The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 66

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 66 Jacintha, Malia to find Tristan’s future at the helmit, Supremo plans to turn Tristan into vampire to use him to k!ll Malia

At the La Liga Unida camp, Jacintha asked Malia if she did not believe in Jethro’s prophecy but Malia said she believed in it. She however knew Tristan’s inner goodness and as the prophecy has revealed she would use it as guidance to alter Tristan’s destiny. Jacintha said she might not know who Tristan would become in future with the cursed ink.

Baristo later asked Malia if she would have acted differently if it had not been Tristan but had been different person. Malia said she knew Tristan and he could not possibly be her enemy so she would do everything to stop the cursed ink from manifesting. Baristo knew she was right and what she told the council was also right.

Jacintha arrived at the Headquarters and after she told Tristan’s destiny to Prof T, the headmaster could not believe that Tristan who despised vampires so much would actually become the bearer of the cursed ink. Jacintha told him about the plans to keep him safe. In the lair, Supremo planned to win Tristan over no matter what and decided to win his family over just to get to Tristan. Tristan had a time with his family and later left home to the LLU.

There, he met Erin and he asked him to find information about his father Tonio Toralba but asked him to keep it between them. The Lord Sentinel approached and Erin excused them. Tristan told Malia about the revelation of Supremo of them bearing the same blood.

Meanwhile, Madam Starr saved the Toralbas from evil vampires who wanted to send Betty, Gabriel and his wife away by lying that they won a prize which was a house and a lot. Unknown to Madam Starr, there was another vampire, Victor spying and heard that the knife she used to scare the others were not made up of fangs.

Malia told Tristan about the new prophecy of Jethro when Tristan urged her to say it.

“You’re the one destined to be my enemy,” Malia wept.

“It is you who bears the cursed ink.”

“Tristan you’re the man in Jethro’s vision.”

“May be the cursed ink will manifest in you since you have connection with Sandrino.”

“Malia you know none of that is true ,” Tristan cried.

“Malia you know Supremo is not my brother and that part that we gonna fight eachother that won’t happen!”

“That is precisely why we will do everything to prevent it,” Malia sounded positive.

Malia received a call from Prof T. She and Tristan arrived at the headquarters for Tristan to meet his family. Betty was so scared about how the vampires were all over them and Gabriel said they were lucky that Starr arrived in time to alert them. Tristan asked about Apple and Prof Said the Moonchasers were escorting them. Elsewhere, as Gilbert was snapping pictures with the orphans for his campaign, Jacintha strived to get him connected with the kids.

Someone came to call Jacintha, at that instance Gilbert also received a call and it was from Tristan who warned Supremo to stay clear off his family. He said they did not need anything from him since he was a monster. This had an effect on Supremo and opened up to Jacintha about an important person who he thought was not there but returned into his life and wanted to make it up to him. Jacintha tried to squeeze the name of that person out of him but he didn’t mention.

At the Luna Soldiers’ office, Erin and his colleague began the search for the files of Tonio Toralba. Later Tristan told the members of the LLU and Prof T that he made Erin find out about his father’s past as he wanted to find out about his real identity since Tonio Toralba was not his real father. Erin showed him the picture he got from Rica who he said was captured by the Vampires till Tonio found her.

Tristan made Piolo scanned the picture and Gael saw Magnus Imperial, the evil vampire who was the father of Samantha and Sandrino in the picture with the pregnant Rica. Tristan recalled what Supremo said.

“He is supposed to be be my father,” Tristan pointed at Magnus.

“Sandrino is your brother?” Jacintha queried as she appeared in the scene.

“Sandrino and I can be brothers but no blood can change who I am,” Tristan objected.

Jacintha told Tristan that he was the reason Sandrino’s heart began to beat again temporarily. She was dumbfounded to find out that Tristan was the person Supremo wanted to get reunited with. She told him about Supremo’s willingness to be with him since he saw him as the only living family. Tristan said he would not be reunited with such a person since he did not see him as family.

Malia now saw the prophecy as clear, Tristan was related to Sandrino. However, Gael wondered how possible for the cursed ink to manifest since Tristan was a mortal. Jacintha explained that unless Supremo turn Tristan so no ordinary person could make the cursed ink manifest. Jacintha underscored the need to protect Tristan since earlier Supremo was hunting to k!ll him but now he was hunting to be with him. They planned to keep it as secret and also to keep Jethro for him not to be captured by Supremo again.

Unknown to the LLU, Victor had led the vampires to capture Madam Starr into the lair for Supremo to look into her vision even when the woman resisted. Supremo saw the future of Tristan as a vampire but Starr said it was not true her visions did not manifest.

Jacintha now made mention of the helmit where she got the Ancient Book of Cursed Spells and Ink from and proposed to go there to see into the future of Tristan. Malia said since she was destined to be the one to k!ll the vampire with the cursed ink, she would go with Jacintha. Erin queried how sure they were to find the exact truth and Jacintha said the helmit revealed to her how Samantha d!ed. Malia now said since the helmit was able to show the past it could as well predict the future.

Later, Tristan told Malia that he wanted to join her in the journey but Malia refused. She advised him to stay with his family since he had been away from them for long and promised to inform him the future Tristan she would see. In all, he should know that she l0ved him and nothing would change that.

“Tristan,” Supremo thought about in the lair as he sipped.

“How many times have you called me a monster when we are same after all,” he smiled.

“My brother, now that I know the possibility of your future…”

“It looks like I will make it happen now and we will true be of the same kind.”

“And I will be using you as a means to defeat the new Chosen One.”

“The two of us will reign in the new world of all powerful beings.”

Elsewhere, Veruska was on k!lling spree, however Jake trapped the monster only to discover that the monster was no other than his mother and he began to cry.

Tristan talked with his family and said sorry to them for dragging them into his mess but Gabriel said they were family and they would not stop protecting him. Prof T asked Jacintha if they were able to k!ll Supremo and Tristan become the one with the cursed ink who had to keep the terror rule what would happen to him

“Malia will be the one to k!ll him,” Jacintha replied.


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