The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 33

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 33 Jill traps Enzo and gets him behind bars, Grace threatens a lawsuit against Gio

Gio hung up his mother’s calls, making her mother so desperate. Surprisingly he received the video of him forcing himself on Mikah. Jill couldn’t reach his son anymore and she also received the video. She watched and was very worried as she tried Gio’s line again.

Gio was found wanting as he thought about how Enzo lied to him by inviting him to his place only for him to set him up and shot video of him when Gio went to check on Mikah in the washroom. He saw that the girl was not feeling well and asked him what was wrong.

Mikah k?$sed him and since he was also drunk, he wanted more and Mikah pushed him away. She rushed out and Gio followed him. Jill received a message from Enzo to pay 10 million otherwise he would leak the video of her son.

Jill then put her house on sale and was told the house would be bought for 30 million so she told an agent to start searching for a buyer. Gio went to confront Enzo and called him a traitor. Enzo attacked him and held his neck. He made it clear that he was not his friend and blamed Gio for his own omen.

Lexy heard from her aunt that Jill had applied for a bank loan and was also selling her house. She was happy when she was telling David about his ex’s financial situation.

Jill tried negotiating with Enzo about the amount she had to pay. She wanted to pay 5 million but Enzo insisted on 10 million. Jill had no choice than to do everything possible to raise the amount.

She met with Enzo at an abandoned wooden building to give him the money. She demanded for the phone containing the video first. Enzo threw the phone at her and warned her not to make any smart move. He threatened that he has copies of the video.

Jill threw the money at him. He was happy and he opened to count only for him to discover that Jill only placed the money up and the rest were papers. He ran after Jill to attack her for what she did. Jill kicked him in an attempt to escape but Enzo pulled her back and fought her.

Unbeknowst, Jill had the place surrounded. The police arrived in time to arrest Enzo. Enzo threatened to k?ll her family members. Jill texted her son asking him not to worry because she had settled the issue with Enzo. David came and saw him holding a phone.

Gio tried to hide the phone but his father saw it and took it . He told his wife and Lexy suggested he discipline his son. Enzo in prison demanded to make a call. Carol called Jill to have a massage treatment with her. Jill said the police searched through Enzo’s things and they did not find copies.

She also believed Enzo was the one who broke into her house and vowed to ensure  to make him rot in jail. She saw Nathalia and her friends who told her that they heard her house was for sale and Nathalia wanted to even buy the house for her house help and Jill told her that she was sorry because her house was not for sale.

Nathalia’s friends stated that they even heard rumours that her account was closed because she was leaving Baguio. Jill made it clear that she transferred her money to a new bank and nothing would make her leave Baguio.

Nathalia got upset and went home to express her dissatisfaction about how Jill humiliated her, making her appear as the person who sparked the rumours of her husband to do everything to send Jill away from Baguio.

After Diane left Enzo at the cell, an unknown  woman approached Enzo.  Nathalia saw Gio as a spoilt bràt and needed to be brought to book for causing a problem between the Luceros family and Judge Asuncion, who was Max’s father.

Jill received a call and together with David who was there to blame her for Gio’s behaviour went to Mikah’s house. Gio went there to apologise to Grace and Mikah but Grace confronted him for taking advantage of her daughter. Jill and David appeared trying to resolve the issue but Grace threatened to sue Gio.

After solving the issue with the Asuncion family with the help of the Luceros, David called Jill over in a meeting with Grace, saying he would solve that issue. To their dismay, Grace appeared and tended in her resignation  but David held her aback for them to talk.


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