save themselves and l0ved ones. He told Samantha that he had already carried out his plans to convert her followers. Samantha warned him not to be happy since her followers were well prepared to give his minions the fight they were asking for.

As Samantha was leaving, Barang who had been eavesdropping confronted Samantha for trying to confuse Sandrino in order for him to believe Jacintha was not Lia. However, she seemed not to care about Barang’s opinion.

Doc sent Betty to a setting he had arranged and proposed to her with a ring. Before Betty could give him the needed answer, Tristan arrived for his aunt, leaving Doc perplexed about what was going on. Tristan and Betty left the place while the other Moonchaser’s grandmother was asking him the reason he had to bring her to that hotel and he said it was for her own safety. A bang came on the door and he went to check.

The room service was attacked by a vampire and Alvid tried fighting the vampire, Jake, Leo and other Moonchasers helped in the fight and Tristan was told by Adee to save his family as they took the vampires on. Supremo’s minions brought the newly converted to the lair and Sandrino took interest in one of the female converted.

“Dear what’s your name?”


“I like this one, I want you to train her to become best fighter as we want.”

“As you wish Beloved Supremo!” A minion accepted.

Seeing vampires for the first time, Doc was agitated and pleaded with Tristan to forgive him for doubting him since vampires actually existed. He pledged to support Tristan in his fight to secure his family since they were like family to him too.

Later, Prof T tested the potion on Samantha and it worked so he now proceeded to find its duration, the time it would be effective on humans if the serum is injected. Tristan and the rest of the Moonchasers appeared at the headquarters and the Moonchasers were depressed based on what was happening so Prof T said the only way was for him to train them mentally and physically to overcome such situation.

Tristan requested that they trained with the vampires and werewolves from the LLU so Jake led Gael, Lemuel and the new werewolves to the Moonchasers’ Headquarters as Malia ordered and she embarked on a solo mission to the campaign of Gilbert Imperial.

After registering as a volunteer, she saw her childhood friend and told her she knew her and Nognog but Ningning said she did not want to talk about Nognog since he abandoned her and had run after another girl. Toni called Tristan to find out about Nognog and Tristan said the boy was turned into a vampire in front of Ningning. Toni seemed not to know why Ningning did not seem to remember anything and Tristan said Prof T used memory blocker on her.

Ningning approached and Toni went to the washroom with her to reveal to her that she was Malia, her childhood friend. Ningning was surprised and she told her that she and her mother left San Isidro all of a sudden. Ningning was then happy to see Malia. Ningning said she and Nognog wondered why they left all of a sudden and Malia said her parents were k!lled by a vampire.

Ningning found it amusing to hear Malia claiming Nognog was turned into a vampire and was k!lled. She made Ningning looked through her eyes as she made her recall seeing a vampire bitting her boyfriend and she began to cry. She now remembered everything and Malia told her about her mission. Ningning promised to help her bring down Gilbert Imperial to avenge the death of her boyfriend.

Malia made her keep her identity as secret and Ningning asked her whether her mother would help her in her mission and Malia reminded her that her parent were k!lled by a vampire. However, Ningning told her that her mother was working as a political strategist for Gilbert Imperial and Malia looked surprised. Ningning said her name was Jacintha Magsaysay and gave Malia party shirt and tag to go there and find out.

Meanwhile, Jacintha realised that Gilbert was keeping his distance from her and wondered why Samantha’s influence was not working. Gilbert declined the food she prepared, even earlier in a car, he did not allow her to sit next to him. Gilbert wanted to have fresh air but she made him have his makeup done for the television interview.

After Samantha warned her to stop being a bad influence to her brother and raged war with her promising that one of them would d!e the next time they met, Barang appeared at where the campaign interview was ongoing and hypnotised a certain lady who would pull some strings to reveal the real identity of Jacintha.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, the Moonchasers had a training with the LLU members to sharpen their skills on how to fight vampires. Prof T was glad with how his members have upgraded their fighting skills.

Malia who was finding her way into the event venue was stopped by a guard but she hypnotised him and he decided to help her enter the venue where the interview was ongoing.


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