The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 87

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 87 Apple’s reunion plan for Doc and Collin foiled as Sandrino orders her death, Prof T captures Jake for his new serum experiment

Malia woke up to find Tristan standing in her room watching over her. She knew Tristan had always been doing that even when she believed he was buried. Doc explained to Apple that he was a bad parent so his wife, Bernadette that was the reason she left with his son Tog to the United States of America.

In the laboratory, Greta was used for the experiment and Prof T and Prof Eli realised the component was working and could corrode all of Greta’s body if they added more.

Tristan and Malia together with James and Lemuel dined together. James ate foods meant for mortals and Tristan was impressed.

“Before you will know you will be able to eat human food again,” Malia told Tristan.

“But for now, this will do,” Lemuel gave him a glass of blood.

Soraya went to the Blood Farm to inform Sandrino that the Toralbas’ mansion was heavily guarded so Supremo asked for Soraya’s help to exact his revenge on Tristan’s family. Soraya instructed Vanessa to come up with a plan. Through the elaborated plan, Teo managed to send away the vampire who was guarding the Toralbas.

“Now we will see Tristan if you really are tough enough to go against me,” Sandrino smiled when he sent his rebel vampires after Apple.

Tristan told Malia that he has always been watching over his family. Malia said she already knew that and his family also believed that too. She explained that Doc informed her that they got assistance whenever they needed help and that made her realise Tristan was still having a heart and did not relent on her efforts in helping his family.

That, Malia said was the reason she also did not stop providing protection for his family. Tristan now understood why he saw black werewolves at the place the other time but Malia denied sending any black werewolves, she only sent vampires. This made her realise the family of Tristan might not be safe so they went to the Toralbas mansion. They found out that Apple was not home and she tried to dig out where Apple had gone to.

Meanwhile, Apple has sent Collin to Mabini circle a certain restaurant to enable him meet his mother while she left the boy to go for the biggest surprise which was Doc. Doc was dumbstruck to discover Collin was no other than, Tog, his son with Bernadette. Malia called Apple and she said she was at Mabini circle with Doc and Collin.

Tristan saw a black werewolf and alerted Malia. Malia realised he was Teo. Teo wanted to tell lies that he was there since he was assigned but Malia said Baristo informed her about those he assigned to guard the place and he was not part of the list. She tried squeezing out the truth from him if he was sent by Soraya but Teo failed to talk so Malia captured him and tied him to a chair in a room while she and Tristan went to Mabini.

In Mabini Circle, Doc approached his lost but found family and hugged his son but Bernadette became an obstacle. Doc begged her to allow him to be a father to his child since he had been searching for them all those years she went to USA with his son.

The vampires surrounded them, when Doc was on his knees and took them away to a place. Bernadette after seeing the creatures collapsed. Doc tried to fight Sandrino’s minions and Collin asked Apple to run. The vampires after beating Doc ran after Apple and hit her rib. Tristan appeared and attacked the vampires to save his sister. The rest which were fleeing bumped into Malia and she k!lled them all.

Lemuel discovered that Teo had escaped and called the Lord Sentinel to inform her. Apple and Doc were rushed to the hospital owned by the LLU and Malia assured Tristan that Apple and Doc would be safe there.

“This is the second time he did this to me,” Tristan cried.

“I will not let this slide.”

Apple woke up to find Tristan standing close to her. Tristan apologised and Apple said he was not the one who attacked her. Tristan returned to the lair to meet Sandrino’s absence. He attacked his followers and tied them up for Sandrino to come and meet the note he left which Sandrino read and got upset.

At the LLU, Baristo and co captured Vanessa and made her call Soraya. They put the phone on louder speaker and Soraya who felt that she was speaking with only Vanessa insulted the LLU members which got Miriam upset. Soraya was happy that Vanessa said she was not caught and everything was going as planned. Soraya who was taking a bath in a jacuzzi then said Vanessa shouldn’t bother her as she was having a quiet time.

Soon, Teo arrived there to inform her that the Lord Sentinel had discovered the truth so she had to flee from there. As she was leaving with Teo, she bumped into Miriam, Baristo and Gael together with Vanessa and they told her they knew her treacherous ways. She was about to deny it but the Lord Sentinel got there and they imprisoned her for her betrayal, also for putting the family of Tristan at risk.

Soraya planned to escape so she faked an ailment but the guards realised it was a trick and failed to open the lock. Baristo said they had to put the betrayal of Soraya under wraps from the other members in order for them not to know what the black werewolves have done.

Meanwhile, Prof T have told Harvin, Hanno and Leo to trap Jake for him to prove how effective the serum would be on the body of werewolves. Harvin told Jake lies and when he appeared at the headquarters they injected and captured him for the experiment. Jake woke up to find himself chained to a chair and he screamed out for help.

“We are on the same side,” Jake cried.

“We are not enemies.”

“This is not the solution.”

“That’s what you think,” Greta retorted.

Greta told Jake that the immortals had been fighting due to the mortals but here the mortals were using Jake for their experiment. Prof T found it hard to carry out the task. Prof Eli decided to do it since Prof T was having a set back due to the fact that he knew Jake.

Elsewhere, Malia told Tristan that they had to go to the LLU. However, Tristan said before that he had to talk to Prof T since he had a different plan with him. Malia knew it was about his plans of eliminating both the werewolves and the vampires.

He explained that he had already captured Greta for such purpose and believed Prof T had already gotten a werewolf. As Prof Eli applied the acid serum on the mortal body of Jake, it did not corrode so she told Harvin, Leo and Hanno to provoke Jake to be in his werewolf form to enable her to experiment.

Leo and Harvin provoked Jake and the werewolf told them that he would not fight back and assured them that they were on the same side. Harvin said they were doing that for the greater good of mankind. They kept provoking Jake with the transmitter, this made Hanno unhappy and he told them that what they were doing could not be the solution.

As Jake got to his werewolf state, his Moonchasers friends left him for Prof Eli to continue. Malia and Tristan arrived at the headquarters and met Eunice so they told her they liked to talk to Prof T. Prof T was called on phone and he left the lab for Prof Eli to continue. He came to meet Tristan and Malia.


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