The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 34

The Broken Marriage Vow Episode 34 Grace drops the legal suit against Gio under a condition, Gio escapes from David’s house to be with Jill

Grace told David and Jill that she was not going to press charges against Gio but only under one condition that they would transfer Gio to another school. Jill begged her that they could separate their class but Grace insisted that they were all parents and if Gio was taken advantage of, she believed they would also do the same.

David deemed what Grace said as the best way to go and told Jill that it would help Gio. Jill rather saw that as something that would be difficult for Gio to adjust in the new school.  David believed some mates of Gio would talk behind him.

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Jill said they should seek Gio’s consent first. David said he would decide for Gio since he was still their son. Jill received  a call from Sir Gabby that Gio was dismissed from his post as a Team Captain. Jill assured Gio would return to class but Gabby said the decision was made to get the team going and was sorry, though he knew Gio was raised well.

Jill blamed David for Gio’s messed up life. As she was in her house, Jill saw someone who had worn black garment and masked his face. She began to tail the person through the CCTV footage. In the morning, she spoke with David just to verify if he was the one who came over to her house but David claimed he was not the person.

As David was speaking with Jill, Lexy came over to tie a tie around his neck. Gio burnt his personal things and the nanny came to inform David and together with Lexy they went there and David put off the fire. He asked him what was wrong and he said he would not need the basketball attire again since he had quit.

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At the hospital, Claire came to get Jill upset so that she could do something for her to stand on to get her out of the hospital but Jill maintained her cool and put her at her place.

David received messages from Jill demanding him to get her through to speak with her son. David ignored her calls. Later, Lexy came there and told him to make Gio see a psychologist. David maintained that it was just a phase and his son would get over it. David wondered how Gio got to know that he was removed as a team Captain.

Lexy stated that he borrowed a phone from the servant , that was the reason he got to know. However, she sacked the servant. Lexy insisted on David to seek professional help for Gio because she feared he might burn her house up.

David got home to find the parent of Lexy with her on the dinner table. The nanny said Gio had not eaten and had locked himself up. David wanted to check up on his son but his in-laws wanted him to join them for dinner. David said his son was going through something and wanted to see him so he would return later.

He talked with Gio and told him that he would have to see a psychologist. Gio took it that he deemed he was going çrãzy. David said seeing a psychologist did not mean he was going crazy but wanted him to recover especially after all the wrong things he did against Max and Mikah and if he refused to attend the psychological session, he would not enjoy the privileges he had been enjoying.

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Later, Jill got home to find David there and he claimed he duplicated the spare keys that Gio had. Jill did not like it. He said Jill had been texting that they should meet the reason he came there. Jill said if he had responded, she would have made them meet somewhere else and not her house.

David who was drinking said in her house no one would see them. They sat and talked about Gio. Jill blamed him since Gio’s actions changed the moment he came for him. The next day at the hospital, Sandy told Jill that her boyfriend has proposed to her and showed her the ring.

Jill asked the date set for the wedding and she said it would be very soon. As they were talking, Jill saw Gio passing by and she ran after her son but Gio avoided her and rushed into a taxi. Jill was hurt that Gio didn’t mind her. She took care of her patient and told Ben to see Clair instead.

Diane got there to ask her if Gio was having psychological therapy with Clair since she saw him coming from Claire’s office. Jill believed so and knew David did that so that Claire could get words from Gio to enable her to dismiss her from the hospital.

However, she deemed it as good since Gio was having an emotional outburst lately. Lexy had good news and told Gio about his new school where he would go which was in Virginia in the United States. Gio was not happy and asked his father why he made such a decision without informing him. David said it was best for him to be in the United States to learn there.

He believed that would help him to concentrate. Gio confronted him that he made him have psychological therapy without his consent, he told him not to get close to Jill which he also obliged and now he wanted him to be far away.

Gio went to his room and realised that he made the mistake of leaving his mother. He knew his father considered him a problem and wanted to take him away from his mother. He sneaked out of the house. Unfortunately, Nanny saw him and told the family.

Gio went to see Mikah to apologise. Mikah did not want him to see her again and he asked her about their relationship but Mikah made it clear that there was no relationship in the first place. Gio apologised and left while Mikah cried out.

Jill almost knocked someone down and realised the person was no other than Gio. She rushed to hug him. Gio went home with her and told her that his father was transferring him to the US to school there but he didn’t want to go.

He asked Jill if she knew about it which Jill said she was unaware of, though she knew Grace wanted him to be transferred to a different school.

Jill was setting the table for dinner when she heard someone knocking. She knew it would be David. Gio pleaded with his mother not to tell David that he was there. David confronted Jill for keeping Gio.

Jill asked why he did not seek her opinion and that of Gio before making an arrangement to send her son to Virginia. David barged in and saw Gio.


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