The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 75

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 75 Jacintha virtually k!lls Tristan, Sandrino and disappears, Grief strikes Malia and Prof T after the final battle with Sandrino

Tristan went to the columbarium to mourn his aunt. Some evil vampires appeared there but Jacintha was there to save the situation and asked Tristan to leave the columbarium as it was not safe. Tristan refused and asked Jacintha to give him that moment to grieve for his loss.

Elsewhere, as Malia made her orders to get the rest of the LLU informed about Supremo’s trick, Prof T and a fragment of the Moonchasers fought the minions. Once they k!lled them, Prof T asked the Moonchasers to alert the rest to go to the columbarium to help Malia, Tristan and Jacintha.

Realising their foes have discovered their plot, Katrina informed Supremo about it and the Vampire king said he would face Jacintha and get his brother so Katrina and the rest of the minions should take care of the La Liga Unida members and the Moonchasers.

At the Columbarium, Tristan was not ready to leave since he wanted to be alone. Jacintha asked whether he wanted to be alone or had a death wish. Tristan bemoaned that he did not call for all that had happened. In his life, he fought to protect his family and Malia and wondered the number of people who would be sacrificed to feed Sandrino. Jacintha said they could still salvage the situation and they could sacrifice every thing in that war.

“Everything except your heart.”

“I won’t allow the cursed ink to manifest fully in me,” Tristan said.

“I won’t allow evil consume me.”

“I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening to you,” Jacintha assured.

As they were leaving, Sandrino appeared. He found it amusing that the two people who betrayed him were together. Sandrino and Jacintha began the power fight as Sandrino was determined to get Tristan. Tristan seeing the two were locking with powers decided to stab his brother but the force from the powers was so intense and he fell off in the process. Malia appeared in the scene and helped Jacintha.

She used her powers to hit the shoulders of Sandrino and Jacintha told her to secure Tristan and get him out of there. Sandrino called it a bluff for them joining forces to get rid of him.

“Malia it’s Tristan who will k!ll you in the end,” Sandrino hissed.

“You can let yourself believe that!” Malia retorted.

“Haven’t you even noticed?”

“You’re now all alone in this battle.”

As Malia and Tristan were running out of the place, Tristan told Malia that they should finish the fight once and for all by k!lling Sandrino. Malia said she did not want to do that at the expense of Tristan’s life, reason she had to keep him away from all that.

They bumped into some of the minions and the duo k!lled them all. Outside the columbarium the LLU and the Moonchasers also fought Supremo’s minions.

In their face to face encounter, Sandrino believed he would now k!ll the supposed Lia.

“Sandrino I am sure that I will be the one to k!ll you this time especially now that you have your mortal heart beating like before,” Jacintha declared.

“But whatever happens tonight all my plans will continue because Tristan will finish everything that I started,” Sandrino objected.

“You’re building your hopes up again,” Jacintha smiled.

“And you won’t succeed in your plans Sandrino!”

Pina and Doc prayed for Tristan. Supremo and Jacintha fought. The strategist in her whirl wind fighting technique took Sandrino on while her cloak covered him to prevent him from running. Once Sandrino saw it was the Blood moon he deemed it as an appropriate time to make hat Jethro had seen earlier in his vision come to pass.

The cursed ink began to manifest on Tristan’s hand and he felt pains which hindered his journey with Malia to flee from the scene. Sandrino and Jacintha from nowhere landed at the location of Malia and Tristan and the fight was still in progress to prevent what was foretold.

Jacintha began to have her episode due to the wounded hand so Malia asked her to take care of Tristan while she dealt with Supremo. With his alter ego, Supremo managed to vanish and bite Tristan. Jacintha tried to get on her feet and used her powers to push off Sandrino and Malia fought him. Tristan who was bitten was feeling the pains as the poison spread through his system.

Recalling how Tristan k!lled many people and even bit Malia at the visit to the helmit, Jacintha cried and stabbed Tristan with the first werewolf fang. Malia appeared there and ran to Tristan.

“Tristan, Tristan, Tristan wake up,” Malia cried

“What did you do to him?”

As the two were weeping, Sandrino appeared and Jacintha fought and stabbed him till he denigrated into ashes. Jacintha’s arm pains became intense and the poison also spread through her face.

“It’s finished,” Jacintha told Malia and she also denigrated but Malia’s face glowed on her face as she vanished, leaving her cloak behind.

Malia mourned, asking Tristan to rise up since they had won the battle. While the vampires got defeated, they claimed they could not feel the presence of Supremo. Tristan’s body was conveyed to by an ambulance to the morgue.

“Who did this to Tristan? Prof T asked Malia.

“It was Jacintha.”

“And Jacintha d!ed as well?” Prof queried.

Malia nodded her head in grief. Prof T drank his liquor and Gael together with Baristo came to him.

“I’m finished with all these,” Prof T cried.

“I’m finished protecting you!”

“Gentlemen we have succeeded with our mission Sandrino is finally gone!”

“We prevented the cursed ink from manifesting.”

“But the cost to all of us was just too much.”

“Too many colleagues d!ed in this battle.”

“And I wonder is there any victory in all of these?”

“Is it ally the outcome that we wanted?”

“Is it really what we fought for?”

Sandrino appeared in some abandoned warehouse with one of his eyes bandaged since he was bleeding and also he was struggling for his balance. Meanwhile, Apple came home upon Gabriel’s order to be with Pina, leaving the old man at the hospital. She asked of Tristan.

Soon, they received the news about Tristan’s death, leading Apple to cry in solitude. Doc tried to console Apple. He brought in dresses that Betty bought for Tristan to celebrate that Christmas.

Pina was shocked to hear Malia saying Jacintha, an ally k!lled Tristan. She blamed herself to allow her grandson to partake in that never ending battle while Malia and her kind were in front of her. Malia wept that she did everything she could to protect Tristan but Pina wished they had k!lled the entire Toralba family with one blow since her daughter and sweet grandson d!ed. She did not know how to tell Gabriel about Tristan’s death as that would lead the Oldman to his grave.

The Moonchasers who lost their lives in the battle were laid at the headquarters for their family to see their bodies. Pina, Doc and Apple also went to see Tristan’s body and they mourned him.


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