The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 76

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 76 Supremo wakes Tristan up from his grave, the Waya Council plans against Osmundo

At the morgue, Doc told the Moonchasers and the LLU that Tristan would be laid to rest next to his father Tonio in San Isidro cemetery. Prof T requested that the Moonchasers would be given a chance to give a tribute to churn the heroic deeds of Tristan.

Pina said she would allow under a condition that the vampires and the werewolves would not be allowed to attend the funeral since they had caused her more harm in the fight that was not even meant for the Toralbas, they k!lled her daughter and now Tristan.

“I hope you understand?” Prof T asked the LLU.

At the abandoned warehouse, Greta and Katrina, the only survivors in the war came to see Supremo who had removed his bandage to view himself in a broken mirror how his eye wound was. Katrina was dumbfounded that Supremo’s wound was not healing. Greta asked what would happen to them and the defeated vampire king said they would make their enemies believe their race had been wiped out.

“We may have lost the battle now but I guarantee you…”

“We will rise again!”

“They k!lled your brother Supremo,” Greta lamented.

“No!” Supremo retorted “Tristan isn’t dead!”

“My brother isn’t dead.”

Malia went to a church and reminisced the past life with Tristan she felt defeated after she accomplished her mission. Jake joined her and she told him that she lost the man she l0ved. Jake told her not to blame herself for Jacintha was the one who k!lled Tristan due to the fear of the cursed ink manifesting.

A mass funeral was held for the Moonchasers who lost their lives in the battle against Supremo. Prof T made a tribute to praise the heroic deeds of the fallen Moonchasers.

“Moonchasers was created to be able to produce such great heroes who started off as an ordinary children.”

“These young people fearlessly carried the l0ve they have for their families because of the desire to give all of you the world that is safe and peace for everyone.”

“I consider every member of the Moonchasers as my own child and it deeply hurt to lose even just one of them.”

“I sympathise with you right now!”

“The pain of losing your own grandson or sister, even if your own cousin and to lose a child.”

“We will never forget the heroism of every single Moonchaser that sacrificed their own life to save the lives of others.”

Prof T gave the family of the Moonchasers 1million as a token from his outfit to support the family in that hurtful time. As they were laying them to rest, Supremo was still trying to adopt to his new defeated life.

“How is it easy to bear grudge but then life doesn’t stop for the living.”

Elsewhere, Prof T dissolved the Moonchasers.

“The Moonchasers are finished.”

“The missions have been completed!”

“Our battle has been put to an end!”

“Let us remember by heart the lessons of losing the ones we l0ve.”

“We must not fail them!”

“We should fulfill the lives of the Moonchasers ideally would have wanted for us!”

“We should live our lives carrying with us our honour of our l0ved ones who sacrificed their lives simply for the greater good.”

Malia found herself in a field and saw Tristan but he disappeared. She promised to l0ve Tristan for eternity. Malia told Baristo that she was heavily hit and crushed by the death of Tristan but she had to carry on with the task of which he sacrificed his life for.

As the Toralbas grave was deeply hit and cracked, Malia addressed the LLU to encourage them to continue the fight to save the human race. The LLU received new allies who were there to help in the new course in protecting the human race.

Malia went to pray and asked her mother to help her get reunited with Tristan as she could not live without him. She prayed to the moon not to the stars. As her prayers was ongoing, Supremo also chanted for the cursed ink protection to raise Tristan from his coffin and the warrior opened his eyes with the first name he mentioned as Malia.

Soon, Malia began leading a simple life as a farmer with Ningning supporting her in the business. She cultivated vegetables and fruits and she wished Tristan was there with her. Jake asked her out and they went to eat in a restaurant with Jake telling her to step out from the green field to experience life outside the farming.

Elsewhere, Apple sold second hand clothes to raise money to help Doc to take care of Gabriel. Doc received a good news that the quest for his grant was granted so he would singlehandedly cater for the needs of Gabriel and told Apple to keep the money as she would return to the university. This excited Apple and Poky.

Later, crime rate in the country increased by 10per cent and Malia was able to save one lady she came across after her outing with Jake from a thief. Fast forward, the Waya Council held a meeting and were considering supporting Zeny Mallari in the presidential election but were worried about the threat Osmundo Mercado posed on Zeny as the former had won the electorates heart with his quest in fighting to end the crime rate.

However, one of the Waya Council members suspected Osmundo as the person behind the crime. The Lord Sentinel who appeared with Jake said irrespective of what would happen, they would still support Zeny not forgetting their main course of protecting the lives of the mortals.


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