The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 68

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 68 Luna Soldiers hunt to k!ll Tristan, Supremo hell-bent on turning Tristan into a full fledged vampire to protect his clan

At the La Liga Unida, Erin addressed part of the group that the Lord Sentinel did not dispute what Jacintha’s said which meant that Tristan might turn into a Vampire. One member said the Lord Sentinel wanted them to protect Tristan no matter what.

“No matter how much we try to protect Tristan and if Tristan is destined to bear the cursed ink, there’s nothing we can do,” Erin indicated.

“I think the lord Sentinel is getting soft!”

“She doesn’t have the heart to k!ll him.”

“What are you implying?” a member queried.

“…That we defy the Lord Sentinel’s orders?”

“But Erin isn’t it going against the prophecy?” Vergel questioned.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Tristan was lost in thought and went to stand outside thinking about himself when Erin appeared with his force to forcefully dragged Tristan to hide him in a certain place. Tristan discovered that the Lunas were acting upon Jacintha’s orders and asked if Malia knew about it. Jacintha indicated that she and Malia wanted to keep him safe from the hands of Supremo.

Unknown to Jacintha, Erin had his own agenda to eliminate Tristan should the Lord Sentinel unable to do. Elsewhere, Prof T had a talk with the Toralbas to take Tristan away from them for a while. Although the family were not enthused since Tristan got reunited with them recently they agreed to what Prof T was saying for their own safety.

In the lair, Supremo made it a point to make Tristan grow cold by attacking his family who he l0ved. Jacintha called him and they met in a restaurant to talk. She was planning to make Gilbert confide in her to know his next move. Meanwhile, Vergel went to inform Malia about Erin’s hidden agenda so Malia pulled a fast one on the Lunas to escape with Tristan.

They bumped into Prof T while under run and Prof T charged Malia to keep Tristan safe from his pursuers while he assured Tristan that he would take care of his family. Malia turned into a wolf and escaped with Tristan to a far off place as Erin and his comrades pursued them. Since the Luna Soldiers couldn’t find Tristan and Malia, they went to the LLU camp to search for the Lord Sentinel.

Baristo wondered why he looked so worked out and Prof T appeared in the scene to reveal to the rest of the LLU members about Erin’s new mission to execute Tristan. Prof T told Erin not to worry since he has hidden Tristan in a place that he would not be able to find him. He cut ties with the Luna Soldiers and asked Erin never to set foot at the Moonchasers Headquarters. Erin was about to attack the professor but Baristo got in the way.

Gilbert told Jacintha that there was nothing there for them to discuss as it had been long since he confide in anyone like he did at the orphanage. Jacintha thanked him for confiding in him and told him that it was always a pleasure for her to help him. Jacintha suddenly had some sharp pains, leaving Gilbert perplexed.

As Erin still maintained his stance on Tristan and claiming the new chosen one was using her heart to think, Baristo did not want him to keep defying the orders of the Lord Sentinel so he expelled him from the group, noting that Erin wanted to take an innocent life which made him no different from Supremo.

Prof T called Jacintha and told her to come to the HQ as soon as possible and Jacintha who who was dealing with the pains from the bite she had from a vampire that the poison was spreading told Prof T that she was already there. Meanwhile, Malia and Tristan stumbled on an abandoned hut and took shelter in. Tristan was grateful to Malia for leaving the group she was heading just to be with him but she said he was her mission and the group would not be disorganised since her father, Baristo would do everything on her behalf.

“I’m gonna promise you this” Tristan uttered

“I will never hurt you no matter what!”

“Me too I promise to fight and preserve what we have here no matter what,” Malia said.

As Supremo’s minions could not find Tristan and his family, the vampire king ordered his followers to keep close eyes on the La Liga Unida and the Moonchasers since he believed Prof T was keeping his brother. He chanted the spell of the cursed ink and it manifested on Tristan’s hand much to Tristan and Malia’s dismay. Malia asked whether it was the first time the cursed ink has manifested on his hand and he said it manifested whenever he was with Supremo.

Malia saw it as a good thing that it happened when they were alone, if it had not been that he would have suffered the wrath of the people. Tristan was scared that the cursed ink would manifest and Malia comforted him and pledged her support to ensure the cursed ink did not manifest. Baristo sent Jake to find wherever Malia was with Tristan before the Lunas and Supremo found them.

Little did Jake know that the Luna Soldiers were monitoring him and they kept tabs on him to find out that he was keeping Veruska. Erin could not believe that Jake and Malia were keeping monsters so Jake rather referred to Erin as monster for acting so cruel. Jake took Erin on to protect his mother and told him that he did not know where Malia and Tristan was.

Elsewhere, Jacintha’s pain was getting worse. She told a certain man who only knew about her identity that her time was running out and had to fulfill her mission before. Jacintha later spoke with Prof T and made him see the need for Tristan and Malia to be under their watch otherwise the new Chosen One and Tristan might find themselves in trouble so Prof T promised to find them.

Tristan and Malia had agreed to live a normal life and asked Malia to allow him court her.
Tristan, the next morning, cut woods outside the hut and Malia came out to find him. She gave him water and as Tristan was drinking, Malia used her powers to cut the woods but Tristan reminded her that they agreed to live a normal life. Erin ordered the Luna Soldiers to trace Betty’s location as they believed Tristan could call her number. Elsewhere, the Toralbas were also worried about Tristan but Gabriel believed Prof T and Malia would protect and keep him safe.

Since his minions told him about how the La Liga Unida members were fighting among themselves, he suspected that the La Liga Unida members were divided due to Tristan bearing the cursed ink, reason Malia was protecting Tristan. He also suspected that Jethro’s prophecy might have changed and was bent on turning Tristan into a full fledged vampire.

“Could Tristan be the bearer of the cursed ink in the Prophecy?” he thought.

“I need to find you Tristan!”

“I need to flush you out my dear brother.”

“I need to make you one of us as soon as possible.”


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