The Blood Sisters Episode 1

The Blood Sisters Episode 1 Carrie is shot by a syndicate who mistook her for Erica 

Erika, is a single mother from Davao who worked as an exotic dancer to support her son, Jolo. Jolo was the son of Erika and Emman but Emman left after getting Erika pregnant. Erika’s only support was her friend and neighbor called Bruce.

When Jolo was diagnosed with Pneumonia, Erika took up the job as an exotic dancer to pay for his hospital bills. The money was not enough so she was forced to take up various jobs and sell everything in her house to get her son discharged.

Once Jolo got better, he returned home to an empty house and Erika has to work harder to get everything back.

Greg, a client from the club Erika worked at asks him to entertain an important customer. Erika refused since she did not offer private entertainment but eventually agreed due to the money involved.

The customer, Chito tried to harass Erika and she hid in one of the rooms. A waiter walked in to bring them drinks but Chito turned her away since he did not order anything. The waiter attacked Chito and stabbed him then made away with a notebook that he has with him.

When Greg and his men went to check on Chito, they found him dead and his notebook missing. The notebook was a ledger detailing all the operations of their syndicate. Since Erika was the only person with him, they concluded that she killed him and took the notebook so they went after her.

Erika escaped from a window in the room she was hiding after hearing the men speaking. She went back to her house and told Bruce what happened. She was afraid that Greg’s men would go after her and ended up killing her son so she asked Bruce to go away with Jolo. They agreed that she would take him once things blow over.

Greg’s men found out her address from the club and went after her. They failed to find her so Greg sent them to check the port and bus terminals.

Erika decided to flee to Cebu but while trying to get a ticket to the ship, she saw the waiter who killed Chito getting into a ship. She learnt that the ship was heading to Manila and decided to go after the girl instead.

Greg’s men were still looking for her so she hid in a container carrying fish. The fish was loaded in a truck which then went into the ship. Erika was able to go to Manila.

On arrival, Erika reached out to her best friend, Bruce’s nephew called Tonyo. Tonyo suggested that they went to the police but there would be nothing to say since the club never reported Chito’s murder.

Erika’s plan was therefore to find the girl who took the notebook and give it back to the syndicate. They learnt that the waitress’ name was Anna Cruz and set out to look for her. Tonyo suggested that they start to look for Anna so they went to the mall.

Greg found out that Erika went to Manila and sent his son, Rainier to go after her to bring the notebook back. Their men spotted Erika and Tonyo, they were asked to keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile, another girl, Carrie arrived home from abroad and her entire family was waiting for her. She was stuck in traffic and asked her driver to bring her to a mall until rush hour was over.

Tonyo left Erika for a while to get something to eat and when she was perusing around, she spotted Carrie. She was puzzled by their uncanny resemblance and tried to follow Carrie.

She however has to hide when she saw Greg’s men following her and ran to the parking lot.
Tonyo ran into Carrie while looking for Erika but she paid him no attention. After Carrie was done shopping, she called her driver to pick her up at the parking lot.

When she arrived, Greg’s men mistook her for Erika and attacked her. Carrie tried to fight back and called for help. She was able to get away but the men shot her. She collapsed in front of the car where Erika was hiding.


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