The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 74

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 74 Betty d!es after vows exchanged with Doc, Malia, Jacintha to battle Supremo on the night of the Blood Moon

The Moonchasers successfully sent Tristan from the safe house to the location of the wedding. However, Pocky and another Doc’s worker went to San Ofonso. Unknown to them, a Vampire was tailing them and he called Supremo to inform him that the location was wrong and it was not where the wedding was being held.

Pocky asked them to call Doc and was told the location was rather San Deofonso. The man repeated it and the vampire heard it. Malia realised that Supremo failed to attend the press conference he organised to react to Jacintha’s allegations but she promised to find Supremo. At San Deofonso, Tristan went to meet Doc and was glad that he was part of his family and in his aunt’s heart. He also went to see his aunt.

As the workers of Doc drove to San Deofonso to support Doc in the mass wedding celebration, the vampires also drove following him. The LLU members who were patrolling the place spotted the vampires and called Baristo to inform him. Baristo decided to call Prof T to ready the Moonchasers. Betty was happy to see Tristan again and hugged him. Soon, the wedding began and the officiating priest started the vows.

Malia called Tristan, he told her that he was happy and when Doc and Betty were exchanging the vows, Tristan got near to the couple and put his phone on louder speaker for Malia to listen. Tristan also repeated the vows to Malia and she recalled how they both fought side by side and their romantic moments together. After Doc k!ssed his bride, the vampires surrounded the place in order to get Tristan for Supremo.

The Moonchasers together with the LLU fought the vampires. Tristan realised the presence of the Vampires at the door. He opened the door and fought them to k!ll them. However, some managed to get inside the building to bite some of the guests. One was about to bite Doc and Betty defended Doc with all her might and the vampire bit her instead.

Tristan got inside to find the vampire who just finished biting Betty and he k!lled him. Betty broke down but gasped for breath as Tristan and Doc cried. Meanwhile, Sandrino received the information about the failed mission of his minions. However, he was told Betty d!ed during the attack. Sandrino recalled his promise to Tristan not to hurt his family again.

“Now I can fulfill the Prophecy,” he sipped a blood.

Malia arrived at the scene and Prof T said he has erased the memories of the survivors. Alvin gave Malia Tristan’s weapon. She went inside to find the police wheeling the dead bodies to the morgue and Doc was mourning for Betty. Malia hugged Tristan as she tried to console him. Tristan wanted to follow Doc to be with his aunt but Malia stopped him and said she had already sent her members to secure Doc.

“You are the one Supremo is after Tristan,” Malia said.

“You have to get out of here!”

“Please Tristan understand when I say this to you we cannot lose to Sandrino.”

Jake ran to prof T to inform him that Sandrino was approaching. The LLU secured the place and Prof T went inside to alert Mali but Tristan was still in shock. Malia told Prof T to leave the premise with Tristan while she faced Sandrino. She tried giving Tristan’s weapon to him but he failed to take it so she gave it to Prof T.

Sandrino bumped into Malia and she took him on. As Sandrino recalled how Malia’s power defeated him the other time, he was not ready to risk most especially when his heart has not fully recovered from the beating so he fled once Malia punched him.

His followers who came into the LLU retreated but the LLU managed to catch Tilda and tried to make her change and reveal Supremo’s hideout but she refused. His father was brought and she decided to reveal Supremo’s hideout since she did not want the LLU to drag her father into the fight.

Prof T sent Tristan to the safe house and apologised for his inability to save his aunt but Tristan who had been mute all those while said it was not his fault, Sandrino was behind that and wanted the war to come to an end.

Prof T arrived at the Headquarters to inform Jacintha about how the wedding of the Toralbas’ was turned into tragic, making Tristan bottled up everything in him. Jacintha asked of Tristan’s location and was told he was currently with the LLU. Supremo was told by the minions that they could not find Tristan and Tilda was taken by the LLU. The minions believed Tristan was in the protection of the Moonchasers.

Supremo asked them to find the location of Betty’s funeral as he was sure Tristan would be there. Tristan still cried in his room and called Doc to find out about how the funeral was going, asking Doc for forgiveness for his inability to get there. Doc said Gabriel was very weak so he could not make it but Apple was in San Isidro taking care of him. Pina was at the funeral and Malia was also there. Tristan asked Doc to forgive him for making Betty caught up in everything.

That night, Malia stood before the half moon to watch the skies while she shed tears for what had happened to Tristan. Jake who appeared there tried to get Malia to be strong. As Malia blamed fate for taking away her family and also taking away Tristan’s l0ved ones, Jake told her that it was not the work of fate but Sandrino.

Elsewhere, Jacintha was also standing before the half moon making her wish.

“We can no longer fail anyone most especially not Tristan.”

Touching her shoulders where she was bitten:

“I have to find a way to save him so he won’t be consumed by the cursed ink as the prophecy predicted.”

“If waging battle against Sandrino is the last thing I will ever have to do in my life then I will sacrifice to defeat him.”

She then prayed to the moon over the horizon not to the stars to grant her her wish as she basked in its presence.

Gael came to inform Malia about the location of Sandrino. As the LLU and the Moonchasers were heading to Supremo’s location, Sandrino had a feedback that his nemesis were on their way there. However, Malia had a bad feeling as Supremo’s ally easily gave the location of Supremo so she told Prof T about it. She was scared that Tristan was in danger but Prof T said Jacintha’s went to where Tristan was so he would be safe.

Elsewhere, Jethro had a prophecy that the night was the most anticipated night. It was the night of the Blood Moon and he rushed out.

Leo and his group discovered that Tristan had escaped the safe house so they called Prof T. The minions of Supremo cornered Prof T and his team but they managed to call Malia to inform her about Supremo’s trick. Malia knew Tristan would go to Betty’s grave so she went to that direction while Prof T and the Moonchasers got down from the van to face the vampires.


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