The Blood Sisters Episode 56 Rocco attacked Erika to kill her and Jolo

The Blood Sisters Episode 56

The Blood Sisters Episode 56 Rocco attacked Erika to kill her and Jolo

The police arrived and arrested the men who had bought Jolo. Samuel finally arrived and was happy to see both Jolo and Erika safe.

The media was there as well and they reported that Jolo had been sold as an organ donor in the black market.

Juancho and Sahara brought the money with them and told Rocco that the transaction went smoothly.

They however saw the report on the news about the American who had been arrested and Juancho recognised him as their buyer.

Rocco was upset to hear that Erika got Jolo back and he was worried because Jolo could identify them.

Everyone looked at Agatha and thought that she was the one who told Erika about Jolo but she told them not to blame her because she did not know anything about the transaction. Rocco therefore said that both Erika and Jolo had to be eliminated.

The NBI took Jolo to the station for questioning. Marciano wanted to speak to Jolo about the people that abducted him but he was too traumatised and did not want to talk.

He instead asked that they go home so Erika asked Marciano to give Jolo some time. Erika told Marciano to investigate Emman and his wife Heidi since they were the ones who led her to Jolo.

Norman, Tonyo and Carrie went to see Jolo and they were overjoyed to see him. Adele wanted to come too but Erika said there was no need since they were heading home.Erika took Jolo home and the others went with them to make sure they arrived safely.

Marciano also sent policemen to guard Erika at the house. When they arrived, Erika asked Jolo to go and sleep but he would not agree to be separated from her. Erika therefore let him sleep on her lap.

Agatha arrived to assess the situation and find out what Jolo told the police. She acted like she was concerned for Jolo but Erika asked her not to pretend because no one would fall for it.

They started to argue but Norman asked that they not fight because they might wake Jolo up.

Agatha got upset for getting blamed again and stormed out of the house. Carrie went after her and Agatha brought her to her house.

Carrie asked Agatha to confess if she had anything to do with what happened to Jolo. She said that betraying her family for money would not be worth it and she would end up alone in the end.

After Carrie left, Agatha went to Rocco to update him on what was going on. She said that Jolo had not said anything to the police.

She further stated that Erika’s house was guarded by two policemen and Rocco thought that would not be a problem.

Carrie went home to Debbie’s house and told them that Erika was finally able to save Jolo. Rosemarie was shocked by the news and wanted to know about the people who had been arrested.

Carrie said that they bought Jolo in the black market and Debbie asked if they were connected to the Solomons.

Carrie said it was not likely because they were in prison so it was a new syndicate.
Heidi went back to Ilocos Norte to pack her things and told Emman that they had to leave before they were accused of kidnapping Jolo.

Greg and Fabian began to get impatient about getting out of prison. Fabian realised that Rosemarie was not doing anything to help them escape so he told Greg that they would have to do it themselves.

Jolo was afraid of falling asleep because he thought Erika would not be there when he woke up. Erika assured him that she would never leave him alone.

When Jolo fell asleep, he woke up from a nightmare and he woke Erika up. He asked for some water but refused to let Erika leave him so Adele said she would get the water for him.

Rocco sent his men to kill Erika and Jolo. They incapacitated the policemen posted outside the house and went inside.

Adele was getting the water for Jolo when she saw a shadow of someone behind her. She threw the pitcher of water at him and hit him.

Another man came with a gun but Erika who had heard the noise from upstairs hit him with a broom.

The man was going to shoot her but Adele stepped in front of her. There was a gunshot but it was Rocco’s shooter who got shot by the police.

Adele and Erika saved Jolo

Adele and Erika were both safe.
Marciano came to Adele’s house after the incident and brought Erika and Adele to the police to give their statements.

Carrie went to see them and Debbie went with her. Debbie was mobbed by parents of other kids who had been abducted and were seeking help after hearing that Jolo had been found.

Adele saw them attacking Debbie and went to help her. Debbie wanted to know why Adele helped her and she said it was because she was in trouble and even if they hated each other, she did not want to see her get harmed.

Debbie thanked Adele for helping her

After making the statement, Erika decided that they had to move out of Adele’s house because it was no longer safe for them to keep living there.

Rocco was furious after hearing that his men were killed on the mission. He was impressed with Erika but maintained that she had to be eliminated.

He decided not to send anyone and do it himself so he sent Agatha to find out what was going on but she did not want to go.


She was upset because her family suspected she was involved in Jolo’s kidnapping and they did not want her there. Rocco said he would be the one to support her since her family had turned her back on her. They got intimate and shared kix$es.


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