The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 92

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 92 Sandrino k!lls Gabriel and Pina, Malia gains a vampire power for the ultimate battle

Malia dared Sandrino to meet them and he said there was no need for that since he would not be the one to k!ll Malia. He told Tristan that he would be the one to k!ll the only woman he l0ved with all his heart.

Elsewhere, Gael and Miriam did not know what to do to uncover the location of Sandrino. Miriam told Gael that Lemuel was trying to fish out the location of Sandrino through the video conversation with Tristan. Gael suggested they talked with Soraya to convince her to turn from Sandrino and become their ally to reveal the hideout of Sandrino.

Miriam objected and cried over Baristo’s death. Sandrino told Tristan that if he wanted to save his grandparents, he should k!ll Malia. Tristan protested and asked him to leave his grandparents from their war. He dared him not to touch his grandparents and Sandrino k!lled Pina.

“I am going to k!ll you for this,” Tristan threatened.

“I am going to k!ll you!”

This made Tristan and Malia so agitated. Sandrino went ahead to provoke Tristan to k!ll Malia to spare the life of Gabriel. Tristan was forced to attack Malia so Jake, Jethro and Lucho who were present tried to stop Tristan but he set a shield around him and Malia to prevent them from coming.

Tristan did not hurt Malia as Sandrino ordered but he dared Sandrino to attack him instead to fight him. Gabriel told Tristan that he had lived long enough and he should ensure righteousness prevail. Gabriel termed Sandrino as monster for k!lling his wife. Sandrino k!lled Gabriel and Tristan cried while Malia tried comforting him.

In anguish, he left to the lair to k!ll all the minions of Supremo in retaliation. He tried finding the location of Sandrino from Elise but she did not tell him and provoked Tristan so he k!lled her. Sandrino placed the old couple’s corpses on the bed and his good being came out from his alter ego to object the act of his alter ego. He was not happy that his alter ego k!lled the grandparents of Tristan but his alter ego squeezed him and pushed him back inside him.

Malia went to cry before the moon after all the pains and her father spoke to her that she was special. The power from the moon lifted her high and blessed her with a new fighting technique of a vampire to fortify her for the ultimate battle with Sandrino.

Later, Sandrino went to the lair to find Greta and Soraya who were talking about Tristan. At the LLU, Lucho questioned Malia why she used herself as bait and she said she knew Tristan would not hurt her. Lucho said what if he had hurt her and she said she wanted to d!e due to everything that had happened.

Emil, a black werewolf told Vanessa and Teo that they should go back to the lord Sentinel since he was afraid of what Supremo might do to them. Teo said what Sandrino would do to them was the reason they had to stick to him.

Emil couldn’t and was bent on returning to the lord Sentinel even if he would receive a punishment for his deeds but Soraya k!lled him for betraying her course. Miriam, Gael and Lemuel located where the mortal remains of Tristan’s grandparents were and sent them back to the camp. Apple cried after receiving the bad news from Miriam.

Soraya told Greta that Tristan was lucky not to have met her and Greta told her she was fortunate not to be in the lair otherwise she would have been k!lled. They showed footage of Tristan k!lling Ellice to him and Sandrino did not care. He said with all his strength, he did not need any followers and Greta got upset that Sandrino did not care about them.

He would rather see them d!e and did not value them so she left. Sandrino ordered Soraya to k!ll Greta.

“I really do feel better whenever someone d!e especially those who go against me,” Sandrino smiled.

“You know what you have to do with Greta!”

“The pleasure is all mine beloved Supremo.”

Malia appeared in the middle of the night in a red cloak just like Jacintha while in the LLU camp all of them were mourning the death of Gabriel and Pina. Vanessa and the rest tried talking to Soraya to make her see reason that Sandrino’s most loyal fellows were even k!lled by him and now he has sent her after Greta who was a vampire like Sandrino.

They saw doom ahead of Soraya but Soraya was not ready to switch positions, she would k!ll Greta and remain on Sandrino’s side. As she left, Vanessa told the rest that they should return to the Lord Sentinel. Soraya met Greta and they fought.

Greta asked Soraya if Sandrino was the one who sent her to k!ll her and tried to make Soraya know that she was being used and Sandrino would do same to her. Soraya did not care and deemed that Greta was not special to Sandrino. A red cloak rushed through and landed in between them.

They realised it was the Lord Sentinel. Malia talked to them to make them her allies but Soraya objected.

“Since when have we become allies?” Soraya spewed.

“All you ever cared about is your bel0ved Tristan and your useless humans.”

Soraya further indicated that Malia has taken everything away from her even her black werewolf allies and she would rather remained on the side of Supremo. Malia said her family gave them the freedom to live again and she also made her a Waya Council member and gave her a post but she abused it, reason she took that post.

Soraya then fought Malia but the lord Sentinel was too powerful for her and used her power to push her Greta then finished off Soraya. At the LLU Apple cried to James, Lemuel and Tristan to turn her into a vampire to join the fight against Sandrino. Malia appeared at the camp with Greta and the changed black werewolves.

She later held vigil for Baristo, Gabriel and Pina and addressed her camp to not let anger consumed their hearts. However, the sacrifice of each person in the fight would not be in vain. Jethro then had a a vision of many humans who would d!e at the night of the blood moon. Miriam wondered the kind of blood moon since the blood moon had already happened.

Unknown to them, Sandrino was the one who would pull the strings to make a blood moon happen by k!lling many to satisfy himself. However, Gael suspected Sandrino was plotting something vile which needed to be stopped before the prophecy of every dweller of the earth would lose their lives come to pass.

Sandrino received the body of Soraya and wondered the person behind the black werewolf’s death. Sandrino tried to come out from the alter ego but the alter ego suppressed him to to remain inside him and told himself that he had to k!ll all the goodness left in the heart of Sandrino to remain the one in the body.

He set Jill imperial in charge of the telecom and informed him that Soraya was already dead and he had to carry out his plans before ruling over everyone, revealing his blood moon plans to Jill. At the LLU camp, Tristan thought about Apple’s call to become a vampire, Malia’s address not to allow anger to consume them and Tonyo’s advice that the real battle was within them.

He had changed of heart and told Malia that he would want to talk to Sandrino since he only needed l0ve so that he could give him that l0ve to change him. He believed the battle would still endure if they did not talk to Sandrino. Malia said it was too late since Sandrino was now consumed with evil but Tristan believed there might be good in him.

Malia said if it did not work, they would have no choice than to k!ll him and Tristan agreed.


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