The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 73

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 73 Jacintha exposes Gilbert Imperial evil deeds to the electorates, The LLU holds vigil for Veruska and Erin

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Piolo and his comrades were talking about Supremo being in hiding and they came across Jacintha. Jacintha then said she would fish out Supremo from his hideout. Meanwhile, Malia stormed Supremo’s lair in search of him. She k!lled the minions but did not see him.

Lemuel arrived with the news that they still couldn’t find Sandrino anywhere. This got Baristo worried since he was scared that Greta would reveal their hideout to the evil vampire king but Malia knew Sandrino would not strike since his heart was beating again. A weakness he knew would get him k!lled so Gael indicated that he would be k!lling ruthlessly to harden his heart. Malia said they would not sit to make him k!ll innocent people.

“All of you get ready we are going to send the fight to Sandrino,” Malia declared.

“You’re the one hiding from us now!”

“Where are you Sandrino?”

Jacintha set her plans in motion to ruin Gilbert’s Imperial’s reputation to compel him to come out from his hideout. She held a press conference to expose the corrupt acts of Gilbert Imperial and she said she could no longer become his strategist knowing his evil deeds.

Gilbert who has changed his location ordered his minions to search for Tristan after k!lling one for claiming his heart was beating.
He saw the news about Jacintha daring him to come out to face the law.

“You people are f00ls for ruining me like this,” Sandrino cried.

“I am not going to forget everything that has happened.”

“That is not what is going to make me come out of hiding.”

Meanwhile, Jacintha was optimistic that Sandrino would show himself to them soon. Speaking of the the devil, he called her and the Moonchasers began tracking his location while they called Malia to be on standby. Jacintha then received the call and asked Gilbert if he missed her and he said he knew she had been longing to meet him.

She then asked whether he liked her present and he said he liked it, in fact he liked everything Jacintha did since she knew him well. Jacintha then told him to reveal his face for them to end it all but he said he would not do it right away. Jacintha asked whether he was afraid of her and he said that word did not exist in his vocabulary.

“Who would have thought even until death you still give me hope!” Supremo hissed.

The Moonchasers tracked and spotted his location. They called Malia and Baristo was already there but he told Malia that Supremo was not there, he only found Erin’s body. Later, Malia returned to the Moonchasers Headquarters. She was called out by Piolo only to discover that Tristan had surprised her and the two talked on phone. Tristan was grateful that Malia liked his Christmas gift. Malia assured that they would be together the following year. Prof T was happy that even Tristan being far away he has managed to put smiles on Malia and his face.

Later, Prof T told Jacintha that they were deceived by Supremo as they rather tracked the location of Erin and he was dead so his body was retrieved by the LLU. Jacintha got upset by Sandrino’s ruthless k!lling and promised to ensure she support Malia in her fight against Sandrino. However, she had another episode and Prof T asked for how often did she gets that episode.

“Jacintha what you have is exact the same poison that kills werewolf after being bitten by a vampire before they become monsters.” Prof T said.

“And I know you’re vampire but you also have high percent of werewolf blood in you.”

“I have a suspicion that you are not the other werewolf who is bitten by a vampire because you have been able to hold yourself back from becoming a monster.”

“I have no idea why?”

“However, I think that is only possible if you were Lia.”

“Tell me, are you really Lia?”

“Huh!” Jacintha cried.

“Fine if you will not tell me.”

“It does not even matter to me what or who you really are all that matters is you get better.”

Prof T injected her and she got better.

“It’s difficult to explain Theodore but thanks for your help.”

The LLU had a Christmas set up and said they would keep patroling to find Supremo. Unknown to them, Supremo has also pledged to ensure before any of them could find him then he had flush out Tristan. The LLU had a vigil to mourn Veruska and Erin and vowed to put Sandrino to his rightful place. Since there was no news on Tristan, Sandrino chanted to evoke the cursed ink spell in Tristan. Tristan was sleeping and began to struggle as the cursed ink was manifesting.

This led Leo and the Moonchasers who were guarding Tristan to call Prof T to inform him about the cursed ink manifesting on Tristan’s hand while he was asleep. Once Malia heard that the cursed ink was manifesting on Tristan, she went to see Tristan and told him about the cursed ink and what Jethro saw about it. She told Tristan that what Sandrino said about the cursed ink was a mere protection but once it got to one’s system it destroys all the good in it bearer and it was the reason Sandrino did evil.

She said it also makes the bearer becomes upset and ruin the heart of the person and advised Tristan to be good and eschew furiousness. Malia believed Tristan was good, reason the cursed ink had not manifested yet. Tristan said he was human and could be angry and Malia asked him to try to avoid that.

She showed a pendant which Lia gave to her to always remind her of who she was and told Tristan never forget who he was and what he was fighting for.

Elsewhere, Doc spoke with his workers to tell them about his next day wedding in San Ofonzo. The vampires heard and knew Tristan would be there. Later, Tristan received a call and was informed about Betty and Doc’s wedding. He said it was a hasty decision and did not view the time appropriate for the wedding but he eventually accepted Betty’s decision.


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