The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 51

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 51 Malia cries after Jacintha denies being her mother, Samantha captures and chain Barang

Malia tried making her way to studio eight but was stopped since the interview was ongoing and was told she could only go into the studios if they went on a commercial break.

On the Chesca’s show, the child who Gilbert saved at the bank during a robbery staged by the latter and his minions appeared and she thanked Sir Gilbert for all his support. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T tested the serum on Samantha again and told her that it would only be effective for two days.

He said he wanted it to last longer than that but the experiment was seeing so many errors. Samantha gave him the go ahead to administer it. On Chesca’s show, the hypnotised lady went to change the questions to centre on Jacintha Magsaysay since Barang wanted to use Jacintha as a trump card to find the LLU and the new Chosen One.

Malia was however, shocked to see Jacintha on the screen. She tried to pave her way through but was stopped. Jacintha who had been trying to get in touch with the Programme manager was caught off guard with the camera but eventually saw the Programme manageress. She asked her why questions which were not related to the approved ones were asked.

She told the lady that the show was not about her but on Gilbert and tried to break the hypnosis to find the truth but Barang appeared. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T was not around but left everything for Alvin to address his comrades on the serum that he made. He said before their families would be jabbed with the serum they needed to inject a virus first.

He went on with his explanation that when vampires bite anyone who had received the jab of the serum, the vampire would have body pains and the blood of that person would become bitter to the vampires. The serum would also suppress the poison which the bite would bring and would have no effect on humans who had received jabs of the serum.

In the lair, Greta received training and was ready to unleash her powers to take Miyo on for his lies. Malia ran to where studio eight was during the commercial break and asked a person working at the channel about Ms Magsaysay. The person said she stepped out, however, Gilbert who was walking with the Programme manageress asked her questions.

“Who are you Miss?” Gilbert queried.

“Why are you looking for Ms Magsaysay?

“Hmmm Sir I am a volunteer,” upon hesitation Malia turned to respond to him.

“I can see that but not all volunteers are needed in this event.”

“You see sir I am one of your lucky scholars, we are supposed to be interviewed but I got separated from the others.”

“You’re one of those I helped?”

Gilbert was so happy and he linked her to a person who could show her to where the interview was on going. The person sent her to a place but couldn’t find Toni’s name on the interview list so she asked her to wait. Toni sneaked out to search for Jacintha. Elsewhere in the studio, Barang wondered why Jacintha was acting offended for appearing on television and referred to her as Lia.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Tristan queried Alvin on the serum whether it would be appropriate and he said Prof T had already experimented with himself and had no side effect. Alvin urged the Moonchasers to trust Prof T on that since he had not failed them before. Tristan went home and poured the virus in the food of his family. They ate and his grandmother was the first to fall sick so the Moonchasers carried her to their hospital.

Back to the studio, Jacintha was not happy with what Barang was doing. Gilbert got there and saw the tension between the two, he tried to introduce her to Barang. Jacintha said they had already met at Youtopia but Barang warned her to stop pretending and tell Gilbert who she actually was and repeatedly called her Lia.

Gilbert tried to plead with Jacintha but Jacintha said she could work properly when she worked in a conducive environment. She told Gilbert to remind Barang that she was his strategist and Barang asked whether she would make Gilbert lose the elections. After denying she was Lia, Jacintha left. Malia saw her leaving and she hypnotised a passerby to take his car and drove after her.

Meanwhile, Barang did not understand why Gilbert seemed not to read from what was happening as Jacintha did not want to appear on the television screens since she did not want the La Liga Unida members to find out about her. Malia eventually caught up with Jacintha and introduced herself to her as Malia, her daughter. Jacintha denied being her mother and Malia said she knew in her heart that she was her mother.

Malia believed helping Gilbert meant one thing, since Barang was around Jacintha began screaming asking her not to follow her. She sparked her car and left Malia, Barang made it a mandate to find the connection between Malia and Jacintha. Malia went back to the studio and Ningning came to hug her. She cried to Ningning that it was true Jacintha was her mother but she denied being her mother.

Jacintha met Samantha and queried her why she had not k!lled Barang yet. She told Samantha that Barang pulled a show to trap her and Malia fell into it as she came to reveal herself to her. The problem right now was that Barang had seen the face of the new chosen one so Jacintha made an attempt to return to talk to Malia but Samantha stopped her. She told her that she would take care of that.

As Malia was shedding tears, telling Ningning that Jacintha was her mother, Barang was listening on to their conversation. When Barang was ready to inform Supremo about the identity of the new chosen one, someone came to grab her. Apple and Betty were all hospitalised due to the virus and the other Moonchasers’ family were also hospitalised.

Prof T assured the Moonchasers that Samantha has shouldered all the expenses and the hospital was for the Moonchasers. He told them not to worry since everything would be as planned. In the lair, the bed warmer of Supremo confirmed that Greta was exceptional and the latter wanted to carry out Supremo’s orders while she used her unique power to make the so called Miyo pay for everything.

She went to Pulang Lupa and on the road she came across Kuto who was selling on the street. At the LLU camp, Malia told the LLU about seeing her mother. She cried for her mother’s denial and even failed to eat as she laid all night thinking about Jacintha. Baristo was not there to pamper her as he was out looking for werewolves so Gael saw the need to protect Malia.

He worked on plan to know the real identity of Jacintha. Since Malia has disclosed her identity to her, they were scared that she would be a target of Supremo should Jacintha be a different person. Kuto told Greta that her daughter’s lungs grew weak due to the inhalation of the smoke and died weeks after the incident. Kuto also said Berto packed out from Pulang Lupa as he could not bear the grief of his loss. This fueled Greta’s heart to take revenge against Miyo.

Sandrino returned to the lair and for some time Barang had not returned. None of the vampires had seen her so he concluded that Jacintha had done something bad against Barang and everything Barang had been saying about Jacintha was true. Tristan’s family were discharged and when they got to Pulang Lupa, they saw Greta. As the family were happy to see Greta, Tristan found it bizarre as to how her wounds could heal so fast and easily.

Tristan found her weird and believed she was a vampire. Greta asked about Miyo and Betty assumed she had not spoken with Berto yet and she nodded. Betty told her that Miyo was dead and her action made Tristan believed she had ulterior motive. Barang was chained and Samantha planned to put her in a coffin till she d!ed inside.

However, Barang called her murderer and told her that no matter how she would k!ll her she was still a murderer so she should not think that not staining her hands with her blood would give her a clean conscience she would still be guilty. Barang then decided to make Samantha’s heart beat again by reminding her of the childhood memories they shared.

“Go ahead Samantha don’t try to suppress that deep emotions you have in your heart,” Brang thought.

Samantha insisted that k!lling her would be for the greater good to suppress Supremo’s potent power. Barang ironically said she was glad that she would d!e in the hands of a good person she helped to raise other than her enemy and requested for a hug. Samantha who was showing emotions unknowingly hugged Barang and she thrusted her hand through her stomach and bit her in order to k!ll her.


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