The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 62

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 62 Jethro, Gael embark on journey to fetch the first werewolf fang that will k!ll Supremo, Jacintha stabs Malia after unlocking her powers, Veruska is set loose to cause havoc in the LLU camp

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Malia told Jacintha that she has accepted the challenge and asked her to train her.

“At this time I will accept anything if that means I can save Tristan.”

Jacintha saw that she cared so much about Tristan but Malia said he was also part of the prophecy so she would risk anything to save him. Jacintha gave her the next day to meet for the training. As she stepped out, Jacintha received a call from Gilbert Imperial who asked how she was doing and she said she was working against her enemy and once done with President Saudara’s enemy, she would return.

Gilbert also said he was busy dealing with his enemies. Jacintha queried how sure he was that his enemy did not have a friend like her since she was working on a person who had hurt a person close to her heart. Gilbert said he doubted and he actually did not care if the person had an ally.

Tristan woke up to find himself locked inside a coffin. He was surprised to find himself in there and he struggled to get himself out but the coffin was tied with a chain and he couldn’t get out.

“I can’t be discouraged,”

“I must stay strong!”

“This is what Supremo want, he wants me to give up.”

“I’m not letting him have his way with me.”

“Think about this Tristan, I know you can get through this.”

“My family is still waiting for me,” he thought of Malia and his family and he encouraged himself to fight.

At the LLU, the members were still wondering about the real identity of Jacintha Magsaysay. Erin doubted she had powers but Vito said if she did not have powers she would not be the woman in red and was sure she could be Lia. Vergel doubted since Lia was a she wolf but the lady in red was a vampire and even if she had been bitten, she would have become a monster. Jethro said he tried to hold Jacintha again but she stopped him from that and promised to try and find her real persona.

Supremo got to the lair and Katrina told him that the LLU members still thought they were hiding Tristan at the SMV Corp and seek permission to k!ll them but Supremo objected. He had a better plan and since the LLU wanted war he would greet them with it. He talked with his monster prisoner, Veruska who he had starved for several days to make her hungry for blood. He told her he would free her soon to bring havoc to her former kind.

Jethro went to read the ancient book of Cursed Spells and was able to know that Barang was the one who evoked that curse and protection on Sandrino in an exchanged for her guardianship ability. He also discovered the cure and went to inform Jacintha and the LLU that the curse on Sandrino was the reason no weapon made by man or silver was able to hurt him. He said per the book, unless they got the first werewolf’s fang to break the curse.

Malia checked on the map and assigned Gael and Jethro to go to a town believed to be the place where the first werewolf stayed to find his fang. They went there and met a certain young man who used to be LLU member. He gave them direction to where they could find the right person to talk to. Elsewhere, Piolo discovered that they were having a video feed of Tristan as he was in the casket. Tristan also realised there was a camera in the casket and tried hard to break from it.

Piolo tried to get the location of the video feed but got the feed as Spain so Malia showed the video to Ningning to find out about it. In Balang, Gael and Jethro met a blind old man who realised that his visitors were a vampire and a seer. Knowing their mission, he told them tales of the the first werewolf who stayed in the town and married a female vampire who he fell in l0ve with in the place.

He said, there was a time that some evil creatures who they then termed them as blood suckers not vampires destroyed the people but when the first werewolf stayed in the town the place was peaceful. The town people thought they were protected by a garlic they hanged before their house, contrary to that belief the existence of the first werewolf in Balang protected the town from danger and the evil blood suckers.

Unfortunately, the werewolf d!ed after his wife vanished. The blind old man said he did not know where his fang was otherwise he would have used it to protect the land. Jethro was glad that they went to the right place, however, Gael wondered where they would start the search for the fang from.

They also found the tale incredible since they had always thought Mateo and Lia were the first vampire and werewolf to have fallen in l0ve. A vampire glided, scaring them. Jethro wondered who could be so heartless to turn a young girl into a vampire but the girl smiled and said he should not insult her mother as she was the one who turned her. She revealed to them that she knew their mission and knew where the first werewolf fang could be found.

In that enclosed space, Tristan thought of the time in her mother’s womb when Barang was evoking the cursed ink’s protection on Sandrino the protection equally covered him too since Tonio was still standing close to the place with Rica. He realised himself and wondered what he was thinking. Supremo saw Tristan struggling and called him a mere mortal.

“You should not have put up a fight Tristan.”

If the situation was different we would have become good allies,” Supremo indicated while staring at the coffin.

But as Tristan hummed a song that Sandrino only knew how to sing he got surprised. Katrina realised Supremo was acting strange and the vampire king said it was nothing just that the hum reminded him of a certain song. at the LLU camp, Greta planned with the prisoners to f00l the LLU since James was the one whose  mother was sent there he posed off as a changed being so Lemuel and Jake enlisted Prof T’s  help to find the vampire’s true intentions.

Victor together with other minions went to set Veruska free and sent him to the SMV Corp bush to fight the werewolves. Tasha tried to chain and capture her but she escaped and they wondered who the creature was.

Meanwhile, Ningning could not trace where the feed was coming from and doubted if the person who did that could be a good hacker than her. That night, Malia and some of the LLU members converged at the the Moonchasers headquarters to meet Jacintha Magsaysay.

“Today we witness the special training of our Lord Sentinel in unleashing her capabilities,” Baristo announced.

The lady in red fought but Malia did not fit for the fight so she tried to provoke her, even having a lots in her plate and being a leader of the LLU as well as fighting with the Moonchasers she still could not get her strength and termed Malia as useless for her inability to save Tristan. Malia tried to hit her but she cast her aside.

She told Malia to stand up and fight as she cared about others but did not think how the world would feel without her. She told Malia she was emotional and had to have a heart of steel like Sandrino but Malia said her parents were the same and were able to conquer the evil due to their l0ve and would never change her personality.

Malia tried to hit her and Jacintha gave her multiple punches for her to vomit blood. This got Baristo scared but Erin held him back, saying they should trust Jacintha and the Lord Sentinel since that was the only way to make her powers manifest.

Jacintha then unlocked Malia’s powers and Malia almost stabbed her with her magical hands when Jacintha fell.

“My daughter, My child, Malia,” Jacintha wept

“You’re indeed my daughter.”

“Malia your powers are finally coming out sweetheart.”

“Mother, mother, mother, mother,” Malia hugged her while shedding tears. Jacintha later stabbed her to everyone’s surprise.

“You must k!ll your emotions.”

“That is your weakness,” she hissed.

Malia fell on her knees as Jacintha threw away the dagger, Baristo and Erin went to Malia’s rescue. Meanwhile, Tristan realised the casket was moving and wondered what was happening. Supremo’s minions carried him into a van and they sped off.

“You shouldn’t have done this to the Lord Sentinel,” Erin confronted Jacintha.

“I got this from her,”Jacintha showed her powers on her hand.

“I possess the ability of stealing my opponent power and makes it mine.”

“I was tossed a while back because of the force I got from her.”

“Aside her heightened hearing and the ability to heal herself does she have other powers?” Vergel queried.

“It seems those are not her only powers,” Jacintha replied.

“Still you shouldn’t have hurt her like this!” Erin hissed.

“I did everything to force her reveal her true powers,” Jacintha interjected.

“Isn’t that what you want?”

In the lair, Supremo wondered why Tristan hummed that particular song, he doubted the person he was thinking about was alive. Jacintha went out to pray since she could not get Malia to reveal all her true powers at a spot and prayed that the heavens would give her the necessary wisdom and guidance to make Malia come into her complete powers as her effort was not enough and her time was also running out.

She pledged not give up, although she knew it was not the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled but the situation called for the new chosen one to come into her powers to save people and not only that the world at large.


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