The Blood Sisters Episode 64 Rosemarie poisons Jolo and escape

The Blood Sisters Episode 64

The Blood Sisters Episode 64 Rosemarie poisons Jolo and escape

Agatha went to meet Rocco to inform him that Jolo was rushed to the hospital and Tonyo suspected that he got poisoned.

She asked him if he knew what happened and Rocco said that he sent Rosemarie to kill Jolo. Agatha said Jolo was unconscious and Rocco was glad that he would not be able to testify. With no one to testify against him, he could not get convicted.

Debbie went home and found Rosemarie packing. Rosemarie told her that they had to flee the country and Debbie asked why.

Rosemarie confessed that she was involved with Rocco and had betrayed him by telling the Solomons where he was. She was also afraid that Rocco would reveal having stolen the money from Fabian so when Fabian found out that she was the one who had betrayed him he might act against them.

She was worried that both Fabian and Rocco would come after her so she told Debbie that they should escape. Debbie therefore realised that Rosemarie was the doctor Jolo had mentioned in his statement.

Norman called Debbie to ok inform her about the sad news that Jolo had been rushed to the hospital and Rosemarie said he would be fine.

She confessed that Rocco had ordered her to kill Jolo but she only lased some sedatives to induce a comma and make Rocco thinks she had done what he asked.

She explained that Rocco threatened to kill Debbie and it was why she had done it. Debbie could not believe her ears, she was still upset that she had done that to Jolo and went to the hospital to check up on him.

When Debbie arrived at the hospital, she checked Jolo’s vitals and asked how many donuts he had eaten. Bruce and Tonyo said that he only had one and Debbie said he would be fine since they were only lased with sedatives.

The others wanted to know why she knew that so Debbie had to tell them what Rosemarie had confessed. Erika was upset, she said Rosemarie would pay if anything happened to Jolo.

Jolo eventually woke up but he was still sleepy. Norman suggested that they should not reveal that Jolo had woken up to make Rocco thinks that he was still in a comma.

They decided to keep things among themselves, especially from Agatha. Marciano offered to bring them to a safe house and transfer Erika and Jolo to a private hospital where Rocco’s men could not get to them.

Rosemarie left the house and fled by herself. She called Debbie and asked her to meet her at a hotel so that they could leave the country. She then threw away her phone.

When Adele got home, Ligaya was eager to find out how Jolo was doing and Adele said he was still in a coma after she noticed that Agatha was listening to them.

She then pulled Ligaya to a corner and said they would be moving to a safe house because Rocco already knew where they lived. Ligaya said she would tell Agatha but Adele stopped her. Ligaya got mad at Adele for leaving Agatha unprotected but Adele said they could not tell her anything before they found out where her loyalty really lies.

Agatha listened in on their conversation and was in tears hearing that they would leave her there knowing she too was in danger.

Agatha told Adele and Ligaya that she would never hurt her own family and was tired of them suspecting her. She said that she wanted to change and both Ligaya and Adele were happy hearing that.

She however refused to go to the safe house with them because she knew Erika would not like it and she did not want to fight with her.

Rocco met with Fabian to discuss when he would give back the Paraiso money. Rocco asked Fabian to help him get rid of Erika and Jolo first then he would return the money to them.

Juancho later asked Rocco what would happen if the Solomons found out that he did not have the money. Rocco said they should not find out because they had Sahara.

He had also concluded that the only person who could have taken it was Agatha and they went to look for her at Adele’s house.

Agatha sent Dante for a hammer and nails and hid the money in a cabinet. Rocco and Juancho arrived when she was almost done and searched through her room. Agatha told them that she did not know who took the money.

Since Rocco did not find it, he thought Erika had it and demanded for Agatha to tell him where the safe house was.

Rocco uses Agatha to find Erika

Agatha said she did not know and refused to call her family. Rocco took Agatha’s phone and texted Adele asking where the house was.

Adele sent back an address and Rocco went there. Juancho took Agatha’s phone so that she could not warn her family.

Agatha worries about her family

Debbie finally confessed everything she knew to the NBI in exchange for immunity. She told them about hers and Rosemarie’s involvement in Paraiso as well as her connection to Rocco.

Debbie makes a way for Rosemarie’s arrest

Marciano said she would send Debbie’s testimony to the fiscal and have an arrest warrant for Rosemarie for human trafficking.
Debbie did not want her mother to go to jail but figured it was the only way to keep her safe.

Rocco and Juancho went to the address that Adele sent but found it suspicious that there were no guards. Rocco asked some of his men to stay and guard the gate while he and Juancho went inside to see what was inside.


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