The Blood Sisters Episode 2

The Blood Sisters Episode 2 Erika embraces a new life as Carrie 

After Carrie was shot, Erika picked up Carrie’s handbag and hid behind a car. Greg’s men picked up Carrie and left with her. Erika went back to the mall to get Tonyo and asked that they leave before the men found them.

They went out and got on a bus, Carrie’s driver saw them. He mistook Erika for Carrie so he went after them. When they were in the bus, Erika told Tonyo what happened to the woman who looked like her.

They took out her wallet and saw that her name was Carrie. Erika was puzzled as to why the two of them looked so much alike and thought that they were twins.

When Erika and Tonyo arrived at Tonyo’s apartment, Greg’s men were there searching for the notebook. Tonyo ran out with Erika and the men went after them. Erika wanted to go and get her son but Tonyo told him it would be dangerous since the men were everywhere including the port and the airport.

They were trying to find a way to escape when Carrie’s driver suddenly pulled up in front of them. He told Erika that her family was already waiting for her and Tonyo thought it would be a good idea for Erika to pretend to be Carrie since she would be safe from the syndicate. He asked her to go with the driver and continued to run.

Carrie’s driver took Erika to Carrie’s house where she got to meet Debbie, Carrie’s mother, Norman, Carrie’s father and Rosemarie Carrie’s grandmother. They were all surprised at how disheveled she looked.

Erika asked to go to the bathroom and they had to show her where it was. Erika locked herself in the bathroom and called Bruce to tell him what was happening. She wanted to tell Carrie’s parents what happened to their daughter and thought that maybe they could help her.

Bruce said they might blame her for wanting to take over Carrie’s identity so he told Erika to still pretend to be Carrie.
Carrie’s parents had prepared a welcome back party for her since she had been abroad for five years.

Erika was asked to change her clothes but could not find Carrie’s room so her personal maid showed her where it was. Erika who is now Carrie went downstairs to meet her guests but she could not recognise any of them.

She referred to them as ‘bes’ (best friend) and said it was how she called her friends in Sweden. Debbie asked her to give a speech and all Erika could say was that everything was “Freaking Great.”

During dinner, it was revealed that Rosemarie owned a successful fertility clinic where they helped couples who were in need of children get some.

Rosemarie also looked down on Debbie’s husband since he was not a doctor. He was the administrator at their hospital and Debbie argued that the business was also successful because of him.

During the party, a man suddenly came up to Erika and k!$$ed her. His name was Samuel, Carrie’s fiancé. He was delighted to see her again after all the years spent apart but he noticed that she was not wearing the ring that he gave her.

Debbie later announced at the party that Carrie and Samuel would be getting married in two weeks.

After the party, Norman took some time to welcome Erika, who is Carrie back home. Erika was overwhelmed hearing such words from a father since she was abandoned as a child. She thought she and Carrie were twins since they looked alike and Norman was her father too. She cried and asked him to give her a hug.

When she went back to her room, Bruce called to check on her. Erika also got to speak to Jolo and promised that they would soon be together. Tonyo was with them after fleeing from the thugs.

He said that he would take Bruce and Jolo to a new house in Manila. Erika said she could not live as Carrie for long or she might have to get married to Samuel, Carrie’s fiancé.

Erika watched some of Carrie’s home videos and picked up some of her habits. Debbie went to her room to check on her and Erika asked if she had a sibling. Debbie said she was an only child but was puzzled by it and told Norman about it later.

Rainier went to check on Carrie to see how she was doing. The syndicate’s doctor were treating her and they said her wound was not fatal so she would soon recover.

In the morning, Carrie’s maid woke up Erika for work. She got ready and went downstairs to have breakfast. She asked to have everything on the table and her cousin Andrea was surprised to see her eating so heartily while she was always on a diet.

Erika said it was her cheat day. Norman joined them for breakfast and asked Erika why she had asked Debbie about having a sibling. Erika said she wanted a big family and Norman said she had her cousin Andrea who was like a sister to her.

However, Agatha, the third sister living in Benguet with her grandmother appeared in the scenes. Agatha was sleeping and her grandmother woke her up since her mother was returning from her trip.


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