The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 77

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 77 Zeny Mallari concedes defeat as Osmundo wins the presidential elections, Malia encounters Tristan

Malia and Jake talked after the meeting on the conglomerate business they were running. She proceeded to distribute medicines to the less privileged mortals from the foundation of her outfit.

Elsewhere, the Toralbas together with Doc tried to make themselves happy as Apple danced together with pokey. Pina shed tears while she thought of Betty and Tristan. As Baristo was teaching some kids, Jethro felt uneasy and told Baristo that he had been having that bad feeling for sometime now.

Baristo asked if he had a vision and he said no. Baristo believed it could be Zeny Mallari since she was the presidential candidate they were supporting in the coming elections.

The Elections were held and Zeny Mallari conceded defeat and thanked her followers. After winning the elections Osmundo rolled out the National ID system and Malia told the Waya Corporation not to partake in the ongoing project till she fished out if the President was an ally or an enemy since the idea sounded like Senator Paglinauan’s idea.

She went to the green field to ask Ningning what she thinks about that ID system. She admitted it was similar to what Paglinauan and Gilbert Imperial talked about at the Youtopia but what was mind bugling was the fact that Youtopia was not operating again. Malia made it a point that out to keep protecting mortals and her clan and Ways council members.

Meanwhile, Greta went for Osmundo and sent him to the hidden place of the evil vampires since Tristan had summoned him. Osmundo met Beloved Supremo as well and informed the Emperor and Supremo that he had carried their first agenda which was the National ID for them to know the people they needed, those who were allies and those who were not and the werewolves.

Supremo was optimistic that soon they would bounce back and rule again. Tristan recalled how Supremo struggled to complete his transformation as a full fledged vampire. He hit the blood Supremo gave him to drink since he was determined to die before being a vampire. Supremo cut his hand yet he did not drink his blood.

Supremo had to send him somewhere to see a werewolf who was taking advantage of human and told him that the La Liga Unida members were also abusing powers and when Tristan becomes a vampire it did not mean he would become an evil vampire. Supremo said he was his brother and could not leave him to d!e so Tristan should drink the blood otherwise he would d!e for real.

Tristan passed out and Supremo cut his hand and the blood dribbled into the lips of Tristan and that completed his transformation. Malia met with the Waya Council board and talked against them following Osmundo’s plans. Lucho once again raised an objection and told Malia that she was in the farm and they were in the city.

Malia insisted that she was fighting for the welfare of everyone but Lucho chuckled and send Malia was trying to prove to them that Supremo and Tristan were alive. Malia indicated that she wanted them to prepare if there was any pending battle. Malia went back to the farm house to think about Tristan and talked to herself that they wanted her to forget him.

Fast forward, Apple benefitted from Tristan’s funds and the family was happy that the money would be beneficial to them. Unknown to them, Tristan was standing there. Apple seemed to have seen him but when she turned again Tristan has vanished. In their new lair, Greta tried to fish out why Supremo trusted Tristan and realised he needed his help to bring an end to the new chosen one.

Malia made Ningning researched about Osmundo and discovered there would be an event that night. She later heard someone’s cry and went to check on the person. Unknown to her, Tristan who was in a mask has already saved the lady but she realised the person was a vampire. Tristan also tried to trick her to make her believe that he was a normal person and decided to run so Malia ran after him until a news about the attack on the Waya Council project made her pull back.

The Waya Council members tried reaching Malia but couldn’t reach her. Osmundo talked about the Waya Council’s predicament. Meanwhile, Supremo felt so happy with it since that would commence his reign.
The Pinedas packed out from their old place to a new apartment and they met their maid. Malia started an investigation on the Pinedas to know where they lived.

She made an ally do that for her. She later met the council members to tell them to forget about Osmundo. Soraya after the meeting learnt from the Lord Sentinel about the existence of Tristan who was not a rebel vampire but was fighting for the welfare of humans. However, Lucho was there and heard Malia’s claims.


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