The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 71

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 71 Malia prepares the LLU for battle as Tristan carries his mission, Jacintha is weakened by the poison in her system

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Jacintha told Malia that the prophecy could surely come to pass and if the worse happened for Tristan to get bitten then they would have no choice than to choose the greater good. Malia said she trusted Tristan and knew he would accomplish that mission in the lair so all that Jacintha had to do was to trust them.

In the lair, Erin who was brutalised told his comrade that no matter what happened they had to keep the truth from Supreme. Supremo came there and he made his minions changed their cells again.

Malia told Jacintha that Tristan was a good person. He has sacrificed a lot in his life and he even had a choice with his destiny. He could be Sandrino’s brother and be protected by the cursed ink, however, Tristan had his own path that no destiny could change his inner being. Jacintha decided to trust them but swore take pragmatic measures against Tristan should he overstayed in the lair.

Tristan was sent to the cell to check on the captives.

“Tristan turn back while it is not too late while you’ve not turned into a monster yet,” Erin warned.

“You must do this world a favour !”

“Just take your own life.”

“You have no right to tell me what to do,” Tristan hissed.

“Only I can choose my destiny.”

“Think about my family!”

“You want me to cause them so much pain.”

Tristan asked Erin what wrong did he ever do to him. He later talked through the mouth piece to Malia that Erin had not revealed the prophecy to Supremo yet so he would still play along to make Supremo believe him. Meanwhile, Supremo recalled everything about how Tristan declined his offer and now was with him in the lair.

“I hope I don’t find out that you’re deceiving me because I am willing to k!ll another one of my k!nd.”

Apple and Collin ate some streets barbecue and lied to the boy that since she was a rich kid she did not want to waste Collin’s money at a fancy restaurants. Alvin did not understand why Apple was constantly engaging the boy. He preempted that the boy was a vampire but Apple ironically said he was an angel sent from above and wanted him to suck her neck. Apple introduced Doc to Collin and said pretty soon he would b more than a friend.

In the lair, Supremo made Tristan passed through some tests to prove his loyalty. He withheld plans of turning him into a Vampire to ensure he was an ally before. Tristan who had made ready his weapon to strike Supremo should he make an attempt to bite him kept his weapon away. The minions brought the Luna’s and Supremo charged Tristan to k!ll them but he refused.

Supremo indicated that Erin and his comrades tried to k!ll him but Tristan said he would not do to them what they planned doing to him. He told Supremo that he would not allow him to be dictating for him, if he wanted him to be his ally then he should allow him to do things in his ways.

Due to how Supremo kept changing his stance, the Moonchasers asked Prof T and Malia whether they should head to SMV Corp and Malia stopped them, saying she did not want to compromise Tristan’s mission. Malia knew Tristan did that to save the Luna Soldiers and also to get Supremo to trust him. While leaving the lair, Supremo stopped Tristan and said he would set the Lunas free from the lair.

However, he would k!ll them should they go after Tristan’s life. In the cell, Erin’s comrade told him that Tristan was a good person and even spared their lives. Erin maintained his stance on Tristan. Malia came to ready the LLU members to attack Supremo as Tristan was accomplishing his mission and was even informed by Vergel that more werewolf allies were coming from abroad.

Jethro used that opportunity to tell Malia what he discovered in the book of Spells about the cursed ink that it destroyed every good fibre in a person, reason Supremo exhibited no weakness. Malia said she would inform Tristan. Meanwhile, Apple kept her joy with the memories of Collin when she arrived home. She went an extent to cause a scene when she received a text and a call from Collin.

Supremo toured Tristan at Youtopia and tried to woo his younger brother with his wealth and asserts to make him his ally. Tristan queried why he had all that yet chose to stand as a President. Supremo explained that he was not greedy and monster as Tristan thought. Through out his life, all that he seeks for was a family who would l0ve him. He said Tristan was lucky to have such a family. Tristan told him how l0ving Betty was and could make him have that family that he wished for.

A Moonchaser who was watching over Betty talked to Hanno and heard Tristan was in the lair. Betty became very upset when she heard that. Katrina opened the cell for Erin and his comrade to go home. However as they were leaving, the minions sent Erin back to the lair and hypnotised Erin’s comrade to say he did not know Erin’s whereabouts when he got home.

At Youtopia, Tristan asked Supremo why he was mad at the LLU members and the vampire king said they wanted to eliminate him so Tristan asked if his action was triggered by the prophecy and urged him not to allow any prophecy to get to him or dictate how he should live his life.

“Let’s see how your ideology will send you,” Supremo said.

Supremo returned to the lair with his younger brother and Tristan told him that he saw a different person today and Sandrino was not the monster he had wanted to k!ll. Tristan then gave Supremo chance to get to know him better and they agreed to go to where Tristan started life from the next day. Malia believed it was San Isidro so the Moonchasers asked whether she would go there and she said being there would jeopardise Tristan’s mission.

Elsewhere, Baristo and the other LLU members tried to cure Veruska with the first werewolf fang and she requested they k!lled her to free her from her pains. Lemuel felt sorry for her and Gael kept him Company.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Jacintha had another episode from the poison which was spreading through her body. She had a convulsion while Prof T treated her in the laboratory.


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