The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 61

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 61 Jacintha finally reveals her identity to the LLU, Supremo burries Tristan

Malia stepped out and was upset that the heavens had not helped to unleash her powers to face Supremo once and for all while it has allowed her parents to fall victim into Supremo’s plans same as Tristan.

At where Tristan was chained, Victor took a necklace of a vampire which Supremo had k!lled and Tristan queried if the person was his friend and the former thief said no. Tristan tried turning him against Supremo. He told Victor that he might end up as the person and no one would know about him.

Katrina arrived and asked Victor what he thought about what Tristan told him. Victor indicated that Tristan might be right for claiming they sided with the wrong person. Katrina said Supremo was the greatest of all the vampires and had to have no heart. Tristan interjected that Supremo was just saying that to cover up for his evil deeds

Malia wept and prayed to the moon of the horizon and tried to bring out her powers. The powers manifested small but she did not notice. At the Moonchasers headquarters, Theodore told Jacintha about the ultimatum which had rendered the LLU tactless. Prof T wondered if Supremo knew Tristan was part of the prophecy but Jacintha said they should keep it under wrap.

At where he was caged, Victor asked Tristan about the new chosen one and the former said the person was good and had both vampire and werewolf allies. He said Victor would be better off with the destined saviour’s side. However, Victor said if the new Chosen One was powerful the person would have come to his rescue and tortured Tristan.

Malia went to see Prof T to ask him if he knew any relative very close to Sandrino since he had been digging into his life. Sandrino called Prof T and he gave it to Malia. Supremo was surprised to hear the voice of the new chosen one. Malia asked what she could do to get Tristan and the vampire king told her to surrender along with the lady in red and Prof T. After the call, Alvin asked Malia about his brother, John and Malia broke the sad news about John’s death to him. Alvin was glad that his brother dedicated his life to pursue what was right.

At the LLU, James asked Greta what they could do to gain their freedom and Greta said they should act like how the others did. They should pretend to side with the LLU. Soon, Jake and Lemuel arrived there to give them animal blood which they found it hard to drink. James’ mother came there, much to James surprise. Jake and Lemuel wanted to change them to know the essence of having a family.

Meanwhile, Luningning Ramos visited Malia to give her a phone to use it to make a call without her line being traced. As she was listening to James and his mother’s conversation, Prof T called her and she went to the Moonchasers Headquarters. Elsewhere, Doc and Betty went to meet Summer in a restaurant to know about Rica’s past life. Summer said her sister had a suitor who was very caring, l0ving but strange.

Prof T introduced to Malia Supremo’s nanny. Jacintha facilitated the process for her to meet the woman. The woman told Malia that she was the one who raised Sandrino and did not know he was the Gilbert Imperial. The nanny talked with Sandrino in a video chat but the vampire king did not care he refused to negotiate and promised to k!ll Tristan in two days time if they failed to surrender. The nanny felt sorry for the personality Sandrino had become as her worse fear has come to pass.

The situation compelled Jacintha to come out with a perfect plan. Malia arrived at the headquarters with her comrades and Prof T said he knew someone who could unlock her powers. As she asked who and they turned they were surprised to see the mysterious lady, Jacintha Magsaysay. She introduced herself and the LLU asked her the reason she wanted to help the new chosen one since she was the same person who pushed her away. They referred to her as an ally of Supremo.

Jacintha told them for safety reason they should address her by name “Miss Jay”. She refuted the claims that she was working with Supremo. She narrated that she met Samantha when she had been trying to break the curse of death and introduced to her, her plan and she made good use of her living and joined hands to establish the Moonchasers.

Answering Malia on the reason she pushed her aside even when they were on the same mission, she said her plan was to get closer to Sandrino as his strategist in order to know his strength and weaknesses to k!ll him slowly so it was a wrong move for her to draw closer to her as that would have made Supremo suspicious but now that Samantha was gone she would help Malia achieve that goal of gaining her power.

She revealed to them that she helped them when they were rescuing Catleya and she was the mysterious lady in red. Malia then accepted for her to train her after knowing she was the lady in red.

Later, Jacintha gave the Ancient Book o Cursed Spells to Jethro to look to it if they could find a way to k!ll Supremo as it was written in mystics. She realised Jethro would find her real identity and warned him not to touch her hand and also to respect her privacy so Jethro accepted.

In the lair, Supremo wondered the special thing about Tristan that made the LLU and the Moonchasers to form alliance to get him. He told Tristan that he was a mere mortal who were his source of meal for his targeted blood farm that would give all vampires a perfect world which they would not hide their identity.

After taking away Tristan’s weapon, he queried the warrior why he had so much resentment towards the vampires.

“Why are you so mad at vampires?

“What did our kind ever do to you?”

“Are you really asking me that? Tristan amused.

“You vampires k!lled my parents.”

“What were your parents’ names,” Supremo queried.

“If they were ordinary mortals that means they were members of Luna.”

“Look it doesn’t matter who your parents were”

“I k!lled too many people so it’s impossible for me to remember them.”

Supremo got offended when Tristan called him a monster. He cast a spell for him to fall asleep and placed him inside a coffin and covered it to bury the boy .


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