The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 7

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 7 Sandrino k!lls mother with his alter ego, Supremo seeks third force to capture Malia 

Malia witnessing the vampire biting DJ Lemuel ran to ring the alarm. Everyone began to rush out from the club. While searching for Malia, Jake found himself in trouble as he bumped into many vampires who engaged him in a fight.

The vampires were gaining upper hand so Jake unleashed his power and turned into a wolf to k!ll the vampires. However, two of the vampires ran for their lives seeing the force that Jake possessed. Jake finally got to the club and found Malia. She told him that vampires had scattered all over the place so they ran.

They hid since the vampires were sniffing the presence of a wolf. Tristan could not find Malia again and wondered where she could be. His passengers were not enthused that the party had to come to an abrupt halt, they told Tristan to drive them away but the handsome boy was bent on finding Malia.

DJ Lemuel’s friends were also worried since they could not find the DJ, unknown to them, the vampires have left the club with the DJ. As Supremo was chastising Jethro over his false prophesy, the vampires arrived with Jethro and also informed him about their first encounter with the werewolves after 14 years. This strengthened Jethro’s prophesy, and the seer went on to say that the power of the two had re-merged.

He warned Supremo that his reign would not last. Supremo now is certain that Malia was alive. He ordered his subordinates to search for the wolves as they would lead him to Malia. At the camp, some of them wanted to be out of their hideout since the chosen one and Jake had left. They feared that their return into the camp might lead to their down fall so Lord Sentinel did not know what to tell them.

He was determined to exile his son from their camp which made Veruska upset and referred to him as a father with no heart. She then left the camp in search of her son. However, Jake and Malia arrived at the camp. The door was opened for them but they were not allowed to get into the camp to mingle with their clan.

Since his search for Malia proved futile, Tristan went to alight his passengers. He recalled how he was shocked and hit the ground when he held the hand of Malia. He then remembered the childhood incident again, thinking the person might be the same as the one he met at the corn farm.

He wondered where the girl escaped to, unbeknownst, the other lady, Nelly who he met at the club and told him about l0ve at first sight was following his jeepney. She eventually hit the jeepney. There was a scratch on the jeepney and since his passengers were waiting, Tristan gave her his address so that they could talk about it later. Nelly was bent on winning the heart of Tristan no matter what.

Malia and Jake were made to sit all night at the gate of the camp while Gael was guarding them, the rest of the vampires scout through the area to find if Malia and Jake were followed. The vampires told Lord Sentinel that Jake and Malia were not followed. Jake and Manuel were now allowed into the camp but Jake was taken away. This got Malia worried since she knew Jake would be punished.

At Supremo’s palace, he gave his hand for the lady he turned into a vampire to suck while he recalled his childhood days when he was starved by his mother to an extent of him to survive by drinking the blood of fowls. His mother was scared of the son she gave birth to, claiming he was a monster. She maltreated Supremo, but the boy has no control over himself.

He constantly apologised to his mother. His alter ego was hungry for blood and he lured a boy of his size to suck his blood when the boy’s football he was playing with got into Sandrino’s hand. This made his mother pushed him off a balcony.

When his mother thought she has gotten rid of him, his alter ego appeared at her back claiming his mother did not like him and he also pushed her off. Realising his mother was dead, he cried and never knew how it happened. He also threw himself from the balcony to hit the ground in order to join her mother but he surprisingly saw himself alive. He then said sorry to his mother as he did not mean to hurt her.

Seeing that Jake would be punished, Malia revealed Frederick that while she was out she realised that the r3bel vampires did not notice her so being the chosen one, she could infiltrate the vampires’ camp to k!ll Supremo. However, Lord Sentinel told her that she could have his blessings if she only wanted to die.

He made it clear that k!lling Supremo was not that easy otherwise they would not have gone into hiding in Tanay Riza. Lord Sentinel also revealed the change of plans since Malia’s power had not manifested. He said he had contacted other werewolves who left to different places before Supremo began to reign and they would help in their battle against Supremo.

Later, Baristo was sad that Malia did not think about them while they had treated her like their own daughter when she left the camp and seeking for justice for her deceased mother.

Nelly helped Tristan by paying off some of his debts to his aunt. She showed interest in Tristan but Tristan said he was not refined to date a girl coming from a rich home and encouraged her to find herself a better man.

The girl also said aside wanting to be his friend, she also noticed something at the night club concerning vampires and wanted to help him. She gave Tristan a card with a website which Tristan browsed to found out from Moonchasers’ site about the existence of vampires and werewolves in precolonial era in Philippines who were part of humans. He aso shared his experience on the vampire encounter which led to the death of his father.

Supremo had a meeting with a senator to confirm his suspicion of Malia being alive. The senator wanted to be l0ved since his family had abandoned him. He wanted his secretary to show him l0ve and if Supremo was able to do that he would help him to get hold of the werewolves. The secretary the senator was talking about happened to be a vampire so Supremo was glad with the Senator’s condition.

He later held a meeting with his clan to inform them about the existence of Malia and the prophesy but assured that they got it covered.
Jake was chained and whipped by Frederick for disobeying his orders. Later, Frederick realised that his wife, Veruska had also left the camp. He was then forced to pack out from their hide out to a new place which Gael gained through the help of other good vampires.

Meanwhile, Erin was going to the Senator’s office when he overheard the senator talking to Supremo who was demanding for military weapons.

Jake was however worried about his mother who was wandering in Manila in search of her son. Jake believed his mother left the camp due to him and if she returned into the camp she would not find them.


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