The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 56

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 56 Moonchasers lays Samantha to rest, Gilbert gives Apple scholarship during an outreach campaign in Pulang Lupa

Prof T and the Moonchasers held a wake to mourn Samantha. Prof T promised to lead the group to fight to honour her memories and for the greater good. He recalled how Samantha made her entry to fight off the minions to save the group. Tristan also recalled how Samantha had been asking him questions about his background.

Toni arrived and extended her condolences. Since the leader was dead, she assumed Prof T was the new leader so she proposed an alliance between the LLU and the Moonchasers. However, Tristan who overheard the conversation interjected that Moonchasers had proven they could carry out their separate missions, therefore there was no need for the human group to be part of the immortal group.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Jacintha realised she had been running in circles with young Sandrino. The lad told her that there was no way out of the forest as there were people who were also lost in there but the lady in red said she was different.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Toni had a talk with Tristan on the reason she kept the identity of Miyo from everyone. She said she did that to protect her group as the Lord Sentinel and also to make Supremo believe that Miyo was dead. Tristan insisted that she saw how devastated he felt after Miyo’s death yet she kept it under wrap as well as her identity.

As Toni said she was scared that Tristan would look at her differently since that was the world he despised, moreover, she was different as she was an hybrid, a vampire and a werewolf. However, Tristan said he accepted Samantha for who she was and could equally do same for Toni but she kept her identity. All Toni’s reasons given fell on deaf ears.

Supremo set his plot in motion when Bill Mejia passed by the office, Youtopia to carry on the campaign since Jacintha has left for Indonesia. Gilbert Imperial said he wanted to conduct an outreach programme and he chose Pulang Lupa. Bill supported the idea since it would help the campaign.The next day, Tristan left the house without eating breakfast only to discover that the Mayor has allowed Gilbert Imperial to hold an outreach programme just in front of his house.

Since he was having a bad feeling, he called Prof T to inform him so the headmaster sent out the Moonchasers to the location to help Tristan out. At the LLU, Gael lamented about the death of Samantha, describing it as a big blow to their fight against Supremo. Since Samantha’s body did not burn into ashes, Malia believed that could be a solution for all vampires to become mortal again.

She considered the case as no isolation case, recently, Supremo’s heart began beating again and her parent also lived as mortals. She urged the group not to make Samantha’s sacrifice be in vain but they should fight to win the war against Supremo. Baristo described Supremo as heartless since he k!lled his own sister.

In the lair, Greta was scared that Tristan would reveal the real identity of Gilbert Imperial but Supremo said Greta was new to their world as the Moonchasers were even preventing the public to know about their existence. Malia received a call from Ningning and her friend told her about the change in Gilbert’s schedule. He was holding an outreach programme at Pulang Lupa. This made Malia realise Supremo was up to something since the location was where Tristan lived.

Tristan tried to talk his family to make them leave the place but his grandparents were not in support of it. He explained things to Betty and Betty packed their things, as Tristan brought his grandparents inside, Apple could not be found. He also ignored the calls of Toni but Toni prepared the LLU to be in Pulang Lupa. Alvin who was in the company of Eunice and Levite at the LLU talking to the newly converted vampires who were their relatives held as captives by Toni also had a call that they were needed at the headquarters.

At Pulang Lupa, the Mayor arrived to introduce the coming of Gilbert Imperial and Tristan couldn’t find Apple. Unknown to him, his sister was dying her hair for free as part of the outreach activities. Gilbert delivered his speech and solicited for vote. Greta signalled him about Apple and Gilbert told Bill to bring Apple on stage. Apple was honoured and Tristan who had been searching for his sister heard her voice on stage, thanking Gilbert for giving her scholarship to study.

Tristan reached there and Apple shouted Tristan’s name that he would no longer worry about her fees since Gilbert has shouldered everything. Tristan looked so shocked and Gilbert also called Tristan on stage. A neighbour urged Tristan to be on stage perhaps he might also gain something from the Presidential candidate.

Tristan went on stage and Gilbert got close to him.

“Finally, you and I have officially met.”

Tristan pulled Apple from the stage and ignored the handshake Gilbert was requesting for, leading his grandmother who came out with the rest of the family when Tristan was called on stage to beg Gilbert for Tristan’s mean treatment. The family was amazed how Gilbert showed respect to Tristan’s grandmother. Gilbert was happy to meet the family of Tristan.

However, Tristan was unhappy that Gilbert has seen his family members. Grandma invited Gilbert to her house for snacks and Tristan took advantage of the disruption to tell his grandmother to first tidy up the room and went to stand a secret place to talk to Supremo.

Meanwhile, the LLU got surrounded by Greta and her group. Toni tried to make Greta turn her back against Supremo but Greta was very upset with her and threatened to k!ll Malia and plead with Supremo. Elsewhere, the Moonchasers also encountered Katrina and her group. Due to the fact that they did not want the passerby to know about the minions, they acted politely as they threw jabs at eachother.

The evil vampires knew the mortals were protecting the public so they used that to threaten them. Supremo asked Tristan why he wanted to have him k!lled and urged him on to do it. But he knew Tristan did not want to cause fear and panic.

“You know what?” Gilbert hissed.

“That is the problem of righteous people.”

“You want to save everyone but you can’t save everyone.”

Supremo told Tristan that he was envious of his power and asked Tristan if he did not want to be a vampire like him. Tristan would rather d!e than to become a monster but Supremo advised him never to say never. Tristan asked Supremo what he wanted from him and his family. Supremo liked the fury in Tristan’s eyes and wanted followers like him, those who were always moved with anguish but he did not plan to do anything to Tristan.

“I want your leader, the Professor.”

Tristan now knew Supremo was scared of the powers the mortals wielded that could destroy his source of meal. He later went inside the room to find Doc taking care of his family after they packed and looking for a go signal since there were lots of vampires in the area. Tristan’s grandmother and grandfather were worried since they did not understand the sudden packing. Tristan explained that it was for their own good.

The Moonchasers arrived at the door step. Tristan got out and found Toni also there. He informed them that he confronted Supremo.

“Apparently, Prof T is his next target and he has even learnt about the serum.”

Tristan told the group about relocating his family and charged the group to protect Prof T. Alvin believed that since Prof T was Supremo’s target, they were equally the vampires target. Tristan went to talk to Toni alone. At the LLU, Erin went to see the captives and wondered why lord Sentinel wanted to hold the minions as captives instead of k!lling them for everything that they had done.

Erin wanted to take revenge on the rebel vampires since they were the reason the Luna Soldiers lost their lives. James provoked him and he set the sun on them, yet James believed Erin was having the upper hand since they were held in silver chains otherwise Erin was nothing in front of him and the other minions since Erin was a mere mortal. He added that Erin was envious of his powers and Erin kept on disciplining them.

Tristan was upset that Toni was always protecting him. He did not need her protection since she betrayed his trust. Toni pleaded with him to even allow her comrades to protect him if he did not need her. Tristan asked whether he was mortal, the reason she wanted to secure his life with the immortals and warned her to leave him alone.

“I can’t leave you alone,” Toni cried.

“And why is that?” Tristan hissed.

“Because you are part of a prophecy.”

Tristan looked at Toni in amazement.


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