The Blood Sisters Episode 68 Samuel dies after announcing wedding plans with Erika

The Blood Sisters Episode 68

The Blood Sisters Episode 68 Samuel dies after announcing wedding plans with Erika

Adele went to visit Carrie at the hospital. She sent food and borrowed Erika’s phone to call Ligaya, when she realised she had run out of credits.

Adele walked outside and called Rocco. She told him that she already found the money and would give it back to him in exchange for Agatha.

Rocco did not believe her and thought she was bluffing but Adele assured him that she would not lie in a matter concerning her own daughter. She said she had not told anyone about it, even the NBI and asked to meet with him.

With the meeting set up, Adele brought the money to Rocco. He knew that she did not bring all of it because the bags and Adele said she would give him the rest once he let Agatha go.

Rocco brought out Agatha and Adele said she would have to see Agatha leave safely before telling Rocco about the money.

She asked to stay as a hostage in exchange for Agatha but Agatha refused to agree. She wanted Adele to leave but Adele told her to listen and go.

She told Rocco that she had hidden the rest of the money elsewhere and would only tell Agatha where it was after she was gone. Rocco therefore let Agatha go to get the rest of the money.

Fabian arrived and found it interesting that Rocco had let Agatha go. Rocco explained that Agatha was going to bring the rest of their money and gave Fabian the money that Adele had brought.

Adele warns Rocco about Agatha

After Fabian left, Juancho asked Rocco why he gave Fabian the money. Rocco refused to explain and told Juancho to trust him because they would still get the money back from Fabian.

Agatha left and went to Adele’s house but she could not go in because the police were patrolling the area. She was still a fugitive after Rocco broke her out of jail.

The others did not know that Adele already found Rocco’s money so they continued to find ways to raise the money that Rocco wanted.

Norman got a loan from the bank while Debbie sold all her jewelries for 20 million. Ligaya and Bruce sold packed lunches while Dante and Pam did a fund raising gig with their friends. They all brought the money to Erika, hoping to chip in to raise the 800 million.

Ligaya was worried about Adele because she did not go home the previous evening. Everyone tried to call her but there was no answer so Rocco ordered Juancho to answer their texts instead.

Adele refused to eat when Rocco brought the food to her. Adele asked him how he could do such things to them when she had welcomed him to her house and dined with him.

Rocco said it was Erika’s fault for ruining everything and killing Sahara but Adele told him that he was at fault for getting into an illegal business. She also told him that he would never get his money back because Agatha would never go back for her.

Samuel woke up after his surgery and showed his family the video he took of Fabian’s confession. Vida thanked him for finding out the truth about what happened to Manuel.

Samuel hands over the evidence to his family

Tessa and Vida wanted him to leave with them once he recovered and move to America but Samuel said he could not leave Erika. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and asked that they help him propose.

Samuel confessed his feelings for Erika and Tessa got Samuel a ring to propose to her. Samuel asked Erika to marry him and she happily agreed.

Samuel proposes to Erika

They decided to get married once all the chaos was over. The others left the two of them alone and Samuel moved over so that Erika could sleep beside him.

Erika lay next to Samuel and the they reminisced over how they met; when Erika pretended to be Carrie. They were relieving their memories together when Samuel suddenly went quiet.

Erika joins Samuel in his sleep

The doctor came to check on him and announced that Samuel was already dead. He explained to Erika and Samuel’s family that his lungs were filled with water and he found it hard to breath so he went under cardiac arrest.

Fabian was worried that Agatha would not return with the rest of their money. Rocco knew that Agatha cared about her family and would return for her mother so he was sure they would get their money back. He added that they would kill Adele once they had the money.

Agatha went to Dante’s place because her place had police surveillance. She asked for food as she was hungry from walking all night. She explained to Dante that she would turn herself in but she had to save Adele from Rocco first.

Agatha asks help from Dente

Rocco still mourned Sahara’s death so Fabian told him to get used to losing people because it came with the business.

Rocco said that Sahara was the only person he had and asked Fabian not to speak about his sister that way. He also said that he would make sure Erika pay heavy price for what she did.


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