The Blood Sisters Episode 69 Erika, Carrie, Agatha plot to end Rocco and Fabian to save Adele

The Blood Sisters Episode 69

The Blood Sisters Episode 69 Erika, Carrie, Agatha plot to end Rocco and Fabian to save Adele

Marciano told Erika that they would offer her protection as she attended Samuel’s wake. They also wondered why Rocco had not yet called and Erika was worried about it.

Agatha asked Dante to help her sneak into Adele’s house since she could not do it with the police there.

Dante wanted Agatha to explain to him what she was doing but Agatha said she would not tell him to keep him from getting into trouble. Dante distracted the police by telling them that there were some people selling drugs and told the police to help catch them.

When they left, Agatha sneaked into the house and went to her room to pack up the money that Adele left behind.

Rocco asked Juancho to sell the kids they had with them since they could no longer afford to take care of them. Fabian was upset that Juancho had betrayed them to be with Rocco even after they had raised him and taught him the business.

He complained that Juancho was ungrateful and was only greedy for money but Rocco told him that Juancho did not leave because of money. Rocco told Fabian that they never treated him well and gave him empty promises. He stated that the reason why Juancho was loyal to him was because he knew how to treat his men well.

Erika and Carrie were worried about Adele she has not called them. The text Juancho sent Ligaya said that she had gone to the province but Erika was apprehensive that she had not come back even after hearing about Samuel’s death.

She and Carrie therefore decided to go to her house to see if they could find anything.
When they arrived, they found Agatha packing up the money and thought that she was going to escape with it.

Carrie and Agatha surprised to see Erika

Carrie was going to call Norman to have Agatha arrested again but she asked her to stop. She told them that she could not go back to jail yet because Rocco had Adele and she had to save her by giving back the money.

She said that Adele took half the money to Rocco so that he would release her. Erika and Carrie would not believe that Adele was with Rocco but Agatha asked them to believe her.

Erika wondered how Adele would have gotten in touch with Rocco and Erika remembered Adele borrowing her phone. She checked her call list and found out that Adele did call Rocco.

Agatha wanted to bring back the money herself but Erika and Carrie decided to help. They however had to get Agatha out of the house without the police seeing her.

They packed Agatha in one of the suitcases and asked the police to help load it in Carrie’s car, along with the rest of the money.

Greg met with Fabian and asked to take revenge on Rocco for what he did to his family. Fabian however asked him to wait so that they could get back their money and then deal with Rocco. He assured Greg that they would avenge his family but asked for more time.

The triplets went to Dante’s house and he left them alone to talk in private. Carrie finally confronted Agatha for shooting her and Agatha apologised for it.

She told them that she had gone with Rocco to shoot Erika and Jolo but when she could not do it, Rocco grabbed the gun and shot Carrie.

Carrie was appalled that Agatha had agreed to it and even tried to shoot her own family. Agatha said that Rocco was testing her loyalty to him and at the time, she thought that he was the only person who cared about her.

Erika and Carrie said they loved and cared about her too but Agatha said she could not feel it because they always judged her and made her out to be a bad person.

Erika explained that they only did that to stop her from doing bad things. She went on to explain that everyone was worried about her and they had gone as far as trying to raise the money Rocco had asked for because they could not find where she hid it.

Agatha was shocked to hear that everyone including Debbie, Bruce, Norman and Ligaya were all working to raise the money. She cried and said that the only thing she could do was to apologise for doing them wrong.

She offered to take the money back to Rocco to save Adele because she was willing to pay for her mistakes with her life. Erika however said that Agatha did not need to die to pay for her mistake and they came up with a plan to save Adele together.

They talked about Rocco and Fabian’s alliance and Agatha said that they only agreed to work together because of the money but she was sure they would betray each other.

Agatha therefore called Fabian and told him that she would give him all the money because she wanted to get back at Rocco.

Fabian agreed to the plan and in an exchange, he would give Adele back to Agatha. She then called Rocco and promised to give him all the money. She asked that he gives her some of it because she was on the run from the police but Rocco said they would discuss it once they met.

Erika went to say goodbye to Jolo while Carrie met up with Debbie and Norman. She thanked them for helping to raise the money for Agatha and Debbie said Agatha was part of the family since she was Norman’s daughter.

Carrie was happy that they had sorted out their issues and gotten back together.

Later, the triplets wore make up to look like Agatha and they prepared to go and meet Rocco and Fabian.

The triplets join forces to save Adele


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