The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 55

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 55 Moonchasers finds Samantha’s lifeless body, Tristan discovers Toni is Miyo and is not a mortal

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Tristan came to inform Prof T that Adee had made ready the invitation. Prof T seemed worried and Tristan asked of his problem. Prof T said he called Samantha but Supremo picked the call which meant that he has imprisoned Samantha.

Tristan believed Samantha had tricked them and was on Supremo’s side but Prof T doubted. He told Tristan that they should come up with a plan although he knew Samantha could handle Supremo. Tristan believed Supremo wanted to distract them.

Unknown to them, Supremo has dispersed his minions after Theodore since the evil vampires tracked the location of Theodore when he called. Prof T heard some sounds so Tristan made his weapon ready to check on what was happening. As Tristan stepped out, he only saw a branch of tree and he threw it away.

Realising Theodore has outsmarted them, James called Supremo to inform him about how they were tricked. Supremo believed Samantha even in her grave was still protecting the mortal group and had a plan for the group. At Jacintha’s family house, Malia asked the woman what she meant by her daughter was not her. The woman indicated that she has changed completely.

Per the story of Jacintha, Malia concluded that she was not her mother but prepared the LLU for the charity ball so did Prof T. In the lair, Katrina lauded Supremo for the plans he has set in motion for the night charity ball to end the Moonchasers. Malia met with Prof T and they reached an agreement as to how the two groups would carry out their respective missions at the charity ball without each being an hindrance to the other.

Gener told the rest of the Moonchasers about his suspicion of Toni being the leader of the LLU as her oral has even changed. Tristan doubted, thinking she was an ordinary person and would not head the vampires and the werewolves. However, Adee doubted she was ordinary, Tristan trashed their thoughts since Toni has never exhibited any extraordinary power during their mission.

Later at the charity ball, the Moonchasers arrived and took their positions. As the LLU arrived and also taking their positions, Tristan asked Prof T whether Toni was the leader of the werewolves and the vampires group. Prof T said for the mission she was. This made Tristan understood the reason the group work upon her orders.

Elsewhere in the woods, the lady in red bumped into a lad who was being haunted by dwarfs and she saved him. The boy could not give her his name since he had forgotten it. He saw the lady in red as super heroin and wished his mother could be like her. However, his mother was very wicked and bad, claiming she left him alone inside the bush.

As the LLU took their positions, Malia told Jake about her plans to come clean with Tristan concerning her real identity in order for her to protect him better. Jake urged her to tell him everything, including her grandparents, her parents and why she was now the Lord Sentinel. As they were talking, they saw a vampire gliding. Malia discovered that it was Greta.

Malia asked Jake to wait while she talked with Greta who was now Supremo’s follower. At the function, Katrina checked and saw that their targets were there and called Supremo to alert him. The vampire king told her to set the ball rolling while he watched everything on the screen, feeling so happy that things would work in his favour.

The Moonchasers discovered their family members among Supremo’s minions and it was hard to rise up against their relatives so Tristan sent them to a safe place to have a talk with Aife and Alvin to control themselves for them to protect the people. In the woods, the lady in red and the young Sandrino sat and slept. She woke up to find the lad eating live fowl.

Seeing the lady in red, young Sandrino pleaded with her not to abandon him since he was not a bad boy, he was only hungry. The lady in red said she was not afraid of him and calmed him down. The boy now recalled where the old man who the lady in red was searching for lived and decided to show her his house in order for her to gain the help to k!ll the bad person that she wanted to get rid off.

Malia talked with Greta in order to turn her against Supremo but the girl was determined to take her revenge after realising she was the Miyo and fought with Malia. Elsewhere, outside the ball, Gener, Leo and the others were calming one of their comrades who had also seen a converted relative. Some of the vampires attacked them but couldn’t suck the blood as their throat began to burn.

Inside the ball, Katrina after addressing the gathering took off a cover on something that was positioned centre at the event.

“It’s Samantha,” Tristan watched and turned to the headmaster.

“Prof it is Samantha right?”

As the Moonchasers were finding it hard to digest the issue, supremo who was keeping eye on the event began to celebrate while his minions at the other side of the event began feasting and converting the guests. However, they could not carry on the mission since the blood of the targets were bitter and they began to cough while experiencing throat burns.

Supremo was appalled, he did not understand what was happening. Prof T alerted his comrades to apply the memory blocker on the guests. When Tristan stepped out, he was surprised to see how fast the scratch of Greta on Toni’s body healed quite fast. The disruption of Tristan made Toni lose focus and Greta managed to escape from Toni’s hands. Toni seeing the fright on Tristan’s face shed tears.

“Tristan I hope you will let me explain?”

“Who are you ?” Tristan queried in shock.

“What kind of being are you?

“I remember asking you whether you are a werewolf or a vampire and you said no!”

“There are things I kept from you because of my duty to the course,” Toni cried.

“Tell me the truth then Toni!”

“I’m different Tristan.”

Gael interrupted their conversation.

“Lord Sentinel we need to go now!”

Still shocked with how Toni was addressed.

“Forgive me Tristan.” Toni left with Gael but kept staring Tristan who was left motionless.

In the other scene, Prof T arrived at where the Moonchasers were blocking the memories of the guests. He looked so pale and down making his students asked of the problem.

“Please take Samantha.”

Malia held the evil vampires which Vergel and Jake captured hostages and caged them. She congratulated her team for a successful mission. Supremo arrived at the event but was late. Katrina gave him the sad update on how their mission was foiled. She said the humans blood including the Moonchasers tasted bitter and burnt their throat and was sure the Moonchasers was responsible for that.

The Moonchasers arrived at their headquarters with the coffin which Samantha was layed in. Prof T asked his students to leave him with his boss. The death of their leader made the Moonchasers wondered how the group could strive.

“Samantha is very good to our group but Prof T is here, we are still here , we are intact,” Tristan said.

Tristan then addressed the group with Adee.

“This may be a tragic night but our mission is accomplished.

“The serum we gave the VIPS save their lives.”

“Tristan is right” Adee declared.

“This is one of our most successful missions yet except for the fact that Samantha d!ed.”

Tristan intercepted: ” I know everyone is tired but we have to be here in case Prof T will need us.”

Alvin enlisted Tristan’s help to connect him with Toni since Jake had told him that Toni’s group captured some of the minions. At the LLU, Gael tried to confirm from Malia if Samantha was indeed dead. However, Malia had no clue about it since Tristan did not have the time to inform her. As Baristo ordered Vergel and Lemuel to find animal blood for their captives, he saw the lord Sentinel sitting in solitude and made her share her problems with him.

Malia lamented that Tristan found out that she was no human and has a fright face on. Although, she planned to reveal her real identity to him but Tristan found out about her nature before she did. Baristo urged her to find time and explain things to him and if what they felt for eachother was real, he would accept her. Tristan also called Aunt Betty and met her to reveal to her that, Toni was Miyo and he found out when she fought Greta.

To Tristan, the worse part was the fact that she was no human as her wounds healed faster and was more like a vampire. Betty knew how much Toni meant for Tristan so she advised him to settle things with her.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Prof T cried.

“You shouldn’t have d!ed because you can’t d!e at all Samantha

“Help me understand Please….”

“What is your secret I will do everything”

He put on his operation wear to try if he could do some concoction to wake his boss but to no avail. He drunk and mourned in solitude. Tristan arrived to find him and encouraged him, saying it was not the end of the world and they could run the Moonchasers with their values and what they believed in. He promised his comrades support to always be there for Prof T.

Meanwhile, Katrina and Greta showed Tristan and the headmaster to Supremo. The vampire king was ready to meet Tristan since he was against what the Moonchasers were doing to destroy the human blood.

“I wouldn’t stand for that because the blood of humans is what gives us strength.”

Supremo indicated that he would have to vanquish them.

“They are testing me I shall face them all myself.”


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