The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 65

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 65 Jethro and Gael secures the werewolf fang, Jethro’s new prophecy reveals Tristan as the evil vampire with the cursed ink and an enemy to Malia

At the cemetery, Malia told Tristan he meant a lot to her too. Leo then alerted Tristan that they had to return to the headquarters. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Jacintha told Prof T that now that Supremo was targeting Tristan’s family they had to protect Tristan and his family against the Vampire king.

Prof T felt sad since Tristan was the best fighter among the group members but Jacintha said they needed to hide him so that when the right time comes they would make good use of his skills. Jacintha told Malia about her decision to hide Tristan and asked her to separate from Tristan temporary for the sake Tristan and his family’s safety. She said now that Supremo knew Tristan meant a lot to Malia, he would use him against her. For the sake of everyone’s safety, Malia accepted.

Meanwhile, Prof T also told Tristan about the Moonchasers plan to secure him from Supremo since Betty was found within the grasp of a vampire. Tristan did not want to put a hold to his family’s life since Apple had to go to school, being in hiding meant that Apple would not go to school but he later accepted just to save his family from Supremo.

In the lair, as he watched Tony Toralba’s picture as a Luna Soldier, Supremo ordered one of his minions to keep tabs on Tristan. Tristan called Malia to inform her about the Moonchasers plans and arranged to meet Malia the next day before he and his family hide. Elsewhere, Jethro and Gael were tied to a chair and Mr Rex said Jethro was not important to him but Gael was as he would use him for an experiment which would be conducted by some foreigners.

Gael then told him to allow Jethro to leave since he was the one he needed. The man told them that he would not allow them to take his treasure, the first werewolf fang. As Mr Rex left, Gael tried to make the girl reason along with him that the man was using her for his own purpose. Tristan while talking to Leo and walking to meet Malia bumped into Supremo. Tristan got upset and asked him what he wanted to do to him and if he was planning to use him against Malia it would not work.

“I didn’t come all the way to hurt you,” Supremo talked softly.

“Everything that I put you through that is not supposed to happen.”

“I’m telling you the first moment I get a chance I will do what I have to just because I have the opportunity,” Trista hissed.

Tristan confronted him for k!lling his friends and wanted to exact his revenge.

“I will be honest with you Tristan..”

“I couldn’t care less about what happened to them.”

“The only thing important to me right now is you!”

“Well if you want to k!ll me then do it now,” Tristan interjected.

“I don’t have any need to k!ll you…”

“We are family Tristan!”

“You’re a liar!” Tristan rejected “Try me Supremo!”

Tristan positioned himself well as he held unto his knife. Supremo insisted on Tonio Toralba not being Tristan’s father. He used his power to make Tristan recalled his days in the stomach when Sandrino sang for him and how Tonio rescued Rica from Barang and also stubbed him. Tristan cursed ink began manifesting as Supremo held his hands. This affected Malia at the LLU camp.

She began to have sharp pains and Jethro began to see a vision so he told Gael that they had to find a way to leave the place as what was bound to happen was dangerous than what they were facing. Malia told Baristo who came to help her that she was feeling sharp pains and her father said it might not be an ordinary pains and they had to find it out from Jethro since he might have seen a different prophecy. He then said it could be the manifestation of her powers which she used in battle against Supremo.

Tristan after his vision queried Supremo what he did to him and the vampire king said he made him recall what he has always known. Supremo said he had thought he d!ed after Tonio took Rica from him and now he knew he had a surviving family.

“What are you trying to say?” Tristan hissed.

“That you’re my father?”

“Because I am not your son!”

“Not that!” Sandrino uttered “but we share the same blood.”

“Tristan you and I are brothers we share the same blood…”

“He is the vampire Magnus Imperial.”

“I would rather d!e a painful death than to be part of your family,” Tristan declared.

“If you fail to believe the truth I share with you then I am going to give you this,” Supremo gave Tristan his fighting weapon.

“The right to k!ll me take this now as proof that I am telling you the truth.”

Upon further hesitation, Tristan then mustered courage and thrusted the chest of Supremo with the weapon. Seeing Tristan was not moved by his word and was hellbent on k!lling him, he used his powers to push Tristan away. Suddenly Malia appeared there and Supremo fled.

Malia asked what Supremo did to him and he said he wanted to use him against her. At the LLU, Jethro approached Jacintha and said since Malia’s power has fully manifested they now had to be ready for the war ahead. He queried Jacintha how she would make Supremo’s heart beat.

Jacintha said she had done it before and she would do it again. In the lair, Supremo thought of Tristan and planned not to give up on him even if he failed to draw Samantha to his side he would ensure Tristan would be by his side to rule the world with him together. Elsewhere, as the researchers came to use the captives for their experiment, Jenjen, the vampire girl k!lled them all and set Jethro and Gael free.

Meanwhile, Malia and Tristan had a quiet time together. Malia realised that Tristan was bothered by something and asked him but he said it was nothing. Malia began talking about her powers manifestation which meant that her battle against Supremo would soon begin. Tristan told her they should pretend that she was not a destined saviour and both were normal people and talk about themselves.

Malia said she would have been in to agriculture and Tristan said as responsible as he was he would continue to help his family and Malia would be his girlfriend. Malia thought him her regular prayers for their wish to be granted.

Later, Gael and Jethro arrived at the LLU with the fang. Jacintha was happy they got it and they introduced their helper to the LLU. They experimented it on Gael and the latter said the fang would be deadlier when trusted to the heart.

Jacintha worked on her plan to make Gilbert’s heart beat again so she sent him to the orphanage home to make him remember his past and she later introduced him to a boy who sat in solitude and was yearning for his senior brother’s l0ve. She told Emman that Gilbert would be his brother. As Gilbert sat by his side he recalled his promise to Tristan when he was in the womb.

Gilbert got emotional while he shook hands with the boy, his heart began beating. He did not want have that feeling again and left, Jacintha saw it. Elsewhere, Malia opened up to Tristan that she l0ved him and the two joined hands together before the full moon. They had the electric shock and Jethro had a vision on Tristan. As they were thrown apart, Tristan asked Malia whether that was the reason he was in the prophecy. Malia said yes, unknown to her Jethro has had an episode.

Supremo got into the lair, and promised himself to have to stop his heart from beating. He felt so unhappy with his state.
Malia was called to the LLU so did Jacintha. Malia arrived at the camp to discover from Jethro’s prophecy that Tristan was her actual enemy and not Supremo. Tristan was the bearer of the cursed ink. Malia could not believe it.


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