The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 67

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 67 The helmit portrays Tristan’s destiny as a terror vampire to k!ll Malia, Baristo, Jake and Jethro

In the lair, Sandrino ordered his minions not to lay a finger on Tristan. Victor wondered why since recently he made them bury him six feet but Supremo said he discovered Tristan was his brother and he had a Vampire blood running through his veins. He said Tristan could not possibly be turned into a vampire now unless he becomes an ally so that they could use him against the new chosen one.

Katrina believed it won’t be possible as Tristan has firmed control of his humanity and cared about his family. Supremo said he would use that weakness to his advantage. At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T told Tristan’s comrades about Tristan’s situation and why he was seeking shelter at the HQ. He expressed the need for them to protect him from Sandrino.

The Moonchasers then met the LLU to hear Erin suggesting they k!lled Tristan since he was the bearer of the cursed ink. However, Prof T stopped them from bickering since Tristan was not the enemy but Sandrino. He told Erin that Tristan was still a mortal but Sandrino was the only person who could make Tristan a vampire. Vergel suggested they did not gamble with their chances.

Prof T told them they were not the authorities as the authorities would make the decision once they returned from the woods. However, Tristan listened to the conversation and felt sad. He revealed himself to them and Erin blamed him for the division his presence has caused and when he becomes an hindrance to the Lord Sentinel he would not hesitate to k!ll him so Tristan dared him to do it.

Meanwhile, Jacintha and Malia arrived at the enchanted tree and since Jacintha has been there before, her palm did not bleed so Malia touched the tree and she bled. The woman in red explained that powers did not work there and told her to be ready for her trials.

The magical force unlocked and sent them inside her room. The sage was honoured to have the new chosen one there so he did not give them trials. He made her touch a mirror in the room and it took Malia and Jacintha to the mystical world where they saw the names of the La Liga Unida members including Jethro, Baristo and Jake as those who would d!e. Malia asked Jacintha how it would happen and Jacintha believed the helmit would reveal that to them.

They were taken to another world where in a warehouse many had d!ed. Malia looked so frightened. At the LLU Camp, Baristo confronted Erin for going against the Lord Sentinel’s order of protecting Tristan. Vergel believed Erin was right since they were werewolves and was scared Tristan could k!ll them but Baristo maintained that it was not going to happen since Malia was doing everything possible to alter Tristan’s fate.

Meanwhile, Tristan planned to send his family away but Prof T was against that. Tristan explained that due to what happened earlier, he was scared that his family would be hurt so he wanted to keep them safe. Prof T accepted but only under condition that he (Prof T) would triple the security. Tristan thanked Prof T for always acting as a parent to him. He said he wanted his family to live a normal life even when something happened to him.

Prof T told Tristan irrespective of his bloodline he would be a father to him. He told Tristan that he grew in a human world and no matter what happened, he should not forget the race which showed him l0ve. Back to the helmit, Malia and Jacintha had a revelation on the future Tristan who was in a fight with Malia. Malia could not win over him as she was treating him as a l0ved one but Tristan grabbed her from behind.

“Tristan!” future Malia called.

” Don’t you recognise me at all?”

“I am no longer the person you used to know,” Tristan hissed.

“You will k!ll me when you had the chance,” Tristan bit her from her right neck.

“No ooooo!” present Malia cried and were taken back to the sage’s cottage.

“Wait how can that happen? Malia has her power,” woman in red cried to the save.

The sage told them that they knew what to do if they did not want that to happen.

“If you ever need my help in the future you know where to find me.”

Malia said she would not let that to happen and Jacintha said she had to k!ll Tristan.

Tristan brooded over what was going on. At the the helmit, Jacintha asked Malia if she would be able to k!ll Tristan.

“We are not going to k!ll Tristan

“We will do everything in our power to protect him.”

“We are not going to hurt Tristan!”

“We will do everything you want new chosen one,”Jacintha said.

As Tristan left the room, Apple called him to inform him that she got a scholarship from Sir Gilbert. As Tristan tried telling his sister to be away from Gilbert, Apple gave the phone to Supremo. Tristan was harsh and told him to leave his sister alone. Tristan had to leave the camp in disguise but the LLU saw him and the evil vampires also appeared so Tristan asked to leave him since he was the one they wanted.

Vergel helped Tristan in the fight with the minions even when the Lunas had left. Tristan told Vergel to save himself, he was then taken away to see Supremo and the Vampire king said he would not hurt him or his mortal family. He just wanted to repay them for their kindness to him. Tristan said Sandrino did not know what was called kindness and he did not need all his riches and wealth. He dared Sandrino to turn him into a vampire and he would destroy Sandrino.

Meanwhile, as Prof T received information from Piolo about Tristan taken away by the vampires, Jacintha and Malia arrived at the LLU to confirm that the prophecy would be fulfilled and the future Tristan would spread terror everywhere. However, Malia said they would keep Tristan safe and together with Jacintha they would ensure Tristan did not get the chance to become a Vampire.

Supremo tried to turn Tristan’s heart away from humans for not caring about them. He told Tristan to give him a chance just like how Rica gave Magnus a chance by living with Barang. Since Barang was a vampire the Luna Soldiers thought all those with them were also vampires so they bunt their abode. He told Tristan how he meant to him since he was the only family he was left with and Tristan would have no choice than to seek his help since the mortals would be against him once they learnt his true identity.

As Tristan was leaving, Sandrino held his hand and the cursed ink began manifesting, much to Tristan’s surprise. He broke away and left. Prof sent the Moonchasers to go for Tristan and Apple. Jacintha told Prof T about the havoc Tristan would wreak and urged him to brace himself as the battle would be tougher than it was.

Elsewhere, Jake kept Veruska somewhere and chained her since he did not know what would be done to her if sent to LLU. He promised to find help for her. In the lair Supremo was still puzzled why Tristan declined his offer to help give his mortal family good living. He knew Tristan really despised him and he saw the hatred as good sign since he wanted a cold hearted person like Tristan to be by his side.

Malia sobbed as she told Baristo how they waited all those years for her powers to manifest to k!ll the vampire with the cursed ink but how could she k!ll the person who through him her powers finally manifested. She cried that she could not k!ll Tristan.

Tristan arrived at the HQ and later went to see Malia to ask her the Tristan she saw and Malia said the Tristan she saw was a brave one, a fighter like how he was standing in front of her. Tristan saw that as a good sign and told Malia that he would never turn into a vampire and he hoped she saw them in the future and Malia said yes.


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