The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 63

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 63 Supremo captures Ningning, Malia unleashes her full powers to save Tristan from the grave

Malia told Baristo that she was okay and was sure Jacintha stabbed her as she was doing everything to bring out her powers. She asked Baristo if it was true that her weakness was her emotions as Jacintha said. She lamented that her parents thought her about l0ve. Baristo said l0ve was the most important thing and every leader had to be guided by l0ve. Malia indicated that she could not possibly be a heartless leader.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Jacintha told Prof T that Malia was exhibiting some powers, however, if she was not able to come to full powers before the ultimatum she would not allow her to face Supremo and they would have to leave Tristan for Supremo to do anything that he wanted to him.

Prof T could not accept and Jacintha said Malia had to get rid of her emotions as Supremo was undefeatable since he was not showing signs of weaknesses and not necessarily due to the powers he possessed.

However, he knew the weakness of mortals. Jacintha said she had one more day to train Malia to see if the other powers would also manifest. At the LLU, Tasha reported about the savage monster they saw who was now after the werewolves. Malia asked about the captives and Jake said one was showing signs of changing so he and Lemuel were closely monitoring his progress. Jake later pledged his support to Malia in the rescue mission for Tristan.

Malia was grateful and warned him to be careful out there due to the creature Supremo has sent to eliminate the werewolves. Betty arrived at the Moonchasers Headquarters to get an update on Tristan. She was shown the video since she insisted on knowing whether he was alive or not and wondered what Supremo was upto with her nephew. Prof T told her that Supremo wanted to use their weakness against them but he would do everything to save Tristan from the vampire king’s hands.

Meanwhile Tristan was sent to the cemetery and the minions buried him in a grave. They made mockery of the soul they buried alive and Tristan struggled in there as he tried to break away from the coffin and the tomb.

Malia spoke to Ningning and together with Piolo they tried to locate the feed. Ningning decided to cut the connection at Youtopia, unknown to her, Supremo was having a video chat with one of his allies concerning the blood farm. Since he lost the connection, he called the IT and the lady talked to Ningning who said she was fixing it. The lady went to inform Gilbert and he suspected a foul play. Malia thought her friend had been caught and she said no it was just close but she had to locate the place pretty quick.

As things were getting complicated, Betty couldn’t contain her emotions and went to sob. Malia approached her and assured her that they were all doing everything to reach Tristan and assured to bring him back to her. Betty realised the reason Tristan always was fond of Malia and thanked her. Betty embraced her. Soon, Jake and Lemuel in a blind fold brought James to the Moonchasers Headquarters to meet Prof T for a test. Prof T ordered them to send him to the testing room while Greta waited for their plans to be in motion for Supremo to destroy the La Liga Unida.

In Youtopia Gilbert Imperial caught Ningning and made her give Malia a wrong location in order to ambush both the La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers to finish them off. He confronted her and said she was the obedience staff of his but now she wanted to turn against him. He told her she would either end up like Nognog or Tristan.

Prof T told Jacintha about the location and said Malia wanted to go but Jacintha indicated that no matter what she would not allow Malia to meet Supremo and she stopped Malia when she was going. Malia insisted that she wanted to save Tristan but Jacintha asked her why the boy was so important to her.

Malia said he was part of the prophecy, however, Jacintha objected, saying she could fulfill the Prophecy all alone and queried what would happen to La Liga Unida if Supremo defeated her. Malia fought with her but Jacintha pushed Malia against the wall and held a tight not ready to allow her to go.

She insisted on Malia to leave Tristan for Supremo. Malia lamented that how could she save the world if she could not save one person, adding that she would not abandon Tristan since her parents were able to deliver their mandate with l0ve.

Jacintha knew her parents were l0vers and asked her true feelings for Tristan. She said although she and Tristan were not dating but she l0ved him. Jacintha saw that l0ve was her weakness.

“I am going to save Tristan to prove to you that it is not a weakness to l0ve him but a strength,” Malia retorted.

“If you really l0ve Tristan that much then I suggest you channel that l0ve and use it so you can finally use it to unleash the full extent of your power,” Jacintha dared her.

“Use it to prove that the l0ve is not your weakness!”

“Prove it now!”

Malia struggled along with her and her true power manifested. She was surprised to see her powers on her hands and also on her eyes.

“…..because l0ve is a real source of power.”

Jacintha saw that Tristan was Malia’s strength.

“You can save Tristan now!”

“Thank you so much Jacintha,” Malia was happy that Jacintha brought out her powers.

Malia ran out. While eating with Apple, Betty called Prof T to ask about development and the professor said they had gotten the location but they had to study it well before saving Tristan. After the call, she told Apple that she should follow her to the church after eating. Apple asked what they would pray about and whether it was about Tristan. She told Betty that she had always suspected that Tristan was not working in a Pest Control company.

She pleaded with Betty to tell her whether Tristan was in trouble so that she would know the keys she would use in her prayers so Betty opened up to her. Prof T prepared the Moonchasers to get to Senyor Martinez. He told them that Tristan had sacrificed a lot for the group and knowing Tristan, he was very courageous and never give up therefore they also had to do their best to rescue him. He made them aware that it was not an easy fight it would be dangerous one.

As Malia was in the car, she thought carefully about everything and found it strange how Ningning cut the line and called acting so weird. She watched the location again and recalled how Piolo wondered the manner in which the text was sent. She realised the numbers were not sent for nothing and saw the plus as either a church or a cemetery. She called Prof T and the professor was talking to the Lady in Red. Prof T told the Lady in Red that they would soon reach Senyor Martinez.

Since Malia couldn’t reach him, she called Piolo to ask him about Prof and he told her that he already left the headquarters with the warriors. She told him about the secret place which Tristan was. Meanwhile, Supremo had captured Ningning and has hanged her with a rope for going against him and working with her friend. Supremo after receiving the feedback that the Moonchasers were heading towards Senyor Martinez, he told his minions to ambush the group and should not leave anyone alive.

Malia finally reached Prof T and told him that the location was wrong and it was a trap to ambush them. She told Prof T to go to the church of the new location while she went to the cemetery. Prof T told Jacintha about it, Jacintha was also on standby as La Liga Unida members were optimistic that the Lady in Red would not abandon Malia in the battle against Supremo. At the cemetery, Tristan also cast all his strength to break loose from the coffin but to no avail. As Prof T turned, a vampire came to inform Supremo that Prof T had changed his direction.

Supremo wondered what went wrong while staring at Ningning who he was punishing. Malia arrived at the cemetery.


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