The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 64

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 64 Malia defeats Supremo in a battle for Tristan, Jethro, Gael in trouble in the journey for the first werewolf fang

Supremo believed his enemies backed out since they had already located where Tristan was. Malia arrived at the cemetery and with her powers, she k!lled all the minions guarding the place to ensure no one got to Tristan. Tristan struggled in the grave and could not breath any longer so he passed out.

Malia figured out his grave after his earlier hitting of the coffin provided a clue. She brought him out and opened the casket. She wept and embraced him, doing everything possible to make him regain consciousness. She cr!ed that she l0ved him, soon, Tristan woke up.

After she got Tristan out from the casket, the boy asked of the Moonchasers and Malia said they were safe. Tristan lamented that Supremo k!lled Aife in front of him. Malia told him they should get out from there first. Prof T and the Moonchasers were at the church and the warriors told Prof T that after scouting the area, they could not even find any vampires. Prof told them not to worry since Malia had already saved Tristan.

He spoke on phone with Lady in Red and he told her that they were no longer in Senyor Martinez since Supremo wanted to trick them and ambush them. Jacintha realised Supremo had figured out that Ningning was their ally and rescued her. She heard the screams of Ningning and went to the place which she was hanged and k!lled all the vampires. Before she could leave, one female vampire saw her rescuing Ningning and rushed out.

As Malia came out of the cemetery, Supremo appeared there.

“Are you a vampire?” he wondered.

“The moon is not out you are at the disadvantage.”

“A lot of things had changed Malia,”

“Your powers are finally awakened but the prophecy still stands!”

“It remains unchanged.”

“You can’t k!ll me.”

Malia made Tristan sit as she took Supremo on. They fought and Supremo carried Malia and threw her away. Tristan who was very weak and trying to gasp his breath then tried to defend himself by fighting Supremo. Supremo strangled him, saying he chose the wrong side and he would k!ll Malia in front of him.

Malia knowing what Supremo intended doing at the tick of the clock and the face of the rising moon, she turned into a white wolf. Supremo quickly shoved Tristan and boot him aside when he saw his left hand showing the sign of the cursed ink write up.

Malia attacked Supremo in her werewolf state and Supremo who got defeated and now scared for his life vanished. Malia stood by Tristan’s side. Tristan was lying on the floor helplessly, feeling so tired with no strength.

“Malia!” Tristan called.

“You’re the new chosen one Malia.”

At the LLU, Baristo gave the group piece of good news about Malia successfully rescuing Tristan and Jacintha was the one who helped Malia unleashed her full powers. They heard the howl of a wolf.

“It’s our Lord Sentinel!” Vergel shouted.

Vergel, Baristo and Bajamin rushed out before the moon and also howled as they turned into werewolves. After putting Ningning inside a car, Jacintha stared at the half moon, Malia kept howling with a smile Jacintha announced.

“The New Chosen One, Malia.”

Malia wore Tristan’s jacket and lay his head on her.

“You’re safe now,” she told Tristan.

“It’s because of you Malia,” Tristan said.

“Thanks to your powers, you’re able to defeat Supremo.”

“Not just yet but now I know I can because of you.”

“I can do it!”

“Thank you Malia.”

“I really know you can do it for sure!”

Supremo rushed to the lair to sip a blood and lamented about his defeat.

“It’s impossible for the new chosen one to k!ll me.”

“She may have stopped for now but there’s no way she can k!ll me.”

He also kept thinking about Tristan and was puzzled to see the cursed ink manifesting on his arms. He recalled the tunes Tristan hummed while he was in the coffin and felt that Tristan was no ordinary human. Supremo later ordered Katrina to find information and the whereabouts of Tristan’s family.

Malia sent Tristan to the Moonchasers headquarters. The Moonchasers were happy that Tristan was back with them. Betty arrived there and hugged her nephew. Jacintha later arrived with Ningning and Prof T introduced her as the head of Moonchasers who Samantha reported to and she was the person who unlocked Malia’s powers to save him. Prof left for both to talk and Jacintha asked how he was doing.

Tristan was not talking so Jacintha deemed he was tired based on the torture he passed through from the hands of Supremo, she asked him to go and rest. Malia came there and told Tristan to rest as Jacintha said. Betty thanked Prof T for not abandoning Tristan and Prof said Malia made it possible. As Betty was thanking Malia, the LLU arrived and they honoured their Lord Sentinel for unleashing her real powers to save Tristan.

Malia thanked Jacintha for making it possible for her to come into her true powers and also for making her find her actual feelings for Tristan. Jacintha advised her to control those powers and use it for the greater good. She said being powerful as the Lord Sentinel, there would be a time that she had to k!ll her emotions to make sacrifices that would be for the greater good.

Malia promised to heed to her advice and thanked her once more. The LLU and the Moonchasers had a talk and Malia told them that she hurt Supremo when they fought for Tristan but he did not d!e. Jacintha said that was because he was still protected by Barang’s curse and they needed the first werewolf fang to k!ll him.

Jacintha indicated that she would make it possible and asked the New Chosen One to leave it to her. The LLU wondered how Samantha d!ed and Jacintha said according to what she saw in the helmit, as Samantha was fighting Sandrino, her heart began beating again and Sandrino took advantage of it to k!ll him, same way she would work on his heart as Gilbert Imperial for them to k!ll him.

Meanwhile, Betty sent Tristan home and the family were happy to meet him. In the lair, after locating Tristan’s family, Katrina told Supremo about it and he told her to fish out the root of Tristan from them. Tristan and Betty in an escort went out. Tristan wanted to visit the cemetery to say his final good bye to the fallen Moonchasers. He made Leo escorted him while he told Hanno and Keeyat to accompany Betty.

Elsewhere, the vampire girl sent Jethro and Gael inside a certain house and intentionally hit a glass for it to fall to alert the owner to come out. Unknown to them, the vampire girl trapped them and was working with the owner. They took Jethro’s bag to take the ancient book of Cursed Spells while the seer and Gael were trapped inside a net.

Betty left her purse inside the house and made her two escorts wait for her. The evil vampires took her away and with her hypnotic control power, Katrina extracted the truth of Tristan’s parent from her. Betty said Tristan was a son of her brother Tonio and Rica who were both Luna Soldiers but Tonio was not the biological father of Tristan as Rica saw a different man who got her pregnant. The Moonchasers caught them and the Vampires fled. Betty told Moonchasers that she did not recall anything.

At Youtopia, Jacintha arrived to find Gilbert and realised that he was not enthused and was bothered by something. Jacintha asked whether he was thinking about his enemies as she already spoke to Bill and he said Gilbert was not acting feasible. Gilbert said he was engaged in Something else and asked Jacintha what was next for them to do.

“Your heart!” Jacintha exclaimed.

“Heart again?” Gilbert puzzled.

Jacintha said it was important to make the voters feel he had a heart for them. Gilbert said he was ready to do anything to make him win the presidential seat. At the headquarters, the Moonchasers thanked Jake for his group saving Tristan.

Jake told them the mission of the LLU and explained to them that he was not a human but werewolf and Malia was their leader since she was the daughter of a powerful werewolf and vampire and had a hybrid powers which made her powers supreme than theirs, hence the reason they respected her as the Lord Sentinel.

After receiving a call from Hanno, Prof T called Jacintha to inform her. At that instance Gilbert was also talking to Katrina who informed him about the information she got from Betty. Jacintha asked of her leave and Gilbert ran to the lair to discover the closeness he had with Tristan. Since no one could reach Tristan, Malia went to the cemetery and Leo said the reception of that cemetery was poor.

Tristan asked Malia to forgive him for his inability to celebrate her powers just that he was thinking about his comrades and promised to fight by the side of Malia in her battle against Supremo even if he was part of the prophecy or not.

“Malia I choose to fight because I l0ve you.”


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